핫 해시태그! 팅팅탱탱 쿄호젤리 만들기! ♥ – Ari Kitchen(아리키친)

Hello, this is Ari :). Today I will be going to make Kyoho Jelly, which is a really popular food in the Mukbang (broadcasting eating) world. Kyoho jelly from Japan, is called “geobong (mountain grapes) jelly” in Korean. I think it’s really popular for its visual, and also the way you eat this jelly. I always have respect for Mukbang creators who find these kind of new and interesting food around the world. Very much thanks to them, I also get to do fun cooking. Then let’s start today’s fun and creative cooking! Zoom! Um why did I do it differently? (Error in hand motion) Then lent’s start today’s fun and creative cooking! Zoom! Today’s ingredients! Kyoho Jelly. Many of you guys may already know what this jelly is. If you pop the grape looking ball, you get the chewy, bouncy jelly inside. People love this fun texture of the jelly, being not too soft, but also not too firm. It is said that Kyoho Jelly tastes like the konjac grape jelly sold in Japanese markets, but has more chewy texture to it. Okay! Let’s go with the konjac jelly recipe I made before. First prepare konjac powder, as it’s really hard to get the konjac jelly texture with gelatin or agar powder. Next is 1L of grape juice. As only grape juice is used for adding flavor, I recommend using concentrated grape juice. 45g of sugar These 3 ingredients will make grape konjac jellies, and you will need other cooking utensils to make the round shape and pop out the jellies. I thought of “Turtle Egg Icecream (Name of chocolate ice cream in Korea)”. So before recording this tutorial, I practiced making this using balloon, but the rubbery material was too thick. So it didn’t pop or gave me the result I wanted, but then I saw the silicone cooking gloves on my hands. I just cut these parts, and the result was very much pleasing. Eureka! And also prepare strings to tie the ends. And also a squeeze bottle like this. Spatula, saucepan Then let’s start! Step 1 – Making grape konjac jelly First, pour 1L of grape juice into the saucepan on a medium heat. For the previous konjac jelly tutorial, I used 300ml of a flavored beverage for 5g konjac powder. That will make about 5 Kyoho jellies. I’m using 1L as I want to make many jellies, but I think 600ml of grape juice with 10g of konjac powder will be the suitable amount. Sprinkle in 17g of konjac powder and carefully stir well with a spatula. Oh my!! Poured in too much at once… I was going to slowly sprinkle in but I accidentally poured too much at once. I will try to stir well with the spatula. You guys should gradually sprinkle the konjac powder. Add sugar~ After stirring well, wait until it comes to a boil. The taste will get little bland when you put konjac powder, so sugar is a must. When it comes to a boil, set it low heat for 30 more seconds and slowly stir in. Remove from the heat. Step 2 – Cooling down I put too much konjac powder at once, so I tried to remove the clumps while boiling. But let me just pour this through a strainer just in case. You guys can cool it as it is. There are not much clumps of konjac powder! It’s important to fully cleanse the silicone gloves as we will be filling in with jellies. Cleansing is simple. In hot water, add little bit of baking soda and vinegar. Cut the end parts of gloves into the hot water. If this method is too tedious, then you can try using silicone finger sleeves. I also practiced using sleeves, but it was harder to fill in the jellies as these were thicker silicone material. So I recommend silicone cooking gloves that stretch easily. Stir once and wait for about 5 minutes to rinse these with clean water. It would be better if you can set these beforehand, right? You are all set when they are completely dried! Step 3 – Filling in the silicone tubes Now the jelly has been cooled down. It still has a bit of warmth that you can touch with your finger. And you will also see the clumps like these. I will transfer it into the squeeze bottle. Insert the cut silicone tubes into the squeeze bottle. Make sure no air is inside the tube and slowly squeeze the bottle to insert the jelly. When you fill in all the way, give a pressure to expand the tube like a balloon. I think a golf ball size is the right size! You can remove from the squeeze bottle when you get the size you want. Tie the end well with a string. Tada!!! Isn’t this cute? I will try making more using the method above. It’s like when you make water balloons, you insert the balloon to the faucet and add pressure with water. This is the similar case where you need to put pressure, and squeeze bottle is the right tool for this. It might be hard to squeeze in when the jelly gets hardened. In that case, microwave 30 seconds to melt the jelly again. You don’t need to melt this completely in a liquid state because it will get too hot. Oh, and instead of using grape juice I also tried using grape jellies and also mixing grape jellies to konjac powder, but I couldn’t get the perfect jelly texture. I’ve filled in all of them. But I think I made some of these too big, so there aren’t that many jelly balls. It’s done after we cool it in the fridge. I will be back. Tada~~ Homemade Kyoho Jelly is completed! Don’t these grape looking jellies look so yummy? Now I just need to pop these to eat them. Prepare a toothpick! Huh? I guess it’s too firm… So bouncy~~ hehe wow it’s so firm! This is weird. It worked well when I practiced.. Gom PD: Try pulling it little down to pop it! Oh. Now I get it. Look closely~ Oh~~ So pretty~ Looks cool too. Isn’t this cool everyone? Now I get the hang of this, right? You can see that the jelly is really firm as it doesn’t slide down the toothpick. I will try this~ It’s so good!! (To describe the taste, it starts with a gummy texture when you have a bite, and ends with a tangy and sweet grape flavor which fills in your mouth>_

