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Welcome to fridge cam. If you eat food,
this is the show for you. In the fridge today… Does cheese give you nightmares?
We undertake a scientifically controlled experiment to find out. And a mystery recipe
with these ingredients. Let’s find out. But first… We put some of the oldest
food myths to the test. Myth one, microwaving food is unhealthy. Planned out a great experiment
to test this theory. Got two bowls of kale, a microwave,
some boiling water and this is a refractometer. We’re gonna boil some kale in both the microwave
and a pan of boiling water. We’re gonna see if the microwave kale still has
the same amount of density as the boiled. And therefore, whether it kills the nutrients in it or not.
This is the boiled in a pan kale. Is that scale going up? No that was just you dropping
green liquid onto it. Let’s just dip it straight in
and see what happens. There we go. What’s happening? It’s 6%.
– 6% brix. Have a look at that.
What does that say? 1 brix. That’s 1% brix. So the water that was coming out
of the kale from the microwave… Yeah? Has lost more.. has lost less
nutrients than the one that we boiled. Is this the bit where we go with Jamie’s science?
– Science. Yeah, science bit please
cause we’re struggling. A microwave emits radiation. Now, that sounds
big and scary but actually but the radiation it emits is about 1000 times weaker
than anything that can do any harm. That radiation moves energy and the and that
energy moves the molecules in the food around. Now, those molecules when they move create
heat and the heat is what heats up the food. Because a microwave is only moving the molecules around
it’s not destroying the nutrients anymore than boiling them. Infact cause it cooks quicker in a microwave
you could say it destroys fewer nutrients. Myth two. Keeping a silver spoon in an open bottle
of champagne will keep the fizz in for longer. Here’s what we’ve done.
Two bottles of champagne exactly the same. Opened exactly the same time last night.
One had a silver spoon put in it. Both put into the fridge at the same time, both taken out
of the fridge at the same time. And here they are. We’re gonna test are
they equally as fizzy? Exactly. We’re going to do that by pouring
both into separate glasses. We’re gonna count accurately the number
of bubbles that we can see. And then we’re going to taste
them and see what we think. That’s fairly even bubble-age. Yeah very bubbly. What we’re toasting to? The revelation of myths. Oh sorry. You do the toast and then round. I can’t tell the difference.
– I don’t know if there is a difference. What the hell do you think
you’re playing at? There’ve been lots of tests on this,
some more than this one. And they all failed. The fact is the bubbles get into
the liquid via pressurization. Once the cork has been popped the bubbles
gonna get out no matter what. Carbon dioxide is most soluble in cold liquid.
So keep it in the fridge for as long as possible. And the bubbles should remain there for a while
nd then they’ll escape. And then you’re screwed. Myth number three.
Do carrots help you see in the dark? This one is probably the most
scientific one so far. Three hours ago we put Jamie
through an eye test in the dark. It’s not quite pitch black. No but I can still see things.
– You can see me yeah? Yeah. – Right. Here’s your card.
– E…. A-C-Z-O-O-E-P-T-M-N-S. After courting his score we got Jamie to eat…
How many carrots? Six. – Six carrots. Now because of science we’ve given his
body some time to digest the carrots. And see if it makes any difference
to his eye sight. A-S-C-T-O-Z-F-E-L-N-M. You got two wrong again
on the bottom row. But it was so scientific. Carrots contain high levels of vitamin A
or retinol in comparison to other foods. The human body requires retinol
to synthesize rhodopsin. Which is a pigment in the eye which
allows you to see in lowlight conditions. So yes technically eating loads of carrots will
enable you to see better in lowlight conditions. However the eye requires light to operate so
it doesn’t matter how many carrots you eat. You’ll never be able to see in the dark. Ahhhhh. Myth four. Alcohol is all burnt
off during cooking. You can see what’s coming.
I bought this breathalyzer on the internet. For how much?
– For 12 pounds. Brilliant! James has cooked up a lovely stew.
Containing this amount of beer, this amount of wine and
this amount of perno. This is a pint of that stew. This is what we’re gonna do.
You’re gonna drink all of those. Great. Then we’re gonna breathalyze you and take your reading.
– Okay. Then we’ve cooked off all of that
alcohol supposedly in this stew. I’m gonna drink this pint and we’re gonna take my reading.
And we’re gonna compare the two. Do you even like beer? This is my first one. Under no circumstances does Sorted condone irresponsible drinking.
This is purely for scientific reasons. Cheers…. To hell! Ahh there’s the heartburn! Test my reactions, you watch I can drive.
One, two, three. You were 0.00 I was 0.02.
Let’s see if those figures have gone up. 0.07. It’s high it says.
How am I gonna get home? Right.
– Blow! Blow It again! You’ve gone down. Science.
