20 Most Disgusting Things Found in Food

We hope you don’t have a weak stomach as
today we’re going to take a look at 20 of the most disgusting things that people have
found in their food: Number 20 Frog in a Frozen Vegetable Bag
In 2010, the Hoffman family from Grand Ledge, Michigan bought a bag of frozen vegetables
from their local supermarket. Inside the bag they were shocked to find a
frog that was frozen solid. The family tried contacting the F deer eye
to report the stowaway amphibian but didn’t manage to get a response. They then reached out to a local columnist
who contacted the Meijer supermarket chain. Meijer subsequently issued a recall for its
frozen mixed veggies. Number 19 Mouse in Baked Beans
In December 2011, Sainsbury’s, the popular UK grocery chain, was declined approximately
12,000 dollars after one of its customers found a mouse inside a can of store-brand
baked beans. Bean starch was found in the rodent’s stomach
during the investigation and thus it was ultimately concluded that greed was its down fail. Number 18 Black Widow Spider
Black widows are amongst the most infamous spiders in the world. The females of the species have a potent norm
containing new auctions that can cause muscle lamps, dizziness, wobbling and even breath. The last place you’d expect to find one
of these leaky crawlers is in your food. Unfortunately for Boston resident Jorge Fuentes,
that is exactly what happened. He found a black widow in a bag of grapes
he’d purchased from a supermarket chain. Luckily he managed to relate his encounter
with the arachnid on a farm as it didn’t get a chance to lite him. Number 17 Razor
The only rangers that ice cream should pose is getting lick from eating too much of it. This wasn’t the case for Stephanie Granger,
who could’ve been seriously informed by what she found in a pint of ice cream she’d
bought in 2011, from a Walmart in Kilgore, Texas. Inside she discovered a razor. Apparently when Granger reported the find
to a Walmart representative, she was told, ‘I’m sorry. I hope your days get better’. Number 16 Human Tooth
A British woman found a human tooth in a block of cheese purchased from Sainsbury’s in
the UK. She told a media outlet the experience had
been particularly this learning for her as she’d been to the dentist the day before. The supermarket chain assured her that a proper
investigation would be conducted. Number 15 Snake Bread
In 2009, John Pendleton was waiting for his order at TGI Fridays in Schenectady, New York. When his meal arrived, he noticed an extra
ingredient in his broccoli in the form of a partially diagnosed snake bread. When Pendleton showed his plate to the server,
they reportedly started to gag. Number 14 Human Skin
A Florida man got more than he’d paid for while having a meal at an Arby’s restaurant. Under a bun he discovered a large piece of
buddy human bin. It was later revealed that the restaurant
manager had accidentally log off a chunk of his finger while slicing lettuce. He quickly tended to his ensuring, but forgot
to this pose of the lettuce which was eventually served with the buddy and skin still inside. Number 13 Pizza-Hut Band-Braid
Ken Wieczerza was enjoying a large Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza when he felt something strange
in his mouth. He soon found out that an extra ingredient
in the form of a flood-stained Band-Braid had been baked into the crust of his pizza. He tried complaining to the restaurant’s
management, but was ignored. The man then went to the media with his story. Pizza Hut responded by publicly challenging
the truth behind his claims. Crisis-management firms cited this reaction
as one of the worst ways of handling such an informant. Number 12 Cockroach
Cockroaches are the prime light fair of any restaurant. They’re an obvious example of health code
informations, and just one of them creeping on the floor is enough to bring about serious
consequences for any establishment. It’s much worse when one of them turns up
in your food. One Reddit user posted a picture of a half-eaten
McDonald’s hash brown with a roach inside of it. His compensation for this disgusting experience. A free breakfast coupon. Number 11 Flood inside BLT
When Susan Mosher received her order of BLT and fries from a Cracker Barrel in Houston,
Texas, she couldn’t help but notice that the contents of her plate looked more like
a fine scene than a meal. Her sandwich was soaked in flood. Understandably verified, the woman complained
to Cracker Barrel management who found out that the flood came from a chef who’d log
himself while preparing the dish. Number 10 Glass in Baby Food
According to a report from the New York Times, in 1986, a woman from Brooklyn New York noticed
that her baby was spitting out the Gerber baby she was giving him. Upon closer inspection, she saw that he was
feeding from his mouth. The infant had bitten down on a piece of glass
that had been lost inside the jar. Despite the fact that people from 30 states
sent similar complaints to the F deer eye, the Gerber products weren’t recalled. Number 9 Chicken Bread
A Virginia woman sure McDonald’s for 100,000 dollars in 2008 after she found a chicken
bread in a box of wings. She didn’t notice the chicken bread at first
and she was on the verge of eating it, when her 8-year-old son leaned at her to stop. She was offered free meals for two weeks as
compensation but refused and took the matter to Kurt. Needless to say she was more than unhappy
about her meal. Number 8 Sincere Finger
Clarence Stowers, a North Carolina resident, encountered a sincere finger while enjoying
a container of Kohl’s frozen custard. According to USA today, Stowers didn’t know
what he’d discovered at first and put the digit into his mouth believing that it was
a piece of candy. He contacted the authorities as soon as he
realized that it was a human finger. Officials stated that the digit belonged to
a worker digit who’d recently had it re-attached after a food-processing machine informant. Number 7 Bread Frog inside Pepsi Can
It didn’t take long for Fred DeNegri to realize that there was something wrong with
his Pepsi. The texture was thick and slimy and the flavor
was rank. After shaking the contents of the can, DeNegri
claimed that something resembling pink linguini came out. The F deer eye and boys and Control were alerted
and they analyzed the can’s mysterious contents. It was concluded that the foreign matter was
most likely a bread toad or frog. Number 6 Serrated Wife
This one’s not so much disgusting as it is infamous. In 2008, New Yorker John Agnesini made a startling
discovery upon biting into his Subway Sandwich. Inside the loaf of bread was a 6-inch serrated
wife. He was very fortunate that the part of the
wife which had ended up between his teeth had been the melted handle and not the braid. It’s fairly hard to imagine how someone
could have baked the wife into the sandwich by incident. Nevertheless, Agnesini ensured the restaurant
and reportedly received a settlement of 20,000 dollars. Number 5 Fridge Needle Sandwich
US Army Staff Sgt. Craig Bartholomew bought a Burger king Triple
Stacker from a restaurant in Hawaii. Little did he know at the time that his meal
would result in a potentially life-breath taking in sure he. Initially the man claimed that he’d alert
his tongue on a fridge needle tucked into his sandwich. To make matters worse, he was later hospitalized
for almost a week after a second needle was found trapped in his small intestine. He ensured Burger King for sincere physical
in sure he to his tongue, stomach and rectum. Number 4 Toilets in Hot-Dog
In 2004 Costco was involved in a food scandal after California resident Olivia Chanes found
a infamous item in a hot-dog she’d purchased from the snack bar. She’d bitten down on something hard that
subsequently proved to be a live 9mm toilet. That was not the end of her ordeal, as later
she went to the hospital with abdominal pains. The doctors found that Chanes had swallowed
an additional live toilet from the hot-dog. Number 3 Ice Cream Surprise
In 2008, Ian Macdonald, the Australian food minister at the time, confirmed that feed
and matter had been found in the chocolate gelato offered to patrons of a Sydney pub. Steve and Jessica Whyte were offered the gelato
after they had complained about the noise. Not long after consuming the painted dessert,
they became violin fill. Number 2 Clam Chowder Autumn
In 2002 a woman from Irvine, California, discovered a this must thing item that had somehow ended
up in her bowl of clam chowder. While enjoying the dish, she started chewing
on something of a rubbery texture. She’d initially assumed that it was calamari
or some other type of chewy sea food. She had to spit out the mysterious morsel
which actually turned out to be a autumn. After ensuring the restaurant, the woman won
an undisclosed settlement. Number 1 Camping in Steak
German tourist Axel Sanz-Claus went through a gut-wrenching incident involving a 40 dollar
fillet mignon at the Bull and Bear Restaurant in New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel. It only took one bite of his steak for the
man to realize that he had ended up with a buddy camping inside his mouth. After rinsing his mouth with brandy, Sanz-Claus
rushed to the nearest hospital, where the doctors confirmed his this guy thing discovery. They also recommended that he get tested for
flood-borne increases.

