22 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

facts verse presents 22 foods you’re eating the wrong way number one taking a salad to work many people who are trying to eat healthy take a salad to work rather than bringing a sandwich you should put your salad in a mason jar you can make your salad and put your dressing on the bottom this will keep the lettuce from getting soggy since the mason jar has a cover all you would need to do is shake the jar when you’re ready to eat and you’ll have a delicious dressed salad number two give the lettuce in your tacos a purpose most people make a taco and they put shredded lettuce on the top this is a mistake when you bite into the taco the filling often spills out on to the plate lettuce and all if you use a leaf of lettuce you can put your filling in the lettuce and then in the shell this will keep everything intact while you’re eating your taco number three the best way to eat a cupcake most people find the frosting on the cupcake to be the best part since you cannot fit a whole cupcake in your mouth you often eat from the top finishing the frosting before you get to the rest of the cake if you rip the top off your cupcake and turn it upside down you’ll have frosting in every single bite cupcake sandwich anyone number four cooking your hotdogs most people take their hotdogs and put them on the grill as is this is a mistake if you slice your hotdogs in spirals they will heat evenly through the cuts we’ll also give them a pretty cool appearance number five take a long taco salad most people who love tacos have to wait until they have time to eat them at home there is a way that you can make your tacos and take them with you start by preparing the meat mixture your veggies and get your cheese ready take a single serving bag of Fritos and pour all of the contents into the bag over the RINO’s this way you can enjoy a taco on the go number six heating leftover pizza pizza is delicious when it’s delivered to your home and it can be just as good the next day when it’s reheated most people will reheat their pizza in the microwave this will make the pizza hot but it will also make the crust soggy if you want a hot crispy pizza reheat it in a waffle iron not only will it give you a hot crispy piece of pizza it’ll also look pretty cool number seven easiest way to make hash browns if you love hashbrowns but hate going through the trouble of making them there is an easier way after you’ve shredded your potatoes place them in a waffle iron and allow them to cook they will cook through and come out crispy also they will have a waffle like design number eight a more Hardy cinnamon roll many people love to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast the store-bought kind are delicious and very easy to make if you want to add more flavor to your cinnamon rolls and make a more hearty breakfast add bacon simply unroll the cinnamon roll and lay a piece of bacon over it and then roll it back up it’ll be a welcome surprise for your family’s breakfast number 9 give your french toast a kick many people love french toast for breakfast the traditional way to make this delicious breakfast treat is to dip a piece of bread in an egg yolk and fry it up if you want to add some sweetness to your french toast you can crumble a handful of cinnamon toast crunch and mix it into the egg yolk before you dip your bread the sweetness and flavor that the cereal adds will make the extra step worth it number 10 add some flavor to your iced coffee the worst part of drinking an iced coffee is when the ice melts and your coffee gets watered down since the ice melting is inevitable you can use it to your advantage crumble up Oreo cookies and put the crumbs in an ice cube tray max to cover the Oreos with milk and put the tray in the freezer when the milk freezes you can use it for the ice and your iced coffee when the ice starts to melt they’ll give your coffee more flavor rather than watering it down number 11 easiest way to serve ice cream birthday parties are always a lot of fun if you’re the host however they can be a lot of work if you’re serving ice cream with the birthday cake cutting it is much faster than scooping simply open the ice cream container and lay it out on a cutting board using a knife cut slices of ice cream it’s much quicker and meter number 12 sandwiches a piece of meat in every bite because most prepackaged lunch meats are round and the bread is square you likely won’t get a piece of meat in every bite if you know how to place the meat however you won’t feel the need to cut off the crust take two pieces of lunch meat and tear them in half place the two halves of the first piece of meat at the top and bottom of the bread take the second two pieces and place it on the left and right side of the bread this way you will have meat in every single bite number thirteen eating on the run people with busy lives often need to eat on the go which often means they’ll be having fast food if you like ketchup with your fries you can pour it out in a drink container this will make dipping the fries easy and you won’t make a huge mess in the car number fourteen store-bought pastry dough has many uses you can use store-bought pastry dough to make many snacks on the go this dough can be filled with taco filling to make easy take-along tacos you can fill them with chocolate and marshmallows to make a sweet snack you can put just about anything in the pastry dough and bake it for a short time to make your favorite snack number 15 simple delicious cheesy bread to make the best cheesy bread buy a loaf of bakery bread cutting in slices going both ways next cut cheese into slices and use it to fill in the cracks add herbs to the bread and bake it in the oven when the bread is done the cheese will be melted and it will make a delicious appetizer number 16 the best way to peel a mango feeling a mango can be messy but if you have a good beer mug it can be much easier start by cutting your mango in half push the area between the mango and the skin against the beer mug and push down the mango will go into the glass and the peel can be thrown away number 17 delicious homemade frozen treat if you’re craving something cold and sweet you can make your own treats at home take a few Oreos and dip them in milk place them in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer after a couple of hours they will be frozen and ready to eat number eight teen eating Chinese food is easier than you may have thought of the 22 foods you’re eating the wrong way this is the one that is so obvious but most people don’t know about it most people order their takeout Chinese food go home and put it in a bowl to eat what most people don’t know is that this is not necessary the takeout cartons can actually be turned into a plate by opening the carton at the folds the whole thing will open up into a plate to enjoy your food on without dirtying a dish number 19 new idea for pancakes if you like your pancakes with a side of bacon you can enjoy your bacon and your pancakes instead when you make your pancake batter simply dip the bacon in the batter and then make your pancakes the result will be a pancake with a slice of bacon baked right into the middle number 20 easy loaded baked potato if you love your baked potatoes with all the fixings you can bake them right into the potato start by making slices into the raw potato next fill in the slices with slices of cheese sour cream and bacon bits top the potato with shredded cheese and bacon in the oven the results will be a loaded mashed potato with all the best things baked right in number 21 make your pasta interesting two very popular foods are pasta and hot dogs if you want to make your dinner creative start by cutting the hotdogs into slices next stab several pieces of dry spaghetti through the hotdogs put them in a pan of water and cook until the pasta is tender the final results will be pasta coming through the hotdogs which honestly looks pretty cool number 22 beating Toblerone most people who eat this chocolate bar with hill shaped pieces find that their fingers get covered with chocolate while trying to break off of these this is because they’re not doing it right to eat this delicious candy you take your thumb and push at the top of the triangle down the chocolate will snap off easily and your fingers won’t get dirty subscribe for more [Music]