– What does that mean? Alcohol burns at 78.5 degrees Celsius. We usually cook things at a bigger,
higher temperature than that. So you would expect the alcohol to get
burnt off when you cook. Right? Wrong! Alcohol actually evaporates if left
open at any temperature. It’s just when heat and time are applied
the more alcohol evaporates. So basically the hotter the temperature and
the longer the alcohol is left at that temperature. The less alcohol left in the end dish. Myth five. Eating cheese before
bed gives you nightmares. Studied by the British Cheese Board, I know.
Concluded that infact it doesn’t give you nightmares. But it does give you more
vivid and colorful dreams. What is weird is that different cheeses
give you different types of dreams. So stilton might give you weird and wacky dreams.
Whereas cheddar might give you people centric dreams like
dreaming of celebrities. And Red Leicester might give you nostalgic dreams. Believe all you want. But the science behind it is that
milk contains an amino acid called Tryptophan. Cheese is basically just concentrated milk.
Your body needs Tryptophan’s to produce serotonin. Which is a sleep inducing hormone. So cheese doesn’t give you nightmares,
but maybe it gives you more vivid dreams. So we gave different members of the Sorted Team
different cheeses to try. Last night we all ate them before bed and
you’re gonna see the results in the aftertaste. Speaking of cheese, let’s see what
Ben’s come up with in the kitchen. Right mate what have you got for us? I’ve written a recipe and I think that involves
as many of the myths as possible. We’ve got carrots,
we’ve got flat champagne. We’re gonna burn some of the alcohol off and
it’s got a lot of cheese. It’s a cheese soup. So it begins with a couple of shallots we’re gonna peel and finely dice. We’ve got a couple of carrots which we’re gonna peel and finely dice. And a couple of cloves of garlic which we’re going to peel…
– Peel and finely dice! Barry’s battered. He keeps on adding sound effects when you’re chopping garlic.
– Yeah listen. Water’s fun. Keep the dice nice and fine it will cook nice and quick.
Plenty of butter into a pan. Sweat it off with a lid. The liquid of our soup a glass
of flat champagne. Great use for it if you’ve got any left.
Some apple juice and some veg stock. Splash it into the pan with a little bit of paprika.
And bubble away for about 20 minutes. Are you confident that this is gonna work? Pretty easy.
– It’s a very simple soup. The only thing is whether there’s enough
cheese to give that the body we want. I haven’t got the body either. According to your notes it says Brie
broken melted and blitzed next. Yeah that’s pretty much it.
So most of the alcohol is bubbled off. We’ve chopped the brie cause
it’s oozy and that will be easier. It needs to melt and then we’ll blitz it through.
And season to taste. You definitely only need a very
small portion to pour it in. That is cholesterol. That is cheese soup. Little pinch of paprika and there we go.
Cheese soup sorted! Right let’s try this. That is rich. Ah I really like that. That’s not too cheesy for me. Now, we really like that obviously.
But all of our recipes of Sorted Food are tried and tested. Which means you do get more than one
round of applause when you’re cooking. So what we gonna do is pop up on Instagram
today of that cheese soup. And we want your comments.
How could we make it better, how could we improve it. How could we serve it
without something different? We want to know from you.
Comment down below and let us know. And we’ll take that back to the test kitchen and we’ll get it properly developed.
And then it’ll be up on the SortedFood.com as a recipe. You’re really good. Back to the fridge?
– Yeah back to the fridge. Well if you enjoyed that,
then give it a “like”. If you think so remember to leave a comment
cause we read everything. Lots of you want to know if Ben’s single so we’ll answer that one.
– Yeah, definitely. And also remember to “subscribe”.
Cause we will make you hungry. Yeah I think that fridge cam I’d like to have everything.
But that’s a bit farfetched. It sure did. It had topnotch
scientific discovery. It had what feels like my first ever beer. Yes.
– As I’ve been told. If you stay with us on the website then we’re about
to test the cheesy nightmare theory as a team. And you’ll be able to find our
results right now. So stay with us. And we’ll see you Wednesday
for some Halloween action. Spooky! I don’t wanna go to your Halloween
episode if you’re gonna be like that. Is that spooky? I don’t know why I said that. By the way guys,
does this now mean we’re scientists? Yes officially scientists. I feel like the scientist inside of me says
there’s something unfair about some of that testing. There were no controls.
And I just feel like… Can we not wait until the scientist
is back out of you? What is the scientists name that stays inside of me?
– You don’t know what I mean. I think I do know what you mean
and that’s why I’m worried. And there’s still one more science experiment to do.
Which is why last night we all took cheese home… Mhmm.
– And we’ve vlogged from our independent respective bedrooms. I made that very clear. You did make that very clear. This is how it went.

