y’all ready let’s go let’s go hey my connectors welcome back to the channel if you’re new to the channel hit subscribed
on the family if they’re like good food it’s the place to be
come and have a little fun with your girl Casey what’s up my connectors and
welcome back to the channel Happy Thanksgiving
I hope you guys had an awesome day I did have an awesome day so today I’m doing
the two-time spicy king crab so I have some two huge king crabs here I have
corn I have peppers I have below speculation sauce and I have some
clearly Canadian to drink now I was going to do the UM
try not to drink challenge but I don’t think I’m doing it cuz I’m gonna need
something to drink i’m already dehydrated
you know it’s Thanksgiving don’t worry bud I had a look I had look don’t worry
about a drink okay so if you are new to the channel if you can please hit the
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video is uploaded don’t forget to share it like and leave me a comment
I truly appreciate it so yes oh oh yo don’t forget Kiana put everything on
sale so everyth all the merch is on sale there different percentages off on each
collection and it’s free shipping so go check everything out the description
will be down below its connectors closet com I’ll put it here and in the
description below so we’re gonna go ahead and get started so I just put um
two times spicy all in this butter sauce and on top of the crab so don’t worry
about it today okay it’s a lot of shenanigans but it’s better than
yesterday yesterday y’all y’all don’t feel bad for me cuz I set myself up for
it just get something put up pour it up it’s gonna be hot ice cold – you don’t
feel bad any time I gotta go back over to see how many points I got owed it’s
so good alright let’s jump in and get started on Charlotte playing with eat
crabs you should have seen me I might put it in the alpha-particle
looking tall so how was your Thanksgiving y’all have
Foley y’all was with the family hopefully it was no trouble you know
everybody got a loan will everybody help cook
well no with some tacky pot down this videos gonna go uh play y’all should be
up late or something y’all getting ready to go to Black Friday
why do you take a nap I know that yes so my hands gonna have two times spicy on
it too all right let’s go there’s two times
spicy into the mild sauce and I just poured a lot don’t don’t judge me today it’s good mm-hmm whoo now look it I’m glad I do that
turn out the drink I’m already not already Lowe’s and somebody say Casey
you won’t win one of these challenges one day just keep track don’t do that
job okay no oh we saw not denied in Harlow you’d see him I get so many
onions holding that big old piece of ginger can y’all see you hey ginger make
it so good and the ginger and the onions that’s what messed me up yesterday and
then I ran out of cucumbers I bet y’all say we know why that is good that’s what
I’m spiciness real good then mmm I’m sure try it if you ever try to play with
the mind into this hot babe let me get this knuckle boom don’t get
it in your eye so anyway my Thanksgiving was good we went out to dinner we went
to uh well lunch I should say lunch cuz it was 11 o’clock when we left home so
we had lunch earlier today Thanksgiving luck sorry no one going in
that kitchen doing all that carrying on we went to Cooper’s hockey
of course we did the wine tasting so yeah oh my I was really jealous huh what was your favorite thing Kiana huh
mm-hmm the turkey was good with a cranberry
fresh cranberry cranberry for real man oh my god fresh cranberries oh you
shouldn’t do the can no no there’s the butternut squashes butternut squash soup
with my pretzel bread you know what that combination was good
yeah I was good that was really good but you had a fresh cranberries oh it was
the turkey and a dress and that was good I never had turkey with cranberry sauce
before ever then you did uh-huh but I always saw people do it in the TV shows
you know I like the I like to uh I don’t think I ever ate it with the can I don’t
know why I look so funny to me no it looks so weird so but fresh good
maybe mine definitely baby please Tiana made em believe it she got your Farley shatner Farley the night oh thank you girl why you just didn’t
bring me the ones you wanted me to have it’s okay what you ain’t won in there
oh honey this is the season to be thankful supposed to be given key oh no
no I’m supposed to be thankful Christmas is this don’t worry about the video
tonight you try to switch it up these are my duffel bags
see y’all see yet don’t y’all never seen you need to feed their baby
you saw juice mixed in you a little doublet I’m just talking I’m sorry y’all don’t know man oh oh oh my god hot sauce
on bring me another on there’s a Thanksgiving mama yeah I miss you got
good from my hook I see a cup your mama hood for cooking all that food somebody
said in the comments just that it was tired over it mmm mmm
what’s that souffle what are you for me I I did it dad gave me the sweet
potatoes what makes them what sweet potatoes sounds good but um yeah
somebody said in the comments yesterday said it was tired they were over it do
we clean out oh you ain’t that bad boy Missy goes over one I said girl I don’t
know how you feel honey no no I don’t know how you feel I want them to do it
no more try to show out at the restaurant right yeah I don’t know where
his amnesia head sitting and kids say I had never cooked Thanksgiving dinner
hide in the road was you eating all these eels and then when I remind him up
every single Thanksgiving where I cook oh yeah that’s
right don’t play me man mi never coach Thanksgiving dinner no no make me feel
like the kitchen see that’s why I take pictures everything because you have to
have proof these days people will try your gang stop it’s hard for me to
remember – yummy there’s been a long time hmm
it’s been a long time point of Thanksgiving is to be tired after
cooking all that food girl no a night your back hurts your feet hurts you feel
like you want to die no that ain’t fallen to me yeah you know I don’t know
people do find a pleasure in it after cooking about 7 to 8 dishes cooking for
12 hours straight they don’t do nothing for me I don’t get no satisfaction from
that don’t know that cane crap yeah yeah I don’t get no satisfaction for that
