100 thoughts on “$364 Arby’s Meat Mountain | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  1. David hill he doesn't prepare the food he seduces the food ready for love making and then later cooking and eating a pure chef in the making lol.

  2. Ah Josh and David, my favorite crew members due to their massive immaturity. Also josh does CrossFit and doesn’t mention it every video? Must not really go to CrossFit

  3. Absolutely love the show!! But I think it would be a cool idea if you talked about some of the more expensive ingredients and maybe explain what makes them so expensive (:

  4. As a person who worked at Arby’s as a teen the people who mad that sandwich hate you that’s the worst sandwich in the world to make😂😂

  5. There’s so many reasons why the show was great particularly this episode because of the fast and the furious quote and having David as your cohost also the bottle of booze and all the good food and as always it’s awesome seeing you Josh! Keep up the good work I can’t wait for next week!

  6. david reminds me of my step cousin…. lolol! He knows all sorts of references from all sorts of stuff and plays them out like its all apart of life lolol!!! love it

  7. instead of making it things so big, much rather just make more buns and make one closer to the original size and share it with the crew.

  8. David and Josh should do episodes together more often, my favorite guest so far on any of the mythical kitchen shows.

  9. In the UK we have meat "salesmen" not butchers they have no clue how to "part" a carcus. I did it my chef training. I say I want certain cuts and they have no clue!!

  10. Please have David on more often, thoroughly enjoyed his antics…as much as I love Josh dogging Chase, David was a much better co-chef!

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