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all right so really you’ve been at it again?
we’ve got our brownie extravaganza you couldn’t stop so after five weeks of
brownies recipes we have moved on to chocolate chip blondies Recipe I don’t know if they’re
called blondes or Blondie’s why I see them I see it written both ways blondes
and Blondie’s I’m sure someone on YouTube is about to tell us which is the
correct way do they taste okay I guess we’ll find out cuz in the end I don’t
think I care what they’re called so here’s the thing I have no recollection
ever of having these as a child my mother never made them my
grandmother never made them I never made them growing I don’t think I’ve until we
started making them around the house I’d to because it was always brownies so
this is this is brand new for me and I gotta tell you you know how much I like
licking the bowl haha I’m familiar with you’re not sharing habits when it comes
to licking the bowl I did not lick the bowl with these I started
they are just absolute sugar bombs so you didn’t lick the bowl not because
it was awful tasty no no no because it would be bad for you well yeah yeah
because I I know that I started and I thought I’m just gonna make myself sick
you know me like I love ginger cookies like ginger cookie batter is like mmm
only okay so for this recipe you’re going to need flour baking powder salt
butter brown sugar eggs vanilla extract chocolate chips and chopped pecans you
can also use chopped walnuts if you want it really great for word recipes so what
do we got I see chocolate chips these are this is
chocolate chocolate chip and pecan blondes or Blondie’s okay so having a
lot more sugar it’s a lot more sugar so this this was a very simple recipe first
to cream together the butter and the brown sugar a lot of brown sugar okay so
that’s standard so creaming that together until it’s like fluffy and then I put in the eggs again really
standard throw in the vanilla into that still very standard a little bit of salt into the flour mix
that in mix the flour into the butter and sugar
and then no sugar no chocolate to melt yeah yeah and then just stir in the
pecans and the end the chocolate chips at the end put it into a pan you really have to
spread it into the pan because it’s gonna ask how much thicker is it is so
thick yeah I wonder if you need all of this sugar maybe we should do experiment
yeah not as sweet as I would have thought from the batter your thoughts well it’s interesting cuz
of course it’s I mean you’ve got so much stuff in their minds like littered like
I got a lot of nuts and chocolate chips in there but I’m wondering
it’s definitely cakey because we’re talking about the brownies we talked
about the cakey versus mm-hmm versus fudgy and I think the lack of chocolate
means that you this is always gonna be cakey there’s a fudgy option well this
is a this was an equal amount of brown sugar and flour so there I think if you
drop the flour content mm-hmm it would be funnier hmm just like with brownies
mmm um no I got the quarter bit which is really crunchy and mm-hmm but you know
through the center here that is still pretty moist fudgy yeah yeah yeah I mean
but yeah but it’s still it’s not it is building yeah all right this is one of
those desserts where I would have a little piece with a cup of tea and I
think oh I shouldn’t have another one and then I have another one and then I
feel like I’d eaten too much sugar well in that case maybe we should go for a
walk walk away walk away from the blondie so we don’t snack on any more
because I’m gonna continue playing with these recipes cuz they’re brand new to
me they’re brand new to me um I think next time I’ll leave out the chocolate
chips on the nuts I’m just making just the blondie no extra flavors I’m gonna
Brown the butter okay and I think that Chuck so that’ll change the texture
again so interesting change the texture again and it’ll add sort of a toffee
flavor so why not throw in some toffee chips I saw some stuff at the grocery
store that I hadn’t seen since I was a little kid smack Wagga back yep exactly
hahaha so we’ll do this again I’m excited really good respiration this
is really good excellent I do really like caramel so right I’m gonna get my
shoes on

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  3. Pre-keto I used to love making Blondies with chocolate and butterscotch chips. Sweet and oh so dangerously delicious.

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