Hi guys hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen. Now today we thought we would set ourselves a little bit of a challenge. We
know how much you all love mug cakes so we decided to do something a little bit different
and make a three course meal, yes that�s right three courses, by only using a mug and
a microwave. Yes and it can be done and this is how we got on. So first up we made our
cheesy garlic bread so grab yourself a mug and pour in flour, followed by your baking
powder, followed by your bicarbonate of soda and then your salt. Then your milk, then your
oil, and then give it a good mix together. Add in some garlic powder followed by a sprinkling
of cheddar cheese, and finish up with some gorgeous basil. Now you place this in the
microwave for 1 minute and then out comes a gorgeous cheesy garlic bread in a mug.,
fantastic. Well it was only about half the size of the mug we used but its only a starter
so lets not complain. It was then time to make our pancetta and spinach risotto for
our main course. So grab yourself another mug and add in your oil, pancetta, chopped
onion, and garlic paste. Bung this in the microwave for 1 minute and out it comes and
give it a good stir. You are then going to add in your rice followed by 100 mls of stock.
You then want to place your mug on a microwavable shallow dish. This is just in case and you
will see what will happen, just in case the stock does boil over the mug and saves your
microwave says it keeps your microwave clean stops it going everywhere. Place this in the
microwave for 2 minutes. When this is done give it a good stir and then add in another
100 mls of stock. Microwave again for 2 minutes and you are going to keep going like this
100mls of stock followed by 2 minutes in the microwave until all your stock has been used
up. When its done give it a really good stir and then add in a couple of handfuls of spinach
and let it stand for a minute or so just to let the spinach wilt into your risotto. Give
it a good sprinkling of parmesan and another mix together and a good grind of black pepper
to taste, and there you have it your risotto is finished. And for our final course we come
on to a gorgeous chocolate pudding. So get yourself your third mug and you are going
to add in your chocolate chips followed by your butter and you are going to give this
a blast in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Once you get it out of the microwave it will
be nice and melted so give it a good stir together to get it all incorporated in to
one nice chocolatey brown colour. You are then going to add in your caster sugar your
flour, vanilla extract, baking powder, and your egg. And give this a good good stir until
the mixture is really nice and smooth. At first it will be extremely lumpy but keep
stirring you want it really nice and smooth. Pop this in the microwave for about 70 seconds
and keep a really close eye on it because with ours it kind of went ginormous. We looked
in the microwave and the pudding was popping out and exploding everywhere. It looked amazing
so just be careful watch out you dont want to suddenly hear a massive bang in your microwave
door explode off or something crazy like that. Finish up with a good lashing of squirty cream
followed by a drizzle of chocolate sauce and then you are ready to enjoy. But just remember
our microwave was 800 watts so adjust the times according to your microwave temperature.
So now it was time to tuck in to our delicious three course microwavable mug meal. First
up was the cheesy garlic bread which kind of, it was ok, it did remind me a little bit
of dumpling but for microwavable bread it worked and it tasted good. Next it was the
risotto now I did re microwave this for a little bit and I think this might of enhanced
the flavour just slightly cos the parmesan just seemed to ooze into the chicken stock
and it tasted really really good. I was so surprised it was delicious. And finally it
was time for the chocolate pudding. It was heaven in a mouthful it was so so good. So
there you go we wanted to set ourselves a bit of a challenge today and it seemed to
work we pulled it off. We made a three course meal using a mug and a microwave. Now don�t
forget there is another playlist that Barry has done before of recipes just using a mug,
go over and check it out. Don�t forget to subscribe for regular recipe videos and I
will see you next time, bye.

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