[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are tackling the kitchen so as you can see it’s a bit of a mess right now it’s not really like messy it’s pretty much just cluttered and this is actually everything that I pulled out from my pantry which you guys will be seeing on Thursday I actually filmed that video first because I knew I needed to order some labels for the pantry so I wouldn’t get that done first these things are things that I’m either donating or like giving to friends or things like that so I need to quickly do like a very quick pickup in the kitchen and just make sure that I’m kind of starting in a clean slate and then we are going to tackle all the cabinets all the drawers all the things we are going to declutter and I’m trying to be very like cutthroat with it and just get rid of anything and be very honest and real with myself like do you actually use this do you actually need this could you do without it I want to be very intentional with everything that I’m keeping in my house and we’re starting with our kitchen this is day one of our decluttering series on this channel and I’m so so beyond excited to take you guys with me on this journey I just cannot wait so without further ado let’s get to it so like I said I just wanted to pull everything off my countertops and clear this space and that way I would have an area to pull everything out of my cabinets and have a space to go through everything in declutter it and all of the items that you are seeing from here is everything that I pulled out of my pantry like I said that video will be going up on Thursday so make sure that you are subscribe so that you don’t miss out on that that video turned out so amazing I cannot wait to share with you guys it is super super satisfying and I’ll be sharing a lot of tips in that video as well I just wanted [Music] so like I’d mentioned this is the first video in my new series where I am going throughout my entire house and decluttering each room one room at a time or one space at a time this has been something that has been on my mind that I have wanted to do for so long and I’m so excited to be doing this and taking you guys along with me so of course you are seeing my kitchen getting done today and you’ll also see my pantry next but let me know in the comments what space would you like to see me declutter and organize next [Music] I feel for you you made it easy from them nothing that you could ever do would make me leave you baby I feel for you you made it easy for me nothing that you [Music] baby you’ll make me lose my mind baby you wanna stay the night time goes fast I don’t care I’ve known you long enough [Music] okay so everything is all clean it’s not like deep clean or anything but just so I have like a clean workspace I don’t to be putting clean things in the cabinets on dirty counters so I got that all done now I’m just going to go through one by one and anything that I do not want anymore or don’t ever use it’s going on the table you can already see I have a few things so I’m hoping to fill up that table and have some somewhat better cabinets I know it’s like kind of a weird goal but I just don’t need everything we have right now it’s easy to look easy to accumulate and so I really just I am so ready for this so she’s all ready okay let’s go all right so we are finally getting into the decluttering now that I’ve kind of cleaned everything up and I have a nice empty space to work with so the way that I go about decluttering usually at least in a large area like a kitchen where there is a lot of things and a lot of drawers and a lot of cabinets is I will just tackle one space at a time so for example I’m not going to do the full con my method where I will pull out everything out of every cabinet and every drawer I feel like that is so incredibly overwhelming and I know that’s kind of the point of it but to me that just really overwhelms me too much and it will make me not want to finish the project or put everything back without going through it fully and just not do it my best job with this so the way I like to tackle this project is do one cabinet at a time I will pull every single thing out of that cabinet white.they cabinet down and then it will go through each item individually and sort them into three different sections one is donating or getting rid of two is items that I am keeping but they don’t belong in this space and three is items that go back into the original cabinet and then I organize them that way [Music] so this is something that is kind of hard for me within the last year so I started getting into the radon cuffs I know a lot of you guys know what they are and they are super addicting once you start buying them I feel like I’ve done fairly well when I know how many other people have gotten but I’ve definitely gotten way more than we need and so this was something that I really wanted to go through and make sure that I was only keeping the ones that I truly truly loved because too much of a good thing can definitely be a bad thing it ends up taking space in your home and you have to really ask yourself that question while you are decluttering is this worth the space that is taking up in my home and is this worth the space it’s taking up in my mind because things don’t only take a physical space in your house they also take up space in your mind when you are having to constantly get past them to get through the things that you actually need when you are having to clean those items when you are having to organize those items or just see them on a daily basis and it’s not something that you are actually utilizing it’s taking up space from you and you have to make sure that the benefit of that item is worth the space that it’s taking from you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] your face the crowd I never thought that I would see tonight with lock eyes you smile every single memory comes back to life you lips pressed against mine after another since kayo is home on this day I just had him wipe off the top shelf since he was a bit taller than me and it was a lot easier for him to reach the back and then once he did that I had him do the same thing that he’d just done in the other cabinets and adjust the shelf so that it fit our needs a little bit better this is something that you can do in your own home really easily whether you own your own home or you are renting this is something that is not permanent and definitely something that you can do that will benefit you a lot honestly before we move these shelves I knew that this was something that would help us but I didn’t realize how much of a benefit it would be so I would urge you next time you go through your kitchen to look at that and see if those shelves are really serving you in the best way or if just moving them up or down a few notches it would make a big difference for you [Music] so we talk the past forum forget what we never listen with your hand Miney every single feeling comes against mine [Music] it’ll best you place [Music] is not easy [Music] next I just wanted to share a tip I have shared this several times in the past in my bathroom in my kitchen under my sink just different areas throughout my house but you guys know that I love command strips at least if you’ve watched a few of my videos I’m sure you’ve seen me use them but these are just the little command hooks and I love using these inside of cabinets you can use them for cleaning towels to hang them up to dry as you’re seeing here you can use them for your oven meds or your pot holders and it’s just a really great way to use that vertical storage especially if you’re either short on storage or you just want to get a little bit more creative with it so for us this just makes it way more accessible than having to dig into our cabinets every time I open that cabinet door I just know that the oven mitts are going to be right there waiting for me and they are just super super easy to get to [Music] okay so I know a lot of us have junk drawers but I have a junk cabinet that’s not what this started out as it started out as a shelf for my cookbooks and a shelf for several parties or like hot drinks and then I also had some smoothie items in here and vitamins in here and then I started storing our candles in here and then we started storing anything that didn’t