10 AMAZING AND USEFUL KITCHEN TIPS AND TRICKS IN HINDI (Part 1) | 10 उपयोगी किचन टिप्स को ज़रूर देखे

namaste and welcome to my kitchen where anyone can cook I’m ashu and in today’s episode I’m sharing with you all: Kitchen tips! that I have learnt over the years with experience to be honest, I have quite a lot more, but we’re keeping this video short so i’ve added only a few if you want more such tips from me, make sure you like this video our target is 1000 likes(which is when I’ll release part 2 of this video) without further delay lets start this video, lets get started! usually green chillies leave that burn in your hands and if you take those fingers to your eyes or skin, it can irritate those sensitive areas as well which is why i always cut green chillies with my kitchen scissors you can use any simple kitchen scissors your hands will be safe when you make Kadi Pakora, sometimes you can sniff that raw smell of Besan for which, you need ot dry roast the gram flour(besan) in a non stick pan on a low to medium heat roast it lightly, don’t darken it too much, it’ll overcook/burn just enough for 2-3 minutes for the raw smell to disappear and the fragrance to come out we’ll switch off the flame, and when it cools down continue the kadi pakora process with yogurt or buttermilk and now, you’ll never smell that rawness in gram flour! whenever we open a new packet of suji/besan especially during rainy season there’s still some left, typically, which gets subjected to exposure of all sorts of insects for which,dry roast suji or besan in a non stick pan for 2-3 minutes on a low or low to medium flame and then let them cool down to room temperature when they do, just put them in air tight containers and no more spoilt suji or besan! if you’ve made any gravy, and it gets too runny a quick fix is to mash a boiled potato and add it to your gravy mix well as soon as there’s a boil, it’ll thicken as you can see. Now just switch the flame off, and your problem’s solved! we tear up while cutting onions now what I’m gonna tell you, You probably have heard it in every gravy video or any biryani recipe if you’ve been following me since the beginning so the tip is, peel off the outer skin/layer of the onion dip it in water for at least 20-25 minutes and then cut, it’ll ensure you don’t shed a tear! and the bitterness will go away too! similarly, if you’re a working woman, or don’t have much time in general you have to get the food ready quick in the morning peeling off onion layers, and chopping them can take a lot of time so whenever you’re free just peel off some onions don’t cut the roots put them in any empty box, and cover with foil paper close with the lid tightly you can store them in the fridge for 4-5 days like this they won’t spoil, and will be of great help for morning cooking sessions you can just take out an onion, chop it, slice it, or put it in the mixie it just gets a little easier if its already peeled off and ready to go and it would help in you not shredding tears if cold usually when most people make bottle gourd(or water based vegetables) they peel off the outer skin, cut them then wash them but this is awfully wrong make sure you’ve washed it first wiped it with a kitchen towel and then peel off the outer layer with a peeler cut and directly add to your sabzi please never keep peeled off water based veggies in water or the nutrition will wash away sometimes we knead a little too much dough when making roti and we usually put it in a box(glass or steel) and store in the refrigerator but still there forms a dry layer or the dough dries up just spread some oil on the dough close with a lid, and problem solved! whenever we pack fruit for kids in the tiffin with salt or chat masala, or when you give fruits to your husband they darken or get brown because of oxidation for this, whenever you pack chopped fruit, do sprinkle lemon juice to it, regardless of the salt/chat masala the lemon will help avoid the oxidation process, thus- fresh fruits! when we make smoothies or shakes, we often just forget the jar, sometimes filled with water, other times not later, it gets more and more difficult to clean it and it doesn’t even clean all that well, the blades start to get dirty so instantly after using the mixie rinse the jar with water whichever dishwasher you use, add a couple of drops into it blend it with some water+dishwashing soap flush out that soapy water and rinse with clear water after that, fill up the jar with some clear water and blend it again! throw away that water and place it upside down on a kitchen towel, everything clean as new! if you wish to watch part 2 of this video, make sure to give us a thumbs up! the moment we get 1000 likes, we’ll upload part 2! do let me know which tip you liked the most in the comments below! also do let me know any tips you use! I’d love to share your tips with our viewers! and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do!

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  1. ur last tip cleaning the juice jar is amazing. Till now I don't have that idea that we can clean the juice jar in this way also.👍👍👍👍👍

  2. When I m cooking dal ……I m adding a tea spoon of refined oil to it……it adds a beautiful colour and it avoids the dal to stick in the pan or pressure cooker

  3. Hi

    This is very very helpful, You have used a food processor in your last tip, can you tell me the brand pls, thanks

  4. you so
    quite didi plz bty ginger ko grind kerny k bad fresh kasy rakha jy kuch din bad us ka cliur chang ho jata hy freez ni kena hy mojy

  5. I have read somewhere that, don't keep peeled or sliced raw onions for long time, because it causes cancer. Thanks for other tips😊

  6. But, pyaj ko kabhi bhi kaatkar nhi rkhna chahiye, isme bacteria produce ho jate hai jo health ke liye harmful hai. Cut onions are poisonous.

  7. Не пишите название на английском,если содержимое с субтитрами.

  8. blender saaf karne ka ye yareeka 1969 mein jab hamare yaha PEHLI "mixie" aayi thi to uski user manual mein printed tha. Aur tabhi se ye hi tareeka prayog mein laya ja raha tha, shayad us se bhi pehle se, kyon ki mixi India mein defilitely 1996 se pehle se hai. Aur kainchi se hari mirchi kaatna… ye bhi hum pichhle 45 saalon se to zaroor kar rahe hai, jab Bharat mein "kitchen scissors" nahi hoti thi, SIRF scissors hoti thi. Aur sirf hari mirchi hi nahi, dhania, hari pyaz, aadi bhi aise hi kaat te the. The same goes for appliying oil to the dough before storing. That is how we were taught to do when we were taught to make the dough.

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