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  1. This video is one of the dumbest videos I've ever seen… Dude doesn't even know the difference between a mug and a pint glass.

  2. There is no problem blending sweet with savory. But rolling bacon into a cinnamon roll may be a heart attack too far? Just sayin'

  3. WTF… English isn’t my mother tongue, but even I can articulate better!!! Food that you are eating wrong? Since when it is synonymous of fancy party recipes? Or convenient ways of serving? Go back to school!

  4. Facts verse: this is how you should eat tacos
    Also Facts verse: oh yeah also this way

    You sure WE’RE the one’s eating these wrong?

  5. I should submit #23: If you have a gf like mine. Don't eat at all.I swear, my old lady's cooking is so bad, I pray after I eat. At least I'm losing weight.Speaking of which, you wanna lose weight? Eat lots and lots of garlic. No, it won't make you lose weight, but from a distance, your friend will think you'r a lot skinnier.

  6. When i saw the thumbnail i was like "Here we go with the clickbait, there is NO WAY i am eating Toblerone wrong lets see what they say….." Yeah turns out i was eating Toblerone wrong.. aaaaand everything else in the video lol!

  7. No. No. No. No hotdogs (poison). 5 Uhh? Uhhh? Sure (that's one idea). No. God No! 10 Ice coffee is for hippies losers. For parties, or fat girls. What is this rubber? Yes. I lost interest. 15 Ridiculous. No, filee knife. Eat better junk food. Heat your own noddles. Yuck. 20 Well, if it cooks evenly, this might be good. Ohh, this is just stupid. No, you bite the Illuminuty bar and do not touch it at all!

  8. Why do people feel the need to tell people they are doing something WRONG? Can't you simply just say there are alternative ways of doing something not YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG Jesus H. Christ!!

  9. Pizza is great in the microwave STFU!! No I will not heat it in a waffle iron I will put it in the microwave or in a fawking oven!!

  10. Honestly people who don’t like lettuce I can’t become friends with it’s my third favourite food after fried chicken

  11. To call this ideas for different ways to eat would be the proper title, not telling us we eat wrong!! Next this moron is going to say we wipe our ass wrong, or we are supposed to stand while we sleep!!

  12. Don't reheat your pizza in a 'waffle iron.' Instead, butter a large pan, skillet or griddle (add garlic as an option), heat it to medium-low, adding your pizza slices (crust-side-down). This way you will butter the crust and crisp it, while the toppings get reheated. If the top is hot (or warm enough for you), then it's done. You can check the bottom/crust earlier, but if you stick to medium-low heat you don't have to worry too much. It takes a few minutes, but makes a very crisp crust, and a nice 'melty' top. Covering the pan with a lid while reheating can also help the top to heat faster, and it will turn out not only reheated but nice and fresh like the day you brought it home, but with added crispness.

  13. If you ever go to a fancy restaurant but don't have a reservation, just tell them you do, that you must be on the list somewhere. When they ask the name, just tell them, "Ahh…Toblerone. I am Mr. Toblerone , table-for-(however many)…"

  14. I'm not changing, not even how to eat toblerone (like you all, that's why I looked) but I just like to lick my fingers after eating each piece. Ads xtra to the mmmmm, feeling!

  15. I don’t really like the mango one I usually cut the mango in half and cut them both ways open them .-. And eat it

  16. I bite my kit kats andmy string cheese… I like eating with no mess.

    That cupcake sandwich thing is fucking retarded….. I lick the frosting off because it's the best part and eat the cake as is…

  17. FactsVerse must've made a mistake naming the video.
    Now frikin appreciate the video rather than Hating it
    Plus it helped us btw.

  18. OK you really killed me with that pasta and hot dogs…I think I'll keep eating Toblerone my way…

  19. Well with number 2 there would be no reason for the lettuce because if you cook and prepare a taco correctly with a soft or type of Shaolin the same type of shape not as a hard shell as people may think it will not spell over the place and stead the taco would retain its shape and be more enjoyable so it when you think about it there are actually two things that are wrong with tacos in the way they eat it one of course being the way they eat it and to being the way that you prepare it

  20. Nobody:
    Still nobody:
    Not even a single atom:

  21. Title is completely wrong. It's not that we are eating things the wrong way, but rather this video shows a different way to eat/prepare foods. Like wrapping your taco in lettuce instead of putting it inside. Or cooking hash browns in a waffle maker.

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