10 Things McDonald’s In Australia Do Differently Than Us

One of the great things about travelling is
getting to try new kinds of regional food from all over the world, delighting in Russian
borscht or German sauerkraut. But, did you know that fast food chains in
foreign countries aren’t the same as what you’re used to at home? Well let’s travel down under to look at
10 things McDonald’s in Australia do differently than us. It’s All in the Name The Aussie’s will probably understand what
you mean if you ask them for directions to the nearest McDonald’s to satisfy your fast
food cravings, but you’ll find you have better luck if you ask them for a route to
‘Macca’s’ instead. In America, you’d be more likely to hear
the nickname ‘Mickey D’s’, but that’s not how things roll in the land down under. Instead, ‘Macca’s’ is the term of endearment
used by burger and pastry enthusiasts alike. No, not macaroon, though you can find those
sweet treats in an Australian McDonald’s, as will be discussed. And definitely not Macca as in mac n’ cheese,
which, like in America, is not on the menu. And, though you should definitely try the
signature and well-loved beetroot burger at an Australian McDonald’s, it doesn’t mean
the maca root. In Australia, it’s all about Macca’s. Go ahead, say it out loud. It is one of the many fun slang words that
you’ll encounter in Australia, along with the more well-known ‘mate’ and ‘crikey’,
among countless other terms. Moreover, there’s a special ‘insider’
membership called ‘mymaccas’, where you can earn points, provide important feedback,
and save your favorite selections. Macca’s is almost as fun to pronounce as
it is to actually visit, so book your flight to Australia today. As the Aussies would say, you’ll ‘defo’
have a great time! Different Toppings An often overlooked but decidedly crucial
part of a fast food feast is the sauces and dressing you slather on top of your burgers,
dip your fries into, and drizzle over your salads. That’s right, condiments! Fast food just wouldn’t be the same without
them. One major difference between the Australian
and American menus in this regard has to do with a well-known and often misunderstood
condiment. Can you guess what it is? You know it, it’s vegemite! The Aussies sure do love their vegemite, which
is made out of leftover brewery yeast extract, vegetables, and spices. It’s a unique food spread that the rest
of the world may question, but don’t bash it until you’ve tried it, which you can
do at any McDonald’s in Australia. Other condiments you can only find at Macca’s
include a garlic Aioli sauce and whipped butter. But, there are also some condiments only available
in America, some that the Aussies miss out on. For example, you can order a salad with Ranch
dressing, French or Italian dressing, or creamy Southwest dressing in the United States, but
not so in Australia. And, should an Aussie want a taste of habanero
ranch sauce or honey mustard sauce with their Big Mac, they’ll have to fly to North America! Bucket List Wi-Fi “Free Wi-Fi” is a term that’s become ubiquitous
around the world and McDonald’s is no exception. While most McDonald’s locations worldwide
offer free WiFi, Macca’s locations in Australia put a very McDonald’s-esque spin on the whole
idea. At Maccas you’re not getting free WiFi, you’re
getting free Wi-Fry! According to their website, “Connecting is
simple: When in the McDonald’s restaurant, just turn on the Wi-Fi on your device. Then select “Macca’s Free Wi-Fry” from
the available wireless networks” You’re probably thinking, hey, this sounds a lot like regular
WiFi, what’s the difference? And the answer is, well, nothing really. It’s WiFi internet, just like you’d expect,
but that doesn’t stop it from being extra cool! This is now on our bucket list, watching BabbleTop
McDonald’s videos on the Macca Wi-Fry wireless network! McCafe McDonald’s coffee has become a well-loved
commodity, one that so many people simply could not live without. Indeed, it could even be considered as a main
staple of the franchise. In Canada, it is a strong competitor for Tim
Horton’s coffee, which is saying something when you consider just how much they love
their Tim’s. In Australia, the hype for Macca’s coffee
is very real, maybe even more so than in North America. How could this be, you may ask in disbelief,
seeing as America is known globally for drinking coffee instead of the more European choice
of tea? Well, when the Aussies head to their local
coffeeshop, they head to ‘McCafe’. No, they don’t go to Macca’s to order
a McCafe. They go to McCafe to order a coffee! That’s right, you’re understanding me
correctly: There is a whole other restaurant spinoff branch, one that more closely resembles
a café than a fast food chain restaurant. At McCafe you can satisfy all your coffee
shop cravings, with countless sweet pastries and coffee combinations to choose from. It’s a smart business model, considering
the people who are hungry for burgers may not be the same people who are thirsting for
coffee. This way, everyone wins! Different Choices at McDonald’s Australia One of the fun parts of travelling is trying
out new types of regional food. This doesn’t just mean unique dishes in
cozy little mom-and-pop type restaurants, though those are fun too. But, it can be especially interesting to see
what kinds choices are available in seemingly familiar restaurants. Don’t walk into Macca’s and expect to
see a menu exactly like the one you’re accustomed to in America, because you’ll be sorely
mistaken; yet, all the while being happily surprised! One thing you may find intriguing is the fact
that Macca’s burger patties are made with 100% home grown Aussie beef. So, why not try out the ‘Big Brekkie Burger’,
or, if you prefer chicken over beef, there’s also the ‘Chicken Brekkie Burger’, two
breakfast burger variations available in Australia. Another burger you may want to try is Macca’s
triple cheeseburger. Sure, you’ve heard of America’s double
cheeseburger, but in the land down under they prefer three patties garnished with three
slices of cheese. Go big or go home! Further, in the United States there is sometimes
a limited-edition angus burger available, but in Australia the angus burger is a permanent
fixture on the menu. It’s an Aussie favorite, along with the
Wagyu Beef Burger, and the beloved Beetroot Burger. The rest of the world may not understand the
love that Australians have for beetroot, but why not give it a try and see what you’re
missing? Fries With That? Everyone knows that french fries are an absolute
staple of any self-respecting fast food chain restaurant. But, in Australia, they say “step aside”
to plain old fries. At Macca’s, you can garnish them with the
topping of your choice. In America, people are used to McDonald’s
fries drowning in salt and dipped in ketchup. In Canada, you can have them dressed like
their national food, the poutine. The Australians, however, take their McDonald’s
