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  1. These videos make me angry. I want one more level of chef, and I'm not sure what level it would be, but basically I want this chef to hear the insane amount of time it's taking your pro chef, and your home chef, and laugh, then say "so I grabbed a box of instant flakes, followed the directions and fed them to my family of four in 20 minutes, then spent the rest of my time living my life Instead of being stuck in the kitchen for 36 hours making butter that I can buy at a store"

    I'm usually trying to defend the amateur chef in these, but sometimes even they take way to long for something simple.

  2. I'm sure the high level chef's potatoes are better – but I want Lorenzo's potatoes, because Lorenzo is happy. Lorenzo makes me happy and he has happy potatoes.

  3. My name is sarah and im a level one cheft, my name is steve and im a level two chef, meyhejeiheuebeuhehejehduhdues and i have werked in culinary for 15 years

  4. Is it crazy that Emily‘a are more “healthy” not that butter and heavy cream are great for you but moderation right.

  5. Y'all have to understand, the smoking, the butter and all those extra steps make a very huge difference in taste….

  6. Um.. so the pro chef, why does he look so serious? 😂 Also its nice that everything was made from scratch including the butter and the smoking…… but thats way too extra… mean while amature chef is using gravy packet 🤣😂

  7. Level: 1 When my sister wants to make us a dinner. 🥘

    Level: 2 When Mom cooked us the dinner. 🥘

    Level: 3 When we out. Please put me those chicken 🍗 wings on the side.

    Seriously 😆

  8. Love me some Mashed Potatoes, but not much of a Turkey guy. I'm more of a Ham guy with my Mashed Potatoes with Brown Gravy on Thanksgiving. 👍👍

  9. You guys kept complaining about level 3 chefs being so extra but that’s their specialty. And it might be so delicious and different in the same time. They know what they are doing and I respect them so much. You may see level 2 chefs might be the best but in fine dining restaurants, there are plenty of level 3 chefs there and you’re basically eating their food.

  10. They should taste and review each other’s dishes. And should make some common people taste the dishes too and make them say a verdict. That would make this program a bit more satisfactory.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, the professional chef’s recipe looks delicious. But 36 hours and expensive truffles are unnecessary in an award-winning recipe. The level 2 chef’s looked the most practical and most delicious.

  12. Lvl3, you should gave created the butter 3 days earlier before you cooked the potatoes. Was the video editing done out of order? 4:05

  13. Or you can just make honest mashed potatoes and be proud that you put a wholesome meal on the table and forget about this pretentious BS

  14. I know its mean and it's the holidays and all but damn I want to punch the pro in the face! First person on this series that got me that way. Only thing i liked that he did was the gravy but he couldn't even call it gravy!!!!! Omg sorry wow he got on my nerves.

  15. In the culinary program at my university they do recommend straining the potatoes like level 3 did but it’s time consuming and tbh a mashed or ricer has worked just as well

  16. oh can you pass me the mashed potatoes ?

    Amateur: sure
    Home cook: it’s my specialty and you can taste the difference
    Food scientist: what do you mean? It’s a main dish

  17. ah finally back to the classic. emily is always a joy at how clueless she is, lorenzo is literally the reason i wake up in the morning because of how amazing he is, and an over achiever, sometimes stuck up and pretty weird food that they make level 3 chef

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