Yummi, yummi. Tasty food I feel so good! I feel so good! So tasty Don’t eat this Piggy! Don’t eat! Not healthy food! No-no-no! I love chocolate Eat Dubby, Dubby! It’s tasty! Eat! Eat! No! No! It’s not healthy! No-no-no Piggy! Don’t wanna it this! it’s a not healthy food! I don’t wanna it this cake! There is a lot of sugar Delicious! Delicious! It’s tasty! It’s tasty! Help! Help! Piggy! I’ll help you, don’t worry! Let’s help you. What do you have in your pocket Piggy? Nothing! Don’t lie Piggy, don’t lie! Ok! Ok! It’s only a cake! Cake??? No-no-no! A lot of sugar! I have an idea! I’m going to buy a healthy food in Supermarket. Healthy food??? Ye! healthy food! Oh! No! another cake? No-no-no! Hi Smiley Fox! I have a problem! Maybe You can help me? Problem? Ye, problem! What happened? Mister Piggy is ill! Ill? Ye, ill! Very ill! He has a pain in his stomach. He eat a lot of sugar Cakes and chocolate Can I help you? I don’t no. I have to buy something. You have to buy vegetables and fruits for Mister Piggy. Oh? Ye? Thank you! Jenny, now we need to buy fruits and vegetables for Mr. Piggy, let’s do it. Yellow pineapple Red tomato Purple grapes Green apple Mr Fox I wanna pay. Five dollar. Thanks. Thank you Well come! I make tomato soup for Mr Piggy. Smell good Good and healthy! Your soup is ready! You can eat now. Thank you! Well come! And now fruits. Pineapple for you. Banana for you. Grapes for you Apple for you Apple for me And strawberry for you Bon appetite! I’m feeling good now. It’s good. But this is not the end! You have to train now. Now let’s train kids. Wow! It’s me? It’s me? I don’t believe it! Believe it, believe it, Mr Piggy! You are health and strong! Thank you! Eat healthy kids! Training kids! And drink water! We wish you be healthy kids! Subscribe us!:)

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