really have a home in here and the list goes on and on and now I just have a ton of things in here that I don’t really even use a lot of times and the things that I do use I can’t get to that easily because it is so over cluttered and so disorganized and so I really wanted to pay a lot of attention to this one and be really picky on what I am keeping and the items that I am keeping I want to make sure that they are organized well so that I can get to everything easily because unfortunately while I was going through this I found there were several things in this cabinet that were expired that I had to end up throwing out honestly just reorganizing your spaces can save you a lot of money because it will help you realize what you have so that you don’t have to keep rebuy [Music] [Music] [Applause] so all of these white organization bins came from Target I will see if I can link them down below but they were pretty affordable and I was also able to stack a coupon with them and so I ended up getting them on an even better deal Organization items like this that are really durable and ones that are really simple are amazing to get because you can use them in this space and then once they become no longer useful in this space you can go ahead and take them somewhere else in your home and repurpose them and so I love getting simple organization bins like that just because they will always work somewhere in your home [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here I’m just using the same method and pulling every single thing out of this drawer and then wiping down the drawer and then only putting back things I really really want in there and anything that I don’t use or anything that I don’t think is worth keeping I will end up just keeping on the counter and then once I’m done with everything I will move it over to my table which is where I’m keeping all the items that I’m going to be donating or getting rid of [Music] [Applause] so let me tell you if you are struggling with decluttering your house because you are feeling overwhelmed and especially while you’re watching these videos and it just looks so easy and so quick and so peaceful it is so not this way for anybody honestly it’s something that takes a lot of dedication it can definitely feel overwhelming at times and so don’t feel like you’re the only one struggling through this process anyone I talked to when they are decluttering they say oh my gosh this was so much work but it was all worth it in the end and that is what I would tell you guys as well it’s going to be a lot of work it’s going to be very time consuming and it also might be something that you feel like you want to give up on along the way but keep with it and it will feel so good once you get a little bit of momentum going just like as I talked about in my domino chores once you get that momentum going it will feel easier and easier as you go and it will just be a little bit easier to keep on going with it so I would urge you to start if this is something that you have been wanting to do in decluttering your space in your house you don’t have to start with a large space like the kitchen you can start with one cabinet and then be done for the day or you can start with one drawer and be done for the day but I guarantee even those small spaces will make a big difference to you and every time you open them and you just feel the peace of having just everything that you need and nothing else and you see those spaces that are nicely organized it will make you feel so good and it will make you want to continue on so my biggest advice for this is just to start [Music] I will always remember it but you turned everything around I will always remember [Music] how you got me off the battleground [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sometimes sometimes so organization is something that you are going to have to work at a little bit as you were doing it like in this example I had a good idea of how I wanted this to look and it ended up not working out exactly how I wanted and so you’ll see me just kind of move things around a little bit more and organize things a little bit differently and then reorganize them again and then try it another way until I get it right so don’t feel discouraged when you don’t get it how you want it on the first try it really works out that way and it’s a lot of trying this and trying that until things work out how you want them but I guarantee if you do some trial and error and you just stick with it you will end up finding the perfect solution that works so well for you [Music] I can help that I miss you know can say I like it but I can fight it something Sun up into B even if it’s icy I’m trying to let go it’s not easy you know something son [Music] I can help that Oh miss Yuna so this drawers was one of the spaces that was always driving me nuts I felt like it was so over cluttered and honestly while I did get rid of a lot of things in here I still feel like I have way too much but I have a hard time getting rid of much more than I already got rid of because I do cook a lot and I just feel like oh I use this one all the time oh I use this one all the time so if you guys have any tips for me on how to declutter even more than this especially when you feel like you’re using a lot of the utensils let me know in the comments because I feel like I could use a little bit of help in this area next we have not one but two junk drawers I don’t really know why we have two junk drawers I mean we have a lot of things in here that we use a lot but it’s definitely just another catch-all in our kitchen and so I’m trying to once again organize this in a better way this is something again that is a lot of trial and error I have organized these drawers in several different ways and for a while they work and then they will stop working and so I’m just trying something new and we will see how it goes but one thing that I have found with helping out with junk drawers is if you are finding that a certain type of item is always ending up in those drawers go ahead and embrace it instead of fighting it and just make room for the items so for example we always have tools ending up in our drunk drawers because Kyle’s always like fixing something and then he’ll just leave his tool on the counter and I don’t know where it goes in the garage and so I’ll just put it in the drawer and so instead of not having a space for that I’ve just created a designated space where I put all of his extra tools and then he knows where they’re at and he can come back and get them and put them away in the garage when he has a minute and if he doesn’t get around to it then it’s not that big of a deal because it’s sitting in its own tool space in our juncture [Music] you came around [Music] anyway but now your god I wish you could adjust [Music] my way to make don’t make me win [Music] [Music] so I would like to challenge you guys today to declutter some space in your house whether it is a nightstand drawer or your junk drawer or if you want to go all out and declutter a whole room or a whole space go for it I don’t care what you do but I would love to see your decluttering projects if you were over on instagram or if you are not on instagram then just come back to this video once you were finished and let me know what you have done I will leave a pinned comment and that way you can go ahead and just comment back to that and I would love if we would all just cheer each other on on our projects because I know I say this all the time but we really are all in this together and even if you are feeling overwhelmed just know that you are not alone and you have got this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so that is everything for my kitchen declutter and organized I am so excited for this new series and I hope that you guys are too like I said let me know what you guys would like to see next after my pantry video because that one will be coming out this week and I will link my entire decluttering playlist at the end of this video if you are needing some more motivation and they will also link my cleaning playlist in case you need some more cleaning inspiration today I hope you guys enjoyed this video do not forget to subscribe to below if you are not already and I will see you in the next one bye guys [Music]


