45 ORGANIZED LARGE FAMILY FREEZER MEALS IN 7 HOURS! Freezer Cooking Day // Jamerrill Stewart

– Well friends I am back
with another large family freezer cooking day but
today, extra exciting, I am cooking, I just came out with these, if you don’t know yet,
I came out with these large family freezer meal packs. I have pack one, two and three out. Today I am cooking all
of pack two and I’m gonna share that process with you. Here is the pack that we’re doing today. I am just gonna show you
guys how it works on my phone ’cause I don’t even have it
printed out but it’s just downloaded and I can use it from here. And of course we’re scrolling
through the large family freezer cooking guide
and the table of contents and the freezer cooking tips. This is the grocery list. I used this the other night. I’ll pop a card up here also
for my last large family grocery haul but this is
the big batch freezer meal shopping list I used to
get all the groceries for this freezer cooking
day and I had all of my groceries ordered in less than 15 minutes and everything I’m making
today for these super mega meals came in just under 350 dollars. That will be for up to 40
meals for our family of 10 that we will use over the
next four to eight weeks, depending on how life rolls. This is a super helpful
feature of the pack, the big batch freezer
meal cooking prep guide. So what this does is let
me know at a glance what I need to do to jump in and
start making these meals. So I need to cook eight and
a half pounds of ground beef, I need to cook and shred
about nine pounds of chicken, I need to chop onions, green
peppers, get the rice cooked and dice the ham so that’s what we’re gonna jump on right now. We’re gonna do my taco bake freezer meal, the chicken broccoli alfredo freezer meal, we’re gonna do a bunch of tuna cakes, several meatloafs, we’re
gonna do garlic lemon chicken for the slow cooker, you
can also pop that in your Instant Pot, we’re gonna do
ham and cheese potato bakes, chicken teriyaki, beef
stroganoff, baked ziti and chicken tater tot casserole. Ready, set, go! Now I’ve got ground beef
going in this pressure cooker and then I’ve got chicken
going in this pressure cooker. All the meals total, it
calls for 11 cups of rice to be cooked so I’m gonna do
that the old fashioned way and actually do that on
the stove top in a pot. Now this will be my silly
blooper, this is me attempting to do my green pepper
slices in my food processor. I don’t know why guys,
I had it on, let’s see, what setting, I tried the
slicing and I did shredding and instead it pureed, so
don’t puree your four green peppers but I have pureed
my green peppers today so I kinda gave up and just cut my onions the old fashioned way. The ground beef and the
chicken are cooking right now. The onions are chopped. The green peppers are
murderized, the rice is cooking and the ham is almost done being diced. So several of these recipes
rely on meat that is being cooked now so I am going
to do some of these raw recipes, I could do the
tuna cakes to but I was kinda thinking I would just jump in and get the meatloaves done. I have that ground beef all
ready to go so I’m gonna need the six pounds of
ground beef, six eggs, six cups of old fashioned
oats, some mixed veggies and those mixed veggies
are like whatever veggies I have rolling around that I
wanna shove into a meatloaf. Garlic powder, onion powder,
parsley and salt and pepper to taste so I’ll be doing
these and then I will put them in freezer bags
and get them freezing for quick slow cooker meals
on days when we need them. Like this week coming up,
we are having two days at the lake, both nights,
it’ll be great to come home to something that’s already
made and ready to go. So in the freezer meal
pack, I said to use two one pound packs total so two
pounds of mixed vegetables, this comes from a lot of
times I will have mushrooms or carrots I can shred or other components hanging around that need to be used up and like I mentioned, I’ve
always shoved it in my meatloaf however, I have these
vegetables chopped for other recipes and I don’t have extra
ones hanging out right now that need to be used up
so, I had this bag of mixed vegetables from
Sharp Shopper and all it is is sliced onions and green peppers, yay, forgot I had it and I’m sure
you have stuff hanging out in your freezers that
would be helpful for your freezer cooking too. Anyway, this happens to be a two pound bag so I’ going to use this in the meatloaf. Here is the meatloaf all mixed up. I’m gonna start making
this into loaves now. Now the recipe called for