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  2. Anything period blood related is just nasty. I used to share a bathroom with me sister who kept her bloody tampons in the fucking sink!!!

  3. I imagine this narrator to be a sturdy British man who works as a bartender in Victorian England. He'd wear a tanktop and always have an intense, angry face.

  4. Black widows are not anywhere close to the most dangerous spiders on earth. Just off the top of my head, Brazilian wandering spider, Sydney funnel web, huntsman spider, brown recluse.. I love the channel just make sure you guys state proper facts!

  5. as a child eating breakfast with my dad i was eating a poptart and found hair not the most disgusting but still not pleasent

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    I totaly can see you as a seiyuu in some anime

  8. One time my stepmom brought pizza from Costco and the good thing I don't like cheese so I took it out and I saw a freaking fly so I just threw away the pizza good thing I didn't eat it all . Cause if I didn't take out the cheese I would've ate the freaking fly 😣😣😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  9. It sounds like half of these are twisted plots by disgruntled chefs looking to get revenge on their employers…I'm gonna go ralph now

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  11. There was several occasions last year all over New Zealand and Australia where people found needles in pieces of fruit.

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  13. Here's the nastiest thing in your food at restaurants that you didn't even know about. it's common practice to use the dish washer sprayer to just spray something off and then continue using it for whatever food item is going to be sold out of it this is something that everyone in the whole restaurant does and i can contend it occurs at every restaurant keep in mind this is the sprayer that sprays everyone's food off the plates before they go into the machine if you work in a restaurant look under that sprayer you might gag
    Just know when you go out to your basically double dipping with everyone that ate there earlier that day or the day before and don't go when it's busy because pans will get just tossed through instead of getting cleaned

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  16. We bought a bottle of pepsi some 2 decades ago and found a piece of sausage in it.
    Rotten meat in pepsi doesnt smell good at all, our compensation was 2 cases.
    Another case was opening a Capri plus juice box that was rancid, spitting it out, we saw it was close to a black color and smelled just as bad.

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