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  1. I'm definately making that cheese soup this week! I maaay add brocoli, because I like to try and covice myself that my food us healthy.

  2. It is generally believed the carrot / night vision half-truth myth was spread by the British during WWII to explain how they could see enemy fighter planes without giving away their new radar technology, which was actually how they could see approaching enemy planes so far off and at night.
    A good myth needs half an ounce of truth or fact to make it believable. Whether the Germans or Luftwaffe actually fell for it, I'm not sure.

  3. I'm surprised they didn't mention the idea that the carrot thing is said to come from WWII. The story goes that the Brits' machine gun innovation of being apart to shoot bullets between their planes' propellers. The Axis didn't know about this and the rumor started to form that it was a higher number of carrots in the diets of the British

    At least that's the story

  4. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/268793/keto-bacon-cheeseburger-soup/?internalSource=hub%20recipe&referringContentType=Search&clickId=cardslot%201

  5. make Cheese soup better:
    1) deep frying
    2) Croutons
    3) Bacon
    4) deep fried bacon Croutons
    5) fancy Maiden Dress
    6) Boobies
    7) Boobies in a fancy Maiden Dress
    8) some more Hottnes like Chili Flakes
    9) truffles oil
    10) freshly chopped chives
    11) roasted garlic baguette
    12) a Spam Sandwich

    … i think that is enough before it gets ridiculous.

  6. I'm so confused by myth 4. Are they saying that it does burn off or not? Their explanation seem to contradict what the idiot badge is saying.

  7. I think the only thing this crack team is missing is a Cheeky Canadian who just happens to live in London who could do.. stuff and things for the show. I'm very multi-skilled. And tall. I could be Ben's personal high shelf reacher. Think about it… For reals, save me from my job. I'm a trained actor so obviously I have experience in the restaurant biz 😉

  8. I really do love your videos but the microwave thing is wrong. Unfortunately the problem with microwaves is that they change your blood. Leukocytosis which is what the microwave does to your blood can cause signs of poisoning and cell damage. I should say that it’s the foods cooked in the microwave being eaten that does this to your blood. So while testing the veggies to see that they haven’t lost nutrients is great and all you are not going deep enough. The microwave is dangerous and it is well known. However much like sugar and cigarettes in the past they make a lot of money so it is preferred that people don’t know this fact. I heat all my food in the oven or using a pot or pan. It takes slightly longer but it’s less dangerous for our health and it gets you in the kitchen using it more. We eat more fresh meals than anyone I have ever met plus we are on an extremely tight budget and fresh foods actually end up costing less in the end.

  9. Just realised that the background music on Barry's champagne explanation is the naked attraction "facts" music. Go figure 😀

  10. Just realised that the background music on Barry's champagne explanation is the naked attraction "facts" music. Go figure 😀

  11. Any good Substitute for flat champagne? Can't See myself buying a whole bottle Just to Put one flat Glass of it in the soup.

  12. Interesting tidbit for the Carrots part but i recall that the myth was actually a propaganda campaign created by the Allied forces during WWII as, at the time, Night vision technology was not know to have existed…
    BUT it did. And the Allies, wanting to keep it a secret, created the myth that they fed their troops Carrots because they were rich in Vitamins that were good for your eyes. This would allow them to "See" in the dark.
    The reality however was that they were using this new night vision technology, which the Axis didn't possess at the time.

  13. If you boil any vegetable you should keep the water for stock for Soups and stews and such. Many of the vitamins are boiled off in the cooking and you can reclaim these in a soup.