six pounds of ground beef, the packs of ground beef that I had, that was like 97 percent lean or whatever, they were 2.25 pound packs so
that means this is actually almost seven pounds and
I think with that little bit of extra meat, I might be able to make three meatloaves out of this. Three meatloaves for the
freezer and I guess doing the math on this, this
would make each of these about two and a quarter
pound each so again, for my family, I would at this
point just do one of these for dinner, however, that
would be if we had heavy side dishes to go along with it. So next up, here’s the tuna
cakes freezer meal I’m gonna do. It takes 24 five ounce cans
of tuna so I’m gonna get those in my big ole bowl. Four cups of oatmeal, pouring it in. Here are all the ingredients
for the tuna cakes and now I’m gonna make these into patties. So here’s how the tuna cakes are looking. I’m gonna take these out,
I should be able to get about four to five dozen, I’ve made these on the Stuart size side of the scale. We love tuna cakes around
here though so I’ve got one more pan, I’m gonna get
these in the freezer. So I wanted to check
in with my white board. I know I have been following
my large family freezer meals plan on my phone but
also just being a visual person, so what I went
ahead and did earlier was I wrote the meals
down that we’re doing so I can still cross that
off and then keep a tally beside it with how many
we got done so we can get the grand total at the end. We got tuna cakes done, I got five dozen. I got three meatloaves, got a
lot of other components done so I’m gonna get these two done next. The garlic and lemon chicken
and the chicken teriyaki and then we’ll be able to
dive into these oven bakes. So I have the ten pounds
of chicken distributed amongst the four bags now
I’m gonna add in the garlic, the lemon juice, the
olive oil and the spices. I’ve been sharing some instastories to, if you don’t follow me on
Instagram, be sure to do that, the link will be in the
description below but anyway, several of you have asked
where I got these holders for these gallon bags for
freezer cooking so that link will also be in the description below. I got em on Amazon, I wanna say I got like four for 12 dollars. So I just sent out an email
to my email subscribers that I’m gonna go live on
YouTube in a little more than an hour, of course,
I’m super optimistic and think I’m gonna
get all the things done before I got live. I do need like 10 minutes
or so before I go live to actually you know, think
a few complete thoughts. That’s always helpful but
by the time you see this I would have already gone
live and I will be popping a link up somewhere in
the air here or it’ll be down in the description below. What we have to do now
is this taco bake so I’m gonna look at this recipe. Okay I’ve got my ground
beef cooked, I’m gonna put my ground beef and onions in a large bowl, add the taco seasoning, add
the corn, the diced tomatoes, black beans, mix well and then
we’re gonna start layering so these are really easy to put together. Here’s a whole bunch of
our components and yes, it does take a lot of
sour cream because you add sour cream with each layer
and I’m doing four of these. Now it’s just a matter of
mixing it all together. I also added in two
packs of taco seasoning. So here it is all mixed up and
so we’re gonna get our pans, I’ll put a layer, well
actually we’re gonna do some taco shells then we’ll do
a layer of the mixture, we’ll do a layer of sour
cream, layer of cheese, taco shells, mixture, sour cream, cheese, on and on and on, I do
four pans like that. Now we’re all set up I’m gonna
get going at this counter. Here is the first taco bake,
doesn’t that look delicious? You can see the layers
in there and now I will show you guys my process for making it. Okay so start to finish that
is how I did the second pan of this taco bake freezer meal. So I was able to get four pans done, excuse my can trash there
but whipping you around quickly, I’ve got a little
bit left, I’m going to do this small little eight by
eight pan and I don’t know, maybe we’ll whip this out
and use this for home shool lunch one day or something
in the coming weeks. But gonna do the small pan to
use up the last that’s left. Alright so taco bake is
done, I actually got five out of that so that is looking good. I wanted to get some more
things done before I did my YouTube live, it’s
just not gonna happen so everything is ready
even the noodles, chicken, broccoli, everything, chicken
broccoli alfredo is coming up next, the ham and cheese bake,
beef stroganoff, baked ziti and tater tot casserole. It’s gonna be heavy assembly
