Hey guys! Today I want to make roast beef bowl I’ve bought 1kg beef With this huge chunk of meat, I want to make a gigantic roast beef bowl First let’s prepare the beef I’ll season them Do you need a bowl? No it’s okay we’ll rub it in I’ll punch some holes with a fork This is for the seasoning to get inside And I think this will help make the meat tender Okay this should be enough Since we’re using garlic and I don’t want my hands to be super smelly so I’ll be wearing gloves For seasoning, we’ll use garlic, salt and pepper, ground black pepper, rosemary and thyme First I’ll rub in the garlic Next is salt and pepper Next is ground black pepper This will add a hint of spice Rosemary Next is thyme Okay that’s it Now I’ll grill the meat I prefer adding a lot of black pepper for roast beef I’ll add some oil on the pan Roast beef seems like a hard dish to make but it’s actually pretty easy to make I want to keep the center raw The heat should be high You should grill each side for 30-60 seconds Can you cut out a piece of aluminum foil? I’m going to move this meat there… This is hard We’ll let this cool for a bit Can you wrap the whole thing? We’re going to let the inside cook with the remaining heat 1 hour later I think it’s pretty good by now Ooh it smells good It looks good Okay I’ll slice it up This must be good Toku-chan
– What’s up? Hey boy Kodama-san Someone else came Look at this This roast beef It’s great It looks really good I’ll serve the rice Oh it’s nice and high I’m going to place the beef like this and make something nice So can you be in charge of the sauce? Kodama-san touched my butt No, it’s the aluminum tray that touched you Oh you’re grating the onions I failed last time I used grated onions for the sauce It was pretty bitter I should’ve boiled the onions So I will heat it first I’ll just make the sauce here I’ll add yuzu ponzu sauce Oh god… I’ll turn off the heat here And the bitterness of the onion should be gone by now I’ll add a bit of shiro dashi (white dashi stock) Last time the ponzu and the dashi didn’t work well I’ll add some olive oil I want to make a Japanese-style salad dressing I think it’s looking pretty good Hey this is really good It’s a success this time I’ll add a lot of wasabi I’ll see the taste I don’t feel the wasabi that much There’s a hint of it I think it’s good Okay the sauce is finished The roast beef bowl is almost ready too It looks like a bunch of scorched raw meat placed randomly into a pile But that must be an illusion Can you place a raw egg on top? Just the yolk?
– Yep Let’s add one more Okay once we pour the sauce it’s finished Here I go I want to see how heavy this is Is that roast beef bowl? It’s more like a plate than a bowl The weight of the plate is also included You made the roast beef as well? Yeah
– Wow 3.2 kg! Okay let’s eat! Where should I start from? I’ll break the eggs It’s like Mount Fuji after the eruption The meat is heavy Uh excuse us guys in the back for eating this as well It’s okay we won’t be able to finish it ourselves It’s great! This meat is so delicious! It’s so good I want some mayonnaise with this Ooh it’s good This is great The sauce is great too It’s so good It’s very good Okay let’s eat the rest together Today’s dish was roast beef bowl The beef was 1.2 kg and the total weight was 3.2kg It was a good portion to eat with others Let’s make them again Bye guys Thanks for watching! This is the main channel…
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