Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen I am joined today by Phoebe my oldest Daughter, hello, alright? Yeah also
known as Pheebs, Phoebetta anything else, Phoebe Rooney all those nicknames like that,
what are we doing today mate. That is right we are going to be reviewing 3 food gadgets
that you may want to purchase, lets get on with out first gadget which one do you want
to do first the crumbpet, alright. First food gadget is the crumbpet now I saw
this online and it is essentially a pig hoover, yeah, what are the animals on the back, pig,
elephant, cat, cow, sheep & dog that is right and you can see them there so I went for the
pig but there are different ones, basically a bagless hoover that needs batteries to help
you get rid of your crumbs. That is what it looks like.
So our pig is out here, Phoebe what are you doing there mate, breaking some crumbs, that
is right some bread there for our crumbs. This is basically it there is a snout on it
guess the crumbs go up there you can take its head off little filter thing in there
you can suck it up just in there then with batteries in it goes like a mini hairdryer
you going to lay those crumbs out then suck away with mr piglet yep.
Line it up, yep, turn it on, yep, snort away. Haha awesome, ok turn it off. What do you
think, good. Oh look it has fallen out of its snout that is not very good, I just thought
you take the filter out then do it that way really well I think that is a good start do
you? Yeah! Just getting rid of crumbs with the dustpan
and brush and Phoebe old smarty pants what did you just say, why do you not just use
the crumbpet to pick up the crumbs, think that shows how much I am sold on it, would
you use a crumbpet? Yeah. The next item to be reviewed is a carrot peeler
and sharpener. Yes it is a big sharpener how exciting is this. Phoebe has taken it out
of the box what are your first impressions mate, well it looks like a sharpener but bigger
and the difference between the small one and this one is because it has a peeler at the
bottom of it. I did not know that, that is cool I thought it would just be shove the
carrot in there but there is the peeler on the back little bit cautious of this it may
be dangerous so I will do the peeling and I will do the sharpening.
That is quite comfortable actually quite cool. So we just peel it, that is a sharp blade
I am glad I have done it pretty awesome indeed. It does have a diagram on the pack where if
you do not peel it gives a different effect when sharpening so maybe we will leave that
one at the end rough. Its time to put the carrot in the sharpener
I will do it just because I am worried how sharp it is, In it goes, oh ok, it is sort
of working. Hmmm ok I will hold it you try and spin that carrot, come on you have to
do this why is it not working. I love how a 7 year old is educating me on sharpening
a carrot. It is not too dangerous this bit but for me
it is not working. We will try the rough one right shove it in and oh that is kind of working
no it is not, it does for a teeny shard of carrot, oooh there we are, we got it working,
yeah but it is pointless, why would you use that. Hmm is that the marketing, so this is
all we have out of it so far. How you getting on mate, I give up.
Hang on Phoebe she has a little bit of peel there, yes it is working oh phoebe go on now
mate, nah, oh, I am very proud of myself. Shall I tell you what my secret is what I
did, yes well I pointed it up high then turned it, brilliant. Mate that is not working I
am magical that is why, magical, are you a unicorn, crazy. Right you can have that for
Christmas I think Phoebe is bored of it but the peeler on it is actually good the sharpener
thing I do not know maybe we have some dud carrots, so the last one I am really looking
forward to this, this is an egg separator called the bogey man yeah! What was that for,
unnecessary, open up the bogey man. Open up the bogey man, never thought I would
say that to anyone really let alone my daughter. It is too tiny, it is not tiny what are you
on about it is the size of a mug, there are his nostrils right there you can see, it looks
like a teapot, it does have a red nose based on a ill man, you will never know what it
is like when a man gets ill and gets man flu, you are fake, man flu is real, that is another
topic but maybe what this product is inspired by so I guess we crack the eggs into the bogeyman
right mate, carefully break an egg into the separator, pick up the separator by its handle
and holding over a bowl or cup tip and watch the egg white run out of its nose while the
yolk remains in the separator. Yes we have a bowl, and some eggs the only
thing I will say is that is quite a drop we will drop the egg into the bogeyman so the
yolk could split how are we going to break it, well daddy will do that bit.
Why are you holding him by the ears like that makes me feel intimidated like he will do
that with Daddy. I knew you would do that, just separate the eggs. That is all you have
to do people want to see the egg separated, yey!
Right ok lets get an egg in here, can you let me know if it is all one piece in there,
yep, ok cool, alrighty there goes egg number 2 now that first egg that went in there the
egg is a little bit gooey it could come out with it so may have some yellow snot right
yeah and then the egg separator would not work anyway. Ok lets see the bogeyman come
to life tip him up look at that bit clinging it is working. Give it a light shake do not
fling egg white everywhere, there we go, look at that, it works and is pretty darn cool
too. Now he looks really ill what have you done, nothing.
That was the dodgy egg the other one has stayed in there so it has worked right yeah, urgh!
There we go then folks our three food gadgets reviewed what was your favourite one, these
two, the bogeyman and the crumbpet amazing you can have them for helping me the bogeyman
I thought was cool it was eggscellent and that is no yolk and cracking, egg puns right,
have an egg pun, Got an egg pun, eggscellent, obviously the sharpener and peeler needs a
little more work so Phoebe finish off the video, thankyou for watching this video and
please subscribe you sound like an air hostess, the exits are here and here if you have a
food gadget please send it to us no! Lets just say bye, bye!

29 thoughts on “3 FUN FOOD GADGETS TESTED

  1. A pig hoover? What kind of person hoovers up pigs? And more to the point, why? πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

  2. Maybe if you cut the carrot and used the thicker 1/2 in the sharpener it would do something….maybe πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  3. Watching these old review vids make me sad, Pheobe was only 7 here, she was just a baby and now she'll be 11 (or is 11) this year, she's adorable none the less!

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