mm-hmm come on say don’t do that no no lemon on
your seafood of challenge my husband said it’s gonna be random to
them and then we came home ate sweet potato pie and there all those past I
don’t want to sleep hi what’s up so ladies you wanna sleep I want to sleep tummy ache it was okay oh-oh a lot of people had seafood boils
today I started a traditional I got a lot of comments and they were having
boils today which yeah I had boils mm-hmm so yeah that was our first giveaway
we’re gonna do another one this one was supposed to be one but
y’all just up hot I got to come up with something else mm-hmm okay I’m kidding no no I mean I found
sweet potato recipe from grub my glorious Nang on life and sweet potatoes
of all our people safe is so good this lady named grandma Gloria on YouTube but
I don’t think that’s a channel name but if you want a good sweet potato pie
recipe that was it I was skeptical at first but named baby after you taste I
was like I don’t know that’s right come on and a lot of stores are open
already yeah I know a lot of stores and even it
was almost like a railer day you go to the grocery store back in the day nobody
was open you can go to a grocery store to drill up stone restaurants are open
anybody close huh mmm confession whoo yeah I’m go to a wine tasting you ladies
say would you like another glass I’ll buy no lady no you get mad at the
lady I’m like no absolutely not No No thank
you ma’am no thank you you know no thank you whoo whoo y’all
right they’re probably feeling us gusted it all this Turkey Mickey rody cheese
dresses yams y’all feeling disgusted yeah a villainess gusting oh my god oh
yeah I’m gonna eat my knuckle and that’s gonna be it cuz I am for what Elsa oh I
saw already for vlogmas I’ve seen everybody starting a blog miss shy like
the cuz away be if y’all not following a blog channel following her blog channel
let me tell you somebody else who um who to follow I am um yeah I am sure he
could be doing her but her just I don’t know if she’s doing vlogmas but her
blogs period Charlie hell you’re dead broke cuz
everything she’d go fine and by I’ll be like yeah I don’t don’t so starting to
buying them candles from um well I’ll get them from
is it t.j.maxx I think yeah fallen huh I’m a young so cuz away being I know she
doing 25 days of cousin I don’t know she Rica doing it every day but her blogs
period is good and she put a lot gets it all both of them put a lot into their
videos Kiana want me to do blocking no no no I
might um step in Tosh flaws I think they got down like they do you know nobody
know Bob well it blossom through the tool um Rhonda’s red sauce prissy got a
blog channel so if a lot of y’all are you don’t want to just venture wanna um
see more than us just eating a lot of these people have blonde channels y’all
should check them out kudos to everybody putting in that double time that’s
that’s double work y’all matter what to do
yeah we can you have music what can y’all imagine that we can have music
we’d be anything Janet mutt banging music music and
mukbangs I bet you say turn the camera off mom I just you’d be singing again
I’d be jamming to him good but yo that’s how I came to tell you I real quick is
to tell y’all about this the merch is on sale and Happy Thanksgiving
I didn’t want to leave without doing that uh Thank You Terry oh and somebody
said did I win I was trying to wait a couple of days give people at least
until the first to give a lot of more people to watch the video and then I’m
gonna do it then and then we’ll have another giveaway after that and somebody
else how was I how are they gonna get the money it’s gonna be through cash out
or a gift card our preferred cash out cuz it’s quick and I know you got it and
you can tell me you got it gift cards you know when you mail off something to
somebody and somebody to say I didn’t get it and all that kind of stuff I
really didn’t want to do that but I know a lot of people don’t have cash out so
that’s how I’m going to do it on that video all right let me go so much love
peace and blessings to each and every one of you and until the next video
continue making connections with endless possibilities I love y’all bye y’all welcome to the after party down at my
home right Instagram beyond some other stuff this person said and I will show
you some what y’all think I’m lying said can y’all comment our IP on my recent I
guess on my recent post so people think I’m dead what’s wrong with us I mean
wasn’t was wrong with humans in Jose is day yeah I wish I could show you but
you’re not gonna be able to see it insane
but anyway so yeah why would you want somebody there I put our IP so people
will think you’re dead like you don’t get enough attention lord have mercy
but anyway y’all so yeah I just wanted to come real quick say Happy
Thanksgiving to y’all oh and stuff I hope y’all watch the
whole video cuz it made me a little something-something in this one tis the
season to be jolly you should get a great way back shit she’s got a lot of
colors I’m going to get some more weaves colors what’s gonna be nice
alright come ago y’all enjoy your night be safe out there for Black Friday y’all
be careful be safe the TV is not worth getting trampled on you thinks that no
people still be lining up in the stores I think you sure well y’all still be
careful I did it love y’all mmm-hmm and make sure y’all give the person who
cooked all that food oh ho cuz y’all probably just showed up and you let
Thanksgiving outfits you know people go buy brand-new outfits to go for
Thanksgiving really cuz the whole I’ve seen a couple posts online talking about
oh I can’t find underwear to the living room so I think I’m going thank you what
people literally go by Thanksgiving outfit dancers it’s too high this was
about to ask me what time there was like a Cy Young wrong what they say I’ve been
a day girl I don’t go back no clothes what is like buying a whole bunch of
clothes to go to pepper a shaky indigo picking up McDonald’s oh oh we doing it
mmm if I go buy some clothes cuz I’d immediately go somewhere but did they go
picking up some peppers chicken or something to my outfit other day what I
got look Crazy’s here mm-hmm I’m gonna be putting that money to all my bills
this is keep it real Thanksgiving all right let me go bye y’all