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  1. Se ven fácil de hacer, pero en lugar de pincharlos creo que sería más sencillo cortar por donde se anudo y no tendría los mismos problemitas que vos tuviste para sacarlas… Gracias linda!!

  2. 와 요리 잘하는 사람은 직접 만들어먹으니까 시간도 오래 안 걸리고 돈도 아끼겠네!! 라고 생각했지만 .. 알고보니 재료값이 더 많이 든다

  3. 저희집에 생알로에3입이있는데 그거는 어떻게해서 먹어야하나요 제발 영상에서 알려주세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ(제발요)좋아요 눌르고갈게요

  4. 와 쿄호 젤리 만들기 ㅎㅎ 맛있겠어요!! 하 저두 요즘 젤리 만드는 영상 만들어 보고 있는데 ㅜㅜ 젤리 만들기 넘 어려워요
    저두 아리키친님 보구 한번 열심히 만들어 봐야 겠습니다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 만들러 가주아~~

  5. 난 당신이 내 자신의 유튜브 채널을 지원하기 위해 구독 할 수 있다면 나를 행복 할 수 있도록 주시기 바랍니다 물어 싶습니다

  6. 10:23 쿄효젤리가 당황한 표정 ㅋㅋ 먹어버려서 당황했나? 10:27은 쿄효젤리가 엄청 놀란 표정 ㅋㅋ 뭉크의 절규 같아영ㅎㅎ 뭉크의 절효 (뭉크의 절규하는 쿄효젤리의 줄임말) 10:28은 쿄효젤리가 삐약삐약 하는 것 같다

  7. 어머징….아리님치마?바지?하의가 제 교복치마랑 비슷해용….아늬느ㅡ 무니는 거의 일치ㅣ

  8. 사람마다 입맛이 다르겠지만 똑같이 만드니
    델몬트 포도주스로하니 신맛이강하고
    쫀즉함도 별로없어요

    델몬트주스 1통기준
    곤약가루 30g 설탕 90g 으로하면
    신맛이 많이 사라지고 좀 탱탱한 젤리로
    만들수 있어요

  9. 진짜 입시생이라서 그런가 썸네일 쿄호젤리 개체묘사인줄 알고 들어옴 전부다 기디로 보이는 병에걸렷다ㅠㅠ

  10. 거북알이 콘ㄷ으로 만들었다는데 이것도 콘ㄷ..으로 하시지.. 드럽다고 생각하시는분들이 많으실텐데 생각보다 위생상태가 좋아요!

  11. 젤라틴, 한천가루, 곤약 가루가 응고되는 원리: 이친구들의 공통점은 굳혀지는거죠 이것은 물입자를 잡아당기는 성질이 있다고 해요 그래서 저렇게 만들어진다고하죠

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