10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test – part 17

What’s up everybody! Welcome back to my kitchen where safety is number 1 priority. Today we’re going to put to the test ten more kitchen gadgets Let’s see what I got today. If you have dog food or cat food. Maybe you buy a twenty pound bag of sugar This is a nice way to seal it up so that way all that stuff doesn’t go stale So, you’ve got yourself dog food right here Going to close it, because it’s a giant bag and close it like this, just fold it a little bit then we’re going to open this part up put this part in and then close it like that until it snaps. Boom! And the best part is now you have a handle and you can grab it and carry it take it anywhere you want to this is actually awesome. I love this ‘lil handle then when you’re done, you pop this open and that way, the bag stays closed and all the food does not go stale And there is multiple uses for many many bags that you can use for. Also they make them in a smaller size, too. So this gadget is for the sink and your sponge We’re going to moisten the suction cup and stick it to this side right here Actually, we’re supposed to put it this way and that way when you use your sponge You can just put it on the side. wow that looks awesome And that way it’s dripping out and it looks beautiful on the side You can’t even see it way better than putting it out here or even out here Okay, let’s put it in. Boom there you go. And for the next gadget we got here vacuum sealer also was sent in the fan mail Why do we want to vacuum our food? Well because it’s going to last a lot longer Obviously you can seal vacuum anything you want. I’m just gonna test it out with a piece of cheese Okay, first of all we plugged it in. There is a light on Then we’re going to slide the bag into here Then we’re going to close it and snap the locks on this side the light is green and then we’re going to press this part. And then the light is blinking and as you can see it’s actually vacuum sealing it. I don’t have to do anything This will turn into red automatically you see it’s turned to red right here and boom now it’s to the green. Now we’re going to open it Whoa that was so easy Now, there we open that. boom Wow and it’s vacuum sealed this is so awesome This is actually perfect for survival situations too – that’s amazing And right here look easy way to open these bags. I had no idea these vacuum seal machines are so easy to use So glad that I got one of these. Definitely going to vacuum seal all my food so it lasts longer. For this kitchen gadget I know I have done banana gadgets But this one took three weeks to get delivered so I thought I’ll just put it to the test with kitchen gadgets This is supposed to be a banana slicer Let’s see what this thing it can do and let’s say we want to make fruit salad or something that let’s try it this way first [Aoughhhhhhh] This whole knife got bent Look at that. That’s a fail. What kind of bananas are they supposed to be? Look this whole knife is bended Okay, let’s try to fix it and try this again kinda get stuck when you chop at one time I guess we just can continue Let’s try it this way again and the next one You know what it works, but the blades kept getting bent. That’s not a good thing for sure But it is definitely a cool design, but as you can see blades are getting bent, and it doesn’t cut the banana I wish it was a little bit more durable. Well guys, you be the judge What do you think about this gadget? And for the next gadget, I got here another popcorn gadget because, who does not like popcorn? We always have to find a better way to cook popcorn In the instructions, it says I need to put 3 ounces of popcorn I’d say that’s plenty then we’re going to put the lid on all the way then you’re going to stick it in the microwave And put it on popcorn. Let’s see what happens I also should have put some butter in there to help it pop it, but it’s okay without butter. It’s healthier I love that none of the popcorn escaped in the microwave and on the bottom Let me show you you see most of the popcorn have popped very good, fluffy popcorn Thumbs up for me for this gadget very simple and unique just don’t forget to add some butter in it. For the next gadget, we got here, egg boiler. I usually boil eggs in a pot with water. Well. This one is completely different Never used anything like that These two things inside here looks like I can poach an egg, an omelet like this. But today we’re just going to boil them. First thing we’re going to do is open Measuring cup and right here. There’s the needle and we’re going to grab an egg on the bottom right here. We’re gonna pop it Boom pop it like that Wow that’s sharp And then a measuring cup it says soft medium or hard-boiled eggs So I like the medium, so I’m going fill it up to medium, and then add to it in a heating plate. Just pour it in there This right here is the heating plate Then all I have to do is just cover it and then we’re going to turn it on and then instruction it says how long do you wanna cook it for and depends, how many eggs do you have, that’s the time you’re going to cook it for. Oh my gosh. The noise is crazy It’s actually alarm goes when it’s off That’s awesome. So it tells you they have been boiled I love the alarm that way you don’t forget about your eggs. This is awesome. Now I’m going to run them under cold water so that way they’re going to peel a lot easier Okay, we got ourselves boiled eggs right here, and now we need to peel them So let’s try to peel them with this egg peeler looks like there’s two lids on the top and on the bottom So this doesn’t matter which way you’re going to open. It add 1/4 of a cup of water That’s plenty put an egg in there It’s just like a little jar and make sure it’s closed and what we’re going to do is just shake it and boom Just with a few shakes Check this out This egg is completely done and cleaned up But do not forget to put your eggs in a cold icy water that way they peel easy. Hugo, want some egg? You want some egg just half of it here half for you Luke If you eat too many cookies a day and you want to restrict yourself – maybe one or two a day right here That’s a jar. That restricts yourself from cookies or anything else that you can put in. Open it up and wow it comes with batteries Very nice packaging, that’s for sure The lid is separate packaged stick the battery in Close it back up Nice so that way if you want to watch your figure and only eat your candy especially after Halloween once a day Not all at once You set it maybe once a day You can just spin this part up Boom, and it’s gonna be 24 hours or one day and 5 minutes But for now we’re just going to set it for 5 minutes. Just to see how it works We ate one candy put it back up and then, we lock it It gives you 5 seconds And then it locks and boom right here it went to here and to here There is actually time going down and so if you’re really really hungry. You’re like Oh man 4 more minutes left till’ I’m gonna get my candy so this is a definitely a cool way to Put yourself in timeout, so that way if you don’t know how to tell yourself No, you don’t have to you just lock them out from yourself so that way you pace yourself and don’t eat all your candy at once 4 3 2 1 Nice so you see it’s opened now, I can finally open and Eat it. I think I’ll have to press it again to lock it yep And boom it’s locked, but I only locked it for one minute so locking it is very easy Have you ever wonder how much is enough coffee to put in one of this to make only one or two cup of coffee? because there is no way of telling how much is too much coffee to put here and coffee too strong or How much I didn’t put enough and it’s too watery So let’s say you’re going to put a piece of paper in here Then you’re going to stick this gadget here and depends. How many cups you want to do you’re going to keep pouring it Till it gets to the line They said here about four cups can take this out and add water and make coffee And now you know exactly how many cups of coffee you have add on to it. That’s a really good idea I never knew how much coffee need to put to make only half a pot of coffee and How much coffee you to put to make full pot of coffee alright guys that’s pretty much it Let me know in comments below of which gadget was your favorite. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Vacuum sealers are great for when you love fishing. After your done cleaning and filleting the fish or cutting the fillets up so you can make fish nuggets.

  2. How would you use the vacuum sealer system for survival situations if it uses a cord to plug into the electrical box lol

  3. Haven't seen a coffee machine like that since the 80's! Is coffee done this way still common?
    I am in Australia so we kinda take coffee seriously.

  4. The gadget at 1:34 the purple one. The one that is holding the dish washing liquid. What is it called? I'm looking for it everywhere. Thanks

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