fries to a whole other level. You can get them smothered in gravy, or, more
popular is the sweet chili and sour cream fries. Picture it. A pile of fries, piled high with gobs of thick
sour cream, and topped with mouth-watering chili for a burst of sweetness. Can you taste it? You know you want to! Another delicious option is Macca’s signature
fries loaded with BBQ and garlic. You may wonder why there are so many flavorful
options available in Australia. Well, that would be due to the 2016 ‘Fries
with That’ initiative, where a Macca’s in Sydney opened up and shocked customers
when they realized the only thing on the menu was french fries. There were seven available toppings, including
flavors such as Chipotle cheese sauce, curry, pesto mayo, and Caesar sauce with bacon and
parmesan, among others. So many choices, but only the best made it
onto Macca’s permanent menu. Delectable Desserts In America, ordering dessert at McDonald’s
is not a very complicated procedure. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is
choosing the flavor of your McFlurry, that is, if the notorious ice cream machine is
even working! If not, you will probably have to settle for
an apple pie. Not so in Australia! The selection of deserts at Macca’s more
closely resembles a pastry shop than a fast food joint. There are countless delectable and gourmet
desserts to choose from, each richer and more aesthetically pleasing than the last. Macaroons are a fan favorite, coming in a
rainbow of colors. There are slices of different types of cakes,
so you’ll definitely be able to find the flavor that suits your taste. Do you prefer carrot cake? What about double chocolate cake, or perhaps
you’d rather a thick piece of raspberry cheesecake dripping with jelly? You’re sure to find a cake you’ll enjoy,
but if cake isn’t really your dessert of choice, have no fear! Alongside the cakes are a selection of gourmet
pastries, such as Belgian waffles or a great variety of muffins, sweet buns, and decorative
donuts. Finally, if you love ice cream but aren’t
a huge fan of McFlurries, you can order soft serve ice cream cones or other types of ice
cream drinks instead. No matter what your sweet tooth is salivating
over, you can find it at Macca’s. No McDonald’s Value Menu in Australia Some of these differences between McDonald’s
and Macca’s really give you ideas for how to improve the franchise here in the United
States. However, here’s one difference that actually
reads more as a drawback than an improvement: The McDonald’s in Australia DOES NOT have
a value menu! There is no such thing as the dollar value
menu at Macca’s, and never has been. That means you always need to buy a full-sized
meal, even if you just want to snack on a small burger or something similar. One of the reasons the value menu is so loved
in America is because it can be an affordable way to feed a struggling family, unemployed
teenagers and adults alike, or anyone suffering with financial stress. Not everyone can afford to pay over ten to
twenty dollars for a meal, and the dollar menu makes fast food available to anyone and
everyone. You may argue that it’s not healthy for
people experiencing poverty to eat at McDonald’s but let’s be real: Everyone eats out once
in a while, and those with money problems still deserve the opportunity. Plus, it’s a huge time-saver. It’s not always possible to buy groceries
and then have to put in the time for meal prep, too. The value menu at McDonald’s is more helpful
than not, allowing empty bellies to be filled even if their wallets are empty too. Macca’s may have an outstanding selection
of foods and deserts, but what’s the point if not everyone can enjoy and indulge? Frozen Coke It gets HOT in the summers down under! When the sun is pounding down, it feels like
a sauna even in the shade, the water is boiling, and the air is sweltering, you need something
to help you cool down. Sounds like the perfect time for a stop at
Macca’s. No, not for ice cream, which would be sure
to melt in mere moments. Not for a soda pop either, though you’re
getting closer. Even a bubbly soda warms up fast during Australian
summers, so to provide an alternative drink that is both delicious and helps keep you
chilled out as much as possible, Macca’s introduced their acclaimed ‘frozen coke’. Carbonated beverages are capable of being
frozen, which is a blessing during the hot summer months in Australia. No need to add extra ice, which takes up precious
beverage space, and melts into plain water anyway. Instead, you get a big glass full of delicious
frozen coca cola, which quickly melts to allow you to enjoy icy fresh soda. Additionally, if a plain frozen coke isn’t
quite enough, you can order a frozen coke float as well. Your taste buds will thank you for this treat
of frozen coke served with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. It is somewhat reminiscent of a root beer
float, except the soda pop is frozen solid, so the ice cream stays cold and it all melts
together to create the perfect drink to brave Australia’s heat waves. Cheers to that, yum! The Macca’s Aesthetic The biggest aspect of McDonald’s in Australia
that really stands out from that of America is the entire look. Macca’s has a unique aesthetic design that
is both modern and inviting. The sleek, fresh structure somehow still manages
to transmit a warm atmosphere. Instead of feeling plastic and cheap, Macca’s
uses wood and steel for a contemporary and slightly higher-end look, all the while retaining
the familiar McDonald’s vibe. Further, it’s all in the details. Meals are served up on thick wooden tablets
instead of flimsy plastic trays with fries in wire baskets, and even better, these platters
are delivered by designated servers directly to your table! No more standing in line waiting for food,
you can pay at either the cash or one of the large self-serve touch screens, then take
a seat and wait for your food to come to you. Now that’s a luxury not usually seen at
many fast food restaurants. The trade off, however, is that with higher
quality comes higher prices. The business model for fast food restaurants
is meant to be quick and simple, in-and-out. Macca’s, however, seems to push their business
to the very edge of what could be considered ‘fast food’, leaning more into mid-to-higher
end territory. This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing,
it’s just different, and draws in a different range of customers. As long as it appeals to customers and the
food hits the spot, it’s worth the risk. Macca’s in Australia may not look or feel
quite the same as McDonald’s in America, but in the end they’re both similar joints
that are sure to leave you full and satisfied. Take another bite out of one of our other
great videos and tap that screen. And if it’s your first time here, show us
some love and hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad.