  1. Happy late Thanksgiving to u and ur family ❤️
    And yesss we cook over here yesterday and it was good
    And yesss a giveaway thank u now lol I'll take seafood any day am just saying

  2. Hey KC I really enjoy watching you. I love your spirit. Yes I know what you mean I was hurting when I got they cooking and I didn’t cook everything I usually do. But I cooked 15 cakes and four potatoes pie for other people. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  3. I woke up at 3am, started prepping, everything was done around 4.. Family and friends went through that food so fast.. I didn't get plate, I was ready to fight…

  4. KC that king crab looks amazing. Glad u had a great Thanksgiving. Yes music and mukbang would be great. My Grandma passed a few days b4 Thanksgiving so we tried to have a good time in her honor but some of the fam just had to act stupid. I'm just grateful I didn't turn up to much so i was able to help calm the drama. Usually I be turned all the way up not helpful for shit on the holidays. Glad God kept Me mellow and with a watchful eye. Love you boo. Happy Holidays. Kionna since u said Xmas is the giving season and not Thanksgiving im looking 4ward to you giving your mom all the deviled eggs she wants 😂😂😂😂. Yall need to go back to that food truck that gave different types of deviled eggs. Yall seemed to love that. Do yall remember where it was.

  5. Wal-Mart started black Friday on Thanksgiving at 6pm now. It's insane my bestfriend work there and she said it was crazy

  6. I was wondering can you help me with my YouTube channel and I would really appreciate and were do get that bloves sauce from ❤💕

  7. I fixed gumbo; shrimp pulled chicken sausage (fried w/bacon bites for more flavor) w/ jasmine rice and Hershey chocolate pie for desert #YUMMY

  8. So I have a huge family and at every family reunion (such as Thanksgiving), I'll sit at a chair and like stomp on a toddler watching YouTube under the table lol

  9. This year was no drama it haven't been no drama in a long time… that's probably because I went to my aunt house on my dad side instead of my aunt on my mom side smh

  10. Already go to school the channel if you’re new to see if you like babe Evelyn great fruit. This is what the theme song is with the microphone and auto corrections ,🤦🏾‍♀️ FYI I KNOW THE WHOLE THEME SONG

  11. You looking a lil more as ur sister on this video lol i think its your eyebrow. But thank for video as alway i love them

  12. I know I’m late but chile my job been working me crazy but anyway hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Sis an the fambam! ❤️

  13. I just love you! Happy belated Thanksgiving! I enjoy cooking for my family! We will be doing a boil for Christmas. I am in Texas and our seafood seems to be so much more expensive that where you are! Can you advise what is the best place.to order offline?

  14. Yes…… I pull out receipts on my Grown children STILL. YES KC, Who do the babes think been cooking all these years?

  15. Sounds like that person wants to be dead to evade paying taxes LMAO TAX EVASION, but the Government got Instagram and Facebook too, & they on it 24/7 LMAO

  16. Kc gurl you da truth 💯💯funny asf nocussted really I dropped my dammm phone🤣🤣🤣I really love you..💃🏻💃🏻

  17. I swear sus, I can’t with you I just freaking love you. I love how are you said come give me a hug… and made the huggin sound…

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