  14. 1:33 Wut? 1000 times less than what's harmful? Two things here. One, it's harmful if it can cook you. Stick your head in the microwave oven and turn it on and then tell me it's not harmful… Two, it's electromagnetic radiation and not ionizing radiation like radioactive material gives off. They are completely different things. It about like being baked by the sun or shot with a gun.
    My understanding about safety and microwave ovens had to do with time. The time food spends at high temp in a microwave oven isn't necessarily long enough to kill bacteria like it does with normal cooking methods…

  15. "A glass of flat Champagne. Great use for it if you have any left." Who has leftover Champagne? Does this ever happen? Who are these people who have leftover Champagne?!?

  16. Needed more cheese. a sprinkle of red cheddar would have given it a nice color pallet as well as some additional cheese flavor.

  17. There's radiation (microwaves and just stretched out light,) and ionizing radiation which you get from nuclear particles. 
    Radiation ranges from warm and harmless to Ahhh, my eyes! to Is that steak done yet?
    Ionizing radiation ranges from_you're likely going to live_ to We're going to sell twice as many hats. to He's dead, Jim…

  18. British cheese board?
    They made their name a joke? It loses humour every single time it is used.
    Jokes should be said and then forgotten rather than being in all the signs and stationary.
    It's like the headline "BA profits soar". How is that better?

  19. Oh boy. There is so much wrong with with this. Microwaves do not have 1/1000 the energy of radiation you find in a nuclear power station. Microwaves operate at GHz while gamma rays are 10^19Hz, so it 1/10000000000 the energy of each photon. Microwaves are non-ionising, whereas gamma rays are ionising.

    Alcohol does not burn at 78.5C if it did it would make a terrible fuel for racing engines, ethanol burns at 1900C. Pure ethanol boils at 78.5C, but you can'#t produce that by distillation, 96% solution of ethanol and water boils at 78.2C because it forms an azeotrope.The ethanol will boil off preferentially, but always with steam which is why you can't produce pure ethanol by distillation, the best you can get to is 96%.

  20. Drunk Barry.. Haven't had it in a while. Classic! The people at the back, is that a new concept? Probably not relevant cause I'm commenting 3 years later. James looked like a pimp with the 3 ladies in his arm. British Cheese Board.. James understands it. Oh and Hi Ben! wink

  21. carrots actually help with eye sight tho as you grow old it helps keep your eyes nice and moist throughout your life.

  22. @SORTEDfood
    Might I suggest you read a book called "What Einstein Told His Cook" by Robert L. Wolke. All the food science questions you have are answered. Here are a couple instances where you're close, but not quite there with the analysis.

    Microwaves do use radiation in the form of microwaves, but it’s not radioactive as we think of it because it’s not ionizing radiation. It’s similar to, but much more powerful, than the microwaves emitted by cell phones in fact. They make water molecules, which are polar, vibrate (almost 2 1/2 million times a second) which in turn increases the overall speed of the molecules via random collisions – faster molecular movement equals higher temperature.

    Also, the champagne with the spoon in it should actually have slightly less overall carbonation because it exposes more area for “nucleation sites” which is where bubbles form. Given the extra surface area, the spoon bottle will be very slightly less carbonated.


    you heat a mixture. THAT MATTERS. water cooks at 100° and ofc evaporates too (bc gas equilibrium örks)
    if you mix alcohol and pure water, the temperature thats needed to evaporate the mix goes higher.

    and you put it in a dish with gravy, that means it mixes with water, fat and proteins which it can bind to and also can be absorbed into, which means the temperature to evaporate it GOES UP HIGHER THAN 100°C
    after 2 hours, a dish with alcohol WILL STILL CONTAIN ALCOHOL:. to get it fully out you'd need to cook itt FOR DAYS

    I love, you, but Boiling-point elevation is a thing

    and I am in pain now

  24. also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colligative_properties

    pure ethanol has decidedly different properties than some ethanol mixed in motherfucing gravy mates

  25. I read in a book that eating a lot of carrots would make your breast grow bigger. Ate more than I should, but nope, they didn´t grow. The things you believe when you´re a child…

  26. Carrots don't improve eyesight, but they maintain eye health. The origin of the story goes back to WW2 where the MoD wanted the enemy to believe it was locally grown carrots making them mad accurate rather than the newly invented RADAR. Carrots are good for you though, so keep them in your diet.

    Back in the 90's/80's Vitamin A supplements were quite popular and various other supplements often included Vitamin A too. Later it was discovered that supplemental Vitamin A was a cancer risk and overnight all such supplements lost their Vitamin A. Carrots and other organic sources of Vitamin A are safe, although…

    You can eat enough carrots to temporarily affect the colour of your skin, making it more yellow or orange than normal. It will return to normal if you stop eating kilograms of carrots every day.

