27 thoughts on “$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo – Teppanyaki in Japan

  1. Please enlighten me😅 02:17 what’s fancy about this🙄 haha a single piece of shellfish😅 maybe i can make a business like this🤣✌🏻

  2. in India $144 = Rs.11520 🤣🤣its really expenceive for us , im senior captain in steward my salary is Rs.19000 , thats mean i can buy only 1 portion steak like this Per Month RIP🤣🤣🤣

  3. YouTube recommendations have me in here, but if I'mma be honest my fatass is gonna just hit the VAST Buffet's they got there. I eat for 4 people this won't do nothing for me…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I just bought my ramen and prepared it from minimart right in the corner. Bring on the video so at least I can feel I am in there. Yea

  5. Cuts fat off of steak before serving
    Me: "Man, you better pray to-"
    starts making crackling
    Me: "…..your trespasses are forgiven…. For now"

  6. This is really a good way to transfer the sensation of the experience to the viewer, which frankly is what you're paying for at this level- Too many people who film this kind of stuff ruin it with commentary. Well done!!!

    On the food itself, to me Japanese food is pretentious in its delivery. Some would say its like a quest for purity of essence. It is the opposite of French quisine that can take the cheapest of ingredients and through various techniques turn it into something amazing and new, incorporating all of them into one dish. Japanese food at the highest level seems to perfect the cooking time and presentation of individual food items and their delivery. Its chefs pride themselves not on their ability to transform nothing into something but of being able to pick and cook to perfection the best of ingredients.

    A prime example of this is the constant scraping of the oils and juices of each individual item instead of using them in a complete dish.

    These things are of course all generalizations. But the difference is frankly what makes travel interesting.

  7. You must be kidding me! I eat much better at home! For $ 100 we buy an 11 kg lamb and bake it on a skewer. On coal, not on an electric stove! I will never pay for lettuce! Lettuce grows in my garden :))

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