5 Harmful Food That Is Marketed as Healthy

Are you health-conscious?
Do you always favor food that is known or marketed as healthy?
You enjoy eating them with ease as you do not suspect there are harmful ingredients
in it. We are going to show you 5 healthy food that
you will never believe they are in fact detrimental to your overall health. Yogurt is known for having tons of health
benefits. It has lots of nutrients and living cultures
that aid our bodies. However, as yogurt has pretty much been commercialized
over the years, they now contain excessive sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial
flavoring, food dyes, preservatives and so on.
You can imagine the countless list of harmful materials that are packed into a small tub
of yogurt. The live and active cultures would be gone
by the time the manufacturers heat them for longer shelf life.
So unless you make your own yogurt at home, if not you are better off not having them! Nutritional bars seem like the perfect food
for the health-conscious group or the super busy souls who don’t have time for a balanced
diet. They are perceived as a health food that helps
us to lose weight. Nutritional bars are tasty, convenient and
take less than 5 minutes to eat. You get all the necessary vitamins and minerals
which is packed in just a small little bar. However, things don’t always look perfect.
Nutritional bars are loaded with tonnes of sugars, additives and preservatives that can
cause serious health issues. You could unknowingly gain weight from consuming
them frequently due to the high-calorie content and the presence of saturated fats.
Next time, think twice about popping another nutritional bar into your mouth as you are
actually better off skipping a meal once in a while. Most of us love butter.
It is so delicious and flavourful. However, when that pat of butter melts in
our mouth, we feel guilty and we begin to look for alternatives.
We replace our butter with margarine knowing that it is made from vegetable oils.
Margarine is a highly-processed food that has gone through many different stages of
manufacturing. It is high in trans fat which increases bad
cholesterol in our body. This will lead to inflammation and increases
the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Margarine contains artificial flavoring and
coloring