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  2. As an Australian, I can honestly say I've never heard the term 'you'll defo have a great time'. Aside from that, everything else talked about is quite true.

  3. Canadian here, can't Mcdonalds coffee, it's gross and good luck getting a latte there machine is always broke or being cleaned.

  4. You’re saying Maccas wrong you’re saying it like macc r’s you’re saying you’re so wrong Oss e’s it’s Aussie’s

  5. Listening to you butcher our slang hurts me inside. Aussie is not pronounced with a soft c sound, but a hard z sound, like how you pronounce the Ozzy in Ozzy Osbourne.

    BTW McDonald’s coffee is merely okay, we have many better options in most places than there.

    We do have something akin to the dollar menu thank you, it’s called the loose change menu, and it’s been around for YEARS (granted it’s not a big menu, but it is there), so you’re wrong about that too

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  7. no aussie goes to maccas for fuckn toast with vegemite on it you dumb cunt Americans and maccas coffee sucks and your beetroot burger is called a aussie burger for fucks sake. maybe you should leave Australia to talk for itself

  8. We still call Macca's McDonald's lol. We have honey mustard sauce in Australia at KFC. McCafe is still a part of the McDonald's building.

  9. Aren’t a lot of the items mentioned limited edition? Like the loaded fries, wasn’t a fan. But please bring back the shaker fries 🤤

  10. ummm, firstly its the McOz burger secondly we have a loose change menu and have for somewhat 3 years.. plus an American dollar is more than an Australian dollar. thirdly… we are Ozzies.. not whatever you were calling us. Cheers

  11. Your American your English this Australia we English and u fricking call us foreigners? We ur closest alliance u did us dirty and the way u said Beetroot and Aussies and defo and vegimite I'm cringing

  12. We have a cheap part where most are below $2.00-$5.00
    Plus if u look it up right now you get a whole small cheese burger meal with a apple pie for $5.00
    It's not expensive here..

  13. 4:58 "Well, when the Aussies head to their local coffee shop, they head to McCafe".

    Ummmm, sorry, but no we don't. That's patently untrue and (along with the loads of other mistakes in this video). shows you did zero research. When Aussies want a coffee, we head to out local cafe. It's almost always a standalone store (not a chain) and we're almost always loyal to this particular shop.

    McCafe is only selected out of desperation if caught in a desolate wasteland where McDonald's is your only refuge or if you're already in McDonald's and want a coffee. McCafe is getting better, but it's still not good coffee.

  14. our fresh food and cooking at home is more affordable than McDs….not to mention the amount of "specials" they bring out weekly …so yeah you can buy something to snack on rather than a full meal. Also the frozen cokes are only a dollar

  15. Fuck I hate these videos no one in Australia says "crikey" the fist McDonalds was in Australia so we can call it Maccas if we want and all those signs saying Maccas are fake they all say McDonalds

  16. wtf has Vegemite got to do with McDonalds?? and we CAN get honey mustard here 🙄 wow you don’t research your content very good! and literally no Aussie says ‘crikey’ unless they are doing an impression of Steve Irwin

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