Most of us have heard about a Keto diet because
we have either dabbled in it or know someone who has. But for those of you who don’t know, a Keto
diet is a high-fat, adequate protein, and low carb diet. Though most diets feel restricting, this one
is not! Here are ten fast foods you can still eat
on a Keto diet! McDonald’s Big Breakfast McDonalds was established in 1940 and has
over thirty seven thousand locations. Though this restaurant is popular and is known
around the world, it is not really synonymous with dieting. McDonalds and dieting in the same sentence?! Who would have thought that that could be
true? But, it is! You can eat the McDonald’s Big Breakfast
on a Keto diet, so long as you get it without the biscuit or hashbrowns. The Keto diet is really big on eating the
right fats and proteins and not eating carbs. Eggs fit that bill completely! Eggs contain less than one gram of carbohydrates,
and depending on how it is cooked and seasoned, one egg comes to about six grams of protein. So, the McDonalds breakfast options are a
really good choice if you are on the Keto diet! The McDonalds Big Breakfast is only three
hundred and forty calories, twenty nine grams of fat, two grams of carbs, and is a whopping
nineteen grams of protein! However, this meal only comes in at these
nutritional values if you remove the biscuit or hash brown. After all, some sacrifices are necessary if
we are looking to eat healthier. The biscuits and hash browns should actually
just be considered pure evil on this diet because they are all carbs! Forget the carbs but enjoy the eggs! Eggs are where it’s at! Panera Bread Power Breakfast Bowl The next item on the list is a nice big breakfast
bowl from Panera Bread, with steak, two eggs, avocado and tomato. Breakfast bowls are all the rage right now
so this is not only a good choice on the Keto diet, it is also super trendy. If you get the right looking breakfast bowl
you can even take a snap of that sucker and put it up on your social media! The Panera Bread Power Breakfast Bowl is really
great because it is full of protein and good fats. It is two hundred and thirty calories and
has fifteen grams of fat, five grams of carbs, and twenty grams of protein. This bowl is also great because it has so
many different flavors in it! The moist and tender steak pairs nicely with
eggs, as it has done for years. Who here hasn’t heard of steak and eggs?! Then you have the very popular avocado on
top of that bringing you some good healthy fats. Then, tomatoes to bring in a little bit of
acidity to the taste. Many Keto diet recipe books suggest meals
like this one. But, at Panera Bread you can get this while
living your crazy busy lifestyle! Don’t be afraid to pop over or just order
it on uber eats or something. A diet should never restrict you from working
hard and eating on the run like everyone else! Chipotle Salad Bowl This one is a yummy Keto friendly option from
Chipotle! The Chipotle Salad Bowl, with steak, romaine,
cheese, sour cream and salsa, has so many great ingredients you will forget you are
on a diet. This bowl is cool because it was actually
created by the Chipotle team with all you Keto Dieters in mind! Chipotle has become so diet friendly over
the past few years. They have embraced not only the Keto diet,
but also the Paleo diet and the Whole30 diet. These diet food options are being marketed
as “lifestyle bowls” so you can feel like you are living the lifestyle you want at Chipotle. Nothing like feeling you can eat on the run
and still be “on” diet. Be careful though… apparently some of these
items are only available online. So, if you are planning on stepping into Chipotle
and not ordering beforehand, you might have a problem. The good news is that Chipotle has embraced
the diet trends so fiercely it is surely only a matter of time before all their diet items
end up on their glowing signs and can be ordered whenever and wherever! Now, the last thing to bring up with Chipotle
and the Keto diet is the guacamole. Avocados are a must when on the Keto diet! They help to control hypertension in the body
and are low in saturated fats. Avocados are absent of sodium and cholesterol. Chipotle is jazzing up the avocado up by serving
it as a guacamole so you can have the good Keto diet friendly food item as well as that
yummy guac flavor. Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets These aren’t just any chicken nuggets–these
are the 8-piece grilled chicken nuggets and coleslaw from Chick-Fil-A. This order only
costs three dollars and ninety nine cents! The nuggets are coated perfectly and the chicken
is moist and juicy. You should be aware though that this might
not be as filling as, let’s say the bowls previously mentioned. But, that does not mean this is a bad choice. Sometimes we’re just looking for snacks
and we don’t know what to have. Snacking is actually the most dangerous time
when you are on a diet because most snacking foods are either carbs or veggies! Though veggies are always a healthy choice,
if you are on the Keto diet, they may not be within your carb allotment for the day. Vegetables are actually rich in carbs believe
it or not. When you are on this diet, the best veggies
to be eating are leafy ones, like kale, spinach, or Swiss chard. Remember, the Keto diet wants you to eat lots
of protein! Chicken has protein! More specifically, the 8 chicken nuggets from
Chick-Fil-A have protein! The Keto diet wants your body to be burning
fat and to be burning it in a different way than if you were eating carbs. Meats are a good option and the Chick-Fil-A
nuggets and coleslaw offer a good snacking option, at a super reasonable price, that
fulfill the Keto diet needs. In-n-Out Burger “Protein Style” Cheeseburger
with onion Now, we know… usually when you hear “burger”,
you think of the quintessential side: fries! And you may long for them. You may remember them well. But no! Stay away! Fries are not for you! Fries are very bad if you are on the Keto
diet because of all those carbs. The fries are here to test you and it is good
you test yourself now because you need to have conviction when you step into that In-n-Out
burger joint! You will want to get whatever it is you used
to order before taking on this diet. But, you must not give in! You must know that you are looking so fabulous
and you are probably feeling a heck of a lot better too, right? So focus on just the burger. The scrumptious looking burgers you see at