  1. Hey family!! Welcome to the 1st video in my NEW Whole House Declutter series!! I’m so excited for this & I hope y’all are too! Leave a comment below on this thread to vote for the space you want me to tackle next! Let’s do this together!! Also, if you need more cleaning or decluttering motivation, I’ll leave those playlists linked below! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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  2. Decluttering utensils is so hard for me too! The things I try to do are 1) Get rid of any duplicates. Ex: I had 4 whisks once. Now I have 1 and don't miss the others. I can only use 1 at a time, I didn't need 4 lol. 2) Try to use utensils that serve dual purposes. I don't buy those items that are for single use, such as a strawberry huller (or however you spell it). I just don't have the space.

  3. Right now I am still going though my Christmas stuff. I am 67 have been married 46 year, just have too much stuff. With 6 pre lite trees I am getting rid of lights I will never use. Everything is so much nicer so I am donating my old so I can have newer. I only keep stainless kitchen tools.

  4. I don't have a junk drawer. Drawers are premium space, especially in your kitchen. For your tools that you don't know where it goes, put a basket in the garbage or mud room and drop them off there. As for your utensils that you want to declutter but you use them a lot. Don't get rid of them. Take a junk drawer, empty the junk and spread the utensils so they are not over crowded, then it won't look cluttered.

  5. I decluttered my kitchen, pantry, makeup, medicine, toiletries, and closet (shoes & clothing). It has taken me weeks. I can only do it for a couple of hours at a time before it gets too draining. I think my lesson learned is stop buying bc I'm just throwing money away.

  6. Love this! I have been decluttering in a purposeful way as well.. I made up my mind I no longer want to organize the clutter.. lol. When I worked on my kitchen and the amount of utensils, (which was excessive and taking up way to much real estate) I kept my favorites that I was sure I used often and moved the excess to another spot in the kitchen and after hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner I knew what I could easily let go of. You did a great job! Look forward to seeing your pantry video. blessings

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    I got rid of nearly all of my food storage containers, except a few large/specialty containers. I bought a package of assorted size deli containers and a set of black takeout meal containers (like Chinese food comes in). It has helped so much. It's nice because I'm not worried about throwing them out if they get gross.
    I also use velcro cord ties on all of my cords. It helps to keep the cords neat.

  13. Amanda hi my name is theresa schickling and my husband and I love your videos.I love all the mrs Myers cleaning stuff and you give me inspiration when I clean..thank you

  14. ❤ Loved this video. I just recently decluttered my kitchen. My issue is the kitchen is small and there isn't a lot of storage. I have abackers rack and a small pantry that we purchased from Big Lots as storage. I'm trying to make it work!!

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  22. Perhaps you can have a box for your not-so-often used utensils and label the items in it so that you can easily put it out if needed. Look for a box that can fit inside one of your cabinets ~ Or you can put hooks on your wall and hang utensils you use most often so that you can have more drawer space.

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  35. My advice is to have somebody with you, like your husband! Making you think if you should actually keep something. When we finally got our house with my husband, we had pretty much everything double and I had a hard time letting things go! He would be like… “have you ever used this?” “Are you gonna use it?” “Do you wanna take up that space for something you don’t need?” Lol and so on.. I got rid of so much stuff!! It was an amazing feeling! And I also realized I had a problem with buying stuff that I don’t need haha!
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