  27. if you seal your fizzies, the pressure will go up as the gas escapes. so sealing it in a small container, with the smallest amount of air space to pressurize, will maximize preserved fizz. Alternatively you can use as sodastream, or other compressed co2 nozzle, to re carbonate any liquid, from flat wine, to milk.

    The carrots make your eyesight better myth was invented intentionally by the allies in WW2 because spotters were replaced with radar, and they didn't want the axis to know they hadn't just all got a lot better at spotting all of a sudden.

  28. Carrots and seeing in the dark was a myth invented by the British government to keep the secret that pilots were using interceptor radar to find German planes.

  29. That is not how alcohol works. You did that test wrong. You should have had the same person do it, or two people of the same body weight do it.

  30. Carrots never improved vision above its normal level. It was a double whammy during WW2. First the government wanted the people to eat more veg and second, the "Ministry of Information" put about the notion that pilots were shooting down German planes at night because they ate carrots (Not because of the new RADAR system).

    Vitamin A can reverse some vision issues in people who are deficient. If you have enough Vitamin A in your diet it will not improve your vision beyond what your healthy eye could achieve before.

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin, which means your body can't make it. Your body can make some fatty acids, some amino acids and various other bits and bobs. This is why you see supplements providing "essential fatty acids" and "essential amino acids". Vitamins are the same. Because it's essential, Vitamin A deficiency is serious.

    It's also important to remember that Vitamin A is quite toxic if you have too much. This is part of the reason Beta-Carotene was removed from many supplements back in the 90's.

  31. I do believe that this is the 1000th comment. Fun fact about the carrot myth. It was a ploy by the RAF to prevent the Axis powers from finding out that they had airborne interception radar, which at the time was a huge deal. It perpetuated the idea that carrots improved vision.

  32. *not actual energy, lmao! Thank you for that, I was just about to ask what kind of camera u guys used to film all that energy.

  33. I like to use my brie cheese with pancetta, portobello mushrooms, shallot, garlic ; all these ingredients into a bechamel sauce over angel hair.😮

  34. The carrot myth was a lie to explain British pilots ability to strike at night and to cover that they had on-board radars.

  35. Who else noticed while mike was throwing potatoes at Barry, James was in the background with three ladies surrounding him, lollll

  36. the carrot myth was a WW1 fraud of the UK air force so the Nazi intelligence won't suspect the inventions of the radar (fabricated a reason why they can shot at night) it is the history books (funny to read about it in 10th grade but for sure not a myth)

  37. I'm a medical technologist and we usually use refractometers on urine. So seeing you guys use it on food is really weird for me 🤣

  38. Confuse your friends. instead of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich – serve them cheese soup and bruschetta (toasted tomato sandwich). 🙂

  39. You guys read everything huh?

    If that's the case I demand Barry makes sounds effect for every prep scene in every future video. 😂

  40. The carrot myth actually came from British propaganda in WW2. The had a secret radar technology developed that helped them target nazi planes during night raids, it was so effective they had to leak that fake information to try and prevent nazis from discovering and counteracting it

  41. Carrots contain no retinol. They contain beta carotene which is a precursor to retinol.
    Stick to cooking boys. And drinking. I want more drunk Sorted.

  42. Also carrots are known to give better eyesights because during WW2 when the British developed radar they didn't want the Germans to know how they knew their planes were coming so they said that they fed their soldiers lots of carrots.

  43. If tryptophan gave you nightmares, Thanksgiving in the USA would be the most dreaded holiday of the year. All that tryptophan laced turkey.

  44. I am allergic to alcohol. I learned when the allergy hit (developed it after brain surgery which apparently is not uncommon because it changes the chemical balance in the brain) that the booze being cooked with does not always burn away. I am to be extra careful since my allergy is not a happy one. Causes flue like symptoms and breathing issues and that is only with kissing someone who drank wine. I cannot risk eating it. So I was warned do not eat anything made with it even if I was told it was burnt off because it does not always get burnt off. If you have an allergy to booze do not trust that booze will burn off with cooking, most of it will but not all of it does.

  45. The carrot night vision myth was popularized by the RAF as an explanation for why they were so good at shooting down Luftwaffe planes at night, in order to keep the existence of in-plane radar a secret.

  46. With some of these "um, well a hollistic doctorrr that worked for nasa for thirty years told mee that-" and then I asked myself why I'm here.

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