In-n-Out are totally safe to eat while on this diet and you can be sure of that! Just be sure to order your cheeseburger “protein
style”. This burger is amazing because there is no
bun! So you do not need to be worried about carbs
and you can still enjoy a classic In-n-Out burger! Go ahead and step into what may feel like
a trap of a location for dieters, and show the world who’s boss! Dieters are not restricted by any means! You can order the “Protein Style” Cheeseburger
with onion from In-n-Out and all will be well. This burger is also great because it has onions
that ramp up the taste and fit in well with the lettuce wrap. Another super great thing is that you may
not want to put ketchup on this burger because you are not eating it with a bun, but with
lettuce. Ketchup is actually high in carbohydrates,
and therefore no good for Keto diets. Just ask for no ketchup when you order this…
because even though this is a bun-less option that works for Keto Dieters, the restaurant
is not as on the up and up as Chipotle is when it comes to dieting so they may not know
about ketchup being high in carbs. Wendy’s Double Stack Cheeseburger (no bun) Here’s a delicious no-bun burger, lettuce
wrap not included. This one is just no bun – there is no replacement. But if you ask for no bun or simply take the
bun away yourself you can eat this really great burger from Wendy’s without any trouble. Also, major bonus: this burger is only one
dollar! Can you believe it!? Wendy’s is offering you Keto dieters something
really special here. A fast food, affordable burger with meat that
is signature to the chain and is never frozen. It comes with melted American cheese on top
and crunchy dill pickle. There are onions and mustard on this burger
as well! The Double Stack Cheeseburger is also traditionally
served with ketchup so remember to tell them not to put it on. Once you remove the bun and the ketchup, this
burger becomes two hundred and sixty calories! It has twenty grams of fat, and only one gram
of carbs. It also is high in protein… there are twenty
grams of protein in this order. Do not be afraid to go bun-less. The Keto diet is super popular and the chances
are that you are not the first person to request no bun. Eating with no bun and no ketchup will probably
also allow you to taste the meat and the cheese more than before. You will have a new taste experience, and
even if you allow yourself a bun one day, you may realize that you want to continue
to eat the Wendy’s Double Stack Cheeseburger without a bun. You are giving yourself a new perspective
that may just change your fast food life. How thrilling! Wendy’s Baconator (no bun) Wendy’s is at it again, fulfilling all our
tastebuds’ dreams! And this burger is topped with oh so addicting
bacon! You don’t need a bun getting in your way
while you enjoy the Wendy’s Baconator — in fact, there is a whole movement for this no
bun situation! Go ahead and do whatever kind of social media
sharing you think necessary to be part of this #nobun community, and it is a community. There are so many people out there living
a no carb life. Go ahead and be vocal about this and find
yourself some supporters. When dieting there is nothing better than
having a whole bunch of folks who truly understand you as a support system. Well, maybe being able to eat a burger is
better than that? Not sure? Either way finding other dieters is nice and
healthy! Now, back to the deliciousness of the Baconator. It is delectable. It is incredible. It is a fast food burger like no other fast
food burger! With only two carbs, this no bun, no ketchup
burger will fill you up and still keep you right on track with your Keto diet. Go get a Baconator everyone! And some no bun friends to enjoy it with! Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club For this entry we will celebrate and honor
the invention of the term “unwich.” The Unwich was coined by Jimmy John’s, a
fast food chain that was founded in 1983. Jimmy John’s has close to three thousand
locations across America. Keto dieters should really check this place
out because they offer any sandwich as an unwich! This gives you oh so many options! To make a sandwich an unwich they basically
just remove the bread. Which we all kind of could have guessed because
the Keto diet hates bread. While this may seem like a very minimal change
to the sandwich, it is big enough to warrant a new term, unwich. This is also special because, again, Jimmy
John’s offers all of their sandwiches as unwiches. They are a diet friendly place and who doesn’t
love that? The Italian Night Club is the unwich that
has made this list for a few reasons. Firstly, it has a lot of meat, so it is extra
Keto friendly because of all the protein in the meat, and secondly because the name is
so cool. Italian night club… we like the name. Give this unwich a try because it is great
for your Keto diet and it has a super great name! Popeye’s Blackened Tenders Here’s where things really get good. You do not have to sacrifice delicious Popeye’s
when you’re on a Keto diet! Hit up your local Popeye’s and order yourself
Blackened Tenders with no biscuit. You’re not going to regret it— these suckers
are so tasty. Who can resist something that is this good? The traditional serving is three tenders and
a biscuit, however we suggest you get two orders with no biscuits. Two orders gets you six tenders, which equals
two hundred and twenty six grams of meat. This is a good amount of protein for Keto
dieters. Six tenders is also only four grams of carbohydrates. These tenders are spicy and so moist. Really, this is a suggestion for anyone, not
just those honoring their Keto diet. Treat yourself. Double Meat Whataburger The top fast food to eat while on a Keto diet
is the Double Meat burger from Whataburger with Double Cheese, Bacon, and Jalapenos,
and no bun. This burger is number one because of its high
quality taste, its ability to fill a tummy right up, its affordability, its grab-and-go
qualities, and most of all the fact that it doesn’t look or taste like a diet option. This burger is served on a takeout plate that
you will most likely believe is its intended form. These guys are ready for the no bun option. Whataburger is known for their great food
and this burger is no exception. Enjoy being on your Keto diet and eat all
the fast food you want, there really are so many options! Stick around and tap on another one of our
great videos. And for new viewers, don’t forget to smash
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