5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018

Hi bold Bakers! We just finished recording all of our videos
for 2018 and the team behind the scenes at Bigger Bolder Baking and I wanted to share
with you some of our favorite videos of the year. I’m gonna go first, mine was the 10 minute
berry tiramisu. One of the things I loved about this video
is that number the dessert tasted amazing, but the footage just looks beautiful, it was
the summertime, we had loads of lovely light coming in the windows, because we have windows
here in my kitchen where we film and we rely on that light coming in to light our set,
so I just really loved the look of this video. So the inspiration behind this recipe actually
came a long time ago, way before Bigger Bolder Baking, I actually made it when I worked as
a cook in a priest priory in Dublin, which you probably don’t know about, and I’ll tell
that story another day, but I used to cook for priests and I made this dessert for them,
and they freaked out and they absolutely loved it, and it always stuck with me so then with
I started the channel I thought I have to make this. You can tell that I really, really did like
this dessert because look at this, that’s my happy dance. I got a happy dance in there, a really good
one and you can tell afterwards, that I was actually really impressed by how it tasted,
so that’s all on camera, all for the first time. I can safely say that’s my favorite video. So a lot of you know Olivia, she’s my culinary
assistant and has been working with me for 2 years, she also creates her own recipes
for Bigger Bolder Baking, we’re gonna find out what her favorite recipe was. I was thinking about it, it’s really hard
because I’m a chocolate person, but I think, I think my favorite video of 2018 is the lemon
bars. Okay I love the way these looked, they’re
super bright yellow, you got that really nice layer of shortbread, and then there’s this
custard-y lemon in the middle, and then it’s topped off with a dusty snowing of powdered
sugar, oh! And Gem is wearing her tropical top probably
to match the lemon. I love when Gem wears yellow, it makes her
look super tan, the first step to making the lemon bars is to make the shortbread, the
shortbread is super easy to make, I remember it’s like lots of butter, flour, lots of powdered
sugar so it has that really nice crumbly texture, which everybody loves in shortbread crust. So that’s how it starts, and then you’re like
oh, is she making millionaire shortbread, what’s this gonna be? What’s gonna happen? And then she fills it with a lemony custard
mixture. Let’s talk about that. I remember when we made this thinking is it
gonna come out brown, is it gonna be risen up, and really crisp on top, it actually just
stays super, super fudgy, it’s odd for something that’s lemony but the texture is really I
don’t know how to describe it. Gem? How would you describe the texture? [Gemma:] It’s like a lemon custard. [Olivia:] It’s like a lemon custard! It’s like a lemon custard. Yes! Okay so up next is Ira, Ira is our super talented
cameraman and editor, and I’m really excited to see what he has to say as his favorite
because he’s always the one behind the scenes and I’m excited for him to get in front of
the camera. [Ira:] My favorite was definitely the best-ever
Blondie recipe. Oh yeah, here’s the melted butter, that’s
the real key, is to get the butter melted and to use really good butter. I probably made this 4-5 times at least, and
I think Gemma even got to try it. Yeah, we’re perfectionists, that’s what I
mean, we’re perfectionists and I think it really shows and we don’t really let any mistakes
through, everything is just to the highest quality. It really shows and I think the fans can see
it too. I really love brownies, I just love brownies. I love chewy brownies, and so I think the
blondies are a great twist on that, they have the same texture as the brownies, they have
that different flavor that you can’t really put your finger on but I guess it’s the brown
sugar and the white chocolate. So good. The way that we stacked them and put the ice
cream on top, and the caramel dripping on the side of it, it was beautiful and delicious. To shoot the show we use a mixture of Canon
DSLR cameras, some lights and some lenses. Our favorite lens is probably the 100mm macro,
because it lets us get really up with food and just get right in there. These blondies were definitely my favorite
recipe this year, next u we have Brian who is our content and community manager. [Brian:] Hi, so my favorite recipe of 2018
was 3-ingredient flatbread. For me, there were a lot of different reasons
why this was my favorite. One, I’ve made it multiple times, and it’s
very, very simple. Two, as content and community manager, this
was actually one of our most popular videos, so it was very nice to see the community’s
reaction, the fan reaction, all of that. All of our bold bakers out there were really
excited about this one, and really eager to tell us about what kind of history and connection
they had to different types of flatbread growing up. To me, that’s super important, because baking
is connected to history, and memories. It is for me and I think it is for a lot of
people around the world. All three of these ingredients are things
that I happen to have on hand at all times, I have two kids, my kids love eating yogurt. They do like eating flavored yogurt which
we don’t put into this, but we do have plain yogurt on hand most of the time. The first time I made these actually, my wife
was shooting a wedding, so I was at home with the kids, they helped me make it, and then
after cooking them off on the stove, we turned them into pizzas. We put some pizza sauce on it, some mozzarella,
kids like plain pizzas, and then we melted it all in the oven and then just made our
own personal pizzas with these. Luckily we didn’t use all of them so my wife
did get to try them the next day, we ate them with hummus, and everything was great. [Kevin:] Oh! I didn’t see you there. I’m Kevin Kurtz. You may know me from such videos as Bigger
Bolder Bacon and Gemma’s best-ever oatmeal cookies. I’m the producer of Bigger Bolder Baking,
Gemma’s husband, and I’m gonna share with you my favorite today which is Gemma’s best-ever
chocolate chip cookies recipe. So once of my favorite things from any of
our videos is the opening. When I used to shoot and edit the episodes,
I used to spend hours getting footage for every opening, making every single one unique,
really trying to pull you fans, you bold bakers, into the recipe, get you excited about what
you’re ultimately going to see, so Ira did such a great job with this one, really romancing
the chocolate chips, and all those beautiful cookies that you’re gonna see in this episode. So once of the things that I love about this
is that it was one of Gemma’s first best-ever recipes, and the reason why the chocolate
chip cookies are really special is because she talks about working as a pastry chef at
Spruce. Spruce is a Michelin star restaurant in San
Francisco, that is actually where I met Gemma. Well, in San Francisco, not the restaurant. But Gemma took me to the restaurant one time,
and we had an amazing dinner there, and I also got to try the best-ever chocolate chip
cookies there, that was a little bit of a sneak preview. So all of these tips that Gemma shares like
chilling your dough and the difference it makes in aging your dough, these are the things
that I really love that Gemma shares because she gives those insider tips that a lot of
bakers know, that a lot of pastry chefs know, and that not every baker knows, they’re simple
things that you can do to make awesome results. That’s one of my most favorite things, is
actually all the comments from you bold bakers, all of the photos that you all submit, and
just seeing you take Gemma’s recipe and go and actually make them, that’s really important
to us. That shot, of Gemma cracking open those cookies,
that is the real deal, that is the stuff, gooey in the middle, crispy on the outside. So I also want to give a shout-out to a few
out other members of the Bigger Bolder Baking team who work with us around the world, Gemma’s
mom Patricia in Ireland, and Didi, who both work with us on our social media team. [Gemma:] A big thank you for all of your support. 2018 was a great year, but do you know what? 2019 is gonna be even better. Happy holidays, and have a wonderful new year. Thanks everybody! LET’S GET BAKING! Nailed it! Great job guys!

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