time after this live video. So even though I was
nervous, apparently I don’t have too much of a problem live streaming because I had to shut
myself up after 30 minutes, it was like, Jamerrill,
end this live stream, people are trying to go to bed, stop this so yeah, I chatted, for a good 30 minutes and again, the link will be up in the air or down in the description
so now I’m gonna get back to all this freezer
cooking and get this, get this stuff done. So you can see how this
is going, this is the big ole pile of chicken broccoli alfredo, gonna mix it all together,
we got our stroganoff there, Zion’s gonna wrap those
for me and I’m re watching, I’m listening to my live
stream to see how it all, see how it all turned
out, it’s hard to know when you’re there running
your mouth, how it’s going. We got three pans of the
alfredo bake over here and then walk with me
this way, we got another large pan here and then
I had to break into my other foil pans and
now I’m gonna work on that ham and cheese bake and Zion is helping me and going through labeling
these and wrapping em up. This is the hash browns
I’m using this time for the ham and cheese bake
which is oh so yummy. So I’m going to use three of these bags. Here is the big bowl of
the ham and potato bake and so I’m gonna fill
the pans with it now. So I’m in the garage,
I am not in my kitchen making a bazillion freezer meals. You see what happens. My camera battery died. I have three batteries for
this camera and my main one died that was in the
camera and the other two that were in my little
camera pouch weren’t charged so it’s just like a big
vlogging error so I didn’t get anymore of my actual
cooking that evening filmed. Here we are, it’s probably
about four days later and look I’m in the same
1970’s curtain shirt again, just like I wore in the live video. Anyway, so four days later,
I have the final counts of the meals that I made. I’m gonna show you how they
are in my freezer in a minute and I have the price breakdowns so let’s go to the trusty whiteboard. Okay so trusty white board time. I did clear my board and
write it so it’s fresh for us all but final totals came in, I made a total of 45 freezer meals. We got five taco bakes, seven
chicken broccoli alfredos, five dozen tuna cakes, three meatloaves, four garlic and lemon chickens,
five ham and cheese bakes, four chicken teriyaki,
five beef stroganoff, five baked ziti and five
tater tot casseroles. So that comes to 45 freezer meals. Total for all of these
meals, I spent 348 dollars, that was for the 45
meals, it breaks down to seven dollars and 73 cents
per meal divided by 10 for my family of 10
because even Benjamin eats all the food now, is 77
cents per person, per meal. Of course, with these
meals we will add big salad and other fruit or vegetables side items but these are the main dishes. And all of that was with my large family freezer meals pack number two. Also, now that last live stream that I did on Saturday night was so fun. We are gonna do another
live stream this week so this Friday night on August 17th, I’m going live again in my kitchen. Saturday night won’t work out. I know we joked about doing Saturday night in Jamerrill’s kitchen
but that won’t work out ’cause I’m going to dinner
with my friends Saturday night. Anyway, Friday night
this week in my kitchen, going live again. I’m not sure though of the
exact time because it’s gonna depend on how my Friday goes. So when this video comes
out, my little video schedule in my head, that means this
video’s supposed to come out Thursday, August 16th
so that means Friday, tomorrow August 17th in the evening, look for us going live
over here on YouTube. Also under the YouTube and
under the community tab, if you go to like my
homepage, hit community, I have asked for freezer
cooking, grocery shopping, any kind of food related
questions that you would like to chat it up about
during the live stream, leave me over there
because that’s where I’m taking questions this go round. So I will see you real soon, like tomorrow with a live video. Don’t forget now through
August 25th, you can get large family freezer meals
pack one, two and three marked down to 9.99 each
or you can get all three in the best deal bundle for only 20 bucks. I have made those because
so many of you have asked me how to do freezer
cooking in an organized and sane fashion and that’s
what I have created for you so you can put more time into being momma and less time into being in the kitchen. I will see you tomorrow night, bye bye.

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