101 The Capri | Kitchen Dining Alfresco Living

Okay, so we’ve come out of the guest room, down the back of the
design, rear view living. All ready guys, go back, check it out, look at the size of this, it’s huge, I mean the ceiling’s
must be over five metres. Look at that vaulted ceiling too. But listen, before we go on about this, let’s talk kitchen. Wow, all ready, slow down. Breakfast bar, there’s
your breakfast bar overhang in a different material. We’ve got our stone there, which we love. Look at the cabinetry here,
open shelving, I love that. Okay, so what else have we got? Full measure cupboards,
recess for your fridge, built in microwave. What have we got here? Hello, that’s different,
gas struts, what’s that for? I know, check this out. Now that’s clever. I mean, what do we do? When we pop out the microwave, we need somewhere to place the pots. How cool’s that? Very clever. Let’s also do some open shelving there, either side. Built in ovens and more
drawers, check it out. More overhead cupboards, look at that. There’s our glazing splash-back. And what they’ve done here, they’ve raised it up a bit. So you still get that natural light in, but you know, ease of
cleaning and maintenance, let’s keep the glass to
a minimum, very cool. Fully-measure drawers. A lot going on, I love it. It’s well-appointed. Okay, so coming out of the
kitchen into the meals area. Already a heap of glazing. Now when I’m looking at this glazing, it’s double-glazing, guys. You’ve gotta have double-glazing in your new builds nowadays, keeps everything out that you don’t want but still get the vision in. I’ll show you what I mean. Right? Party on. Just goes away. Just brings that whole noise down. Okay, so alfresco. So what have they done here? We’ve gotta go full-length
because it’s a small lot design. They’ve done a raking ceiling here, to keep that architectural feel. Love the villaboard look, so you’ve got the dining and
sitting room in the al fresco. So there we go, we’ve got meals, adjacent to that we’ve got
sitting room or living room. Again, push this bit of wall
out underneath the eave, create a niche for your
audio visual recess. Glazing either side, I like that. But what I’m getting here, you’ve gotta come here and
look back here this way, I mean look at that way, it’s just huge. And you know what I like
about this? How we engage. We can be down here, I can see the kids upstairs
in the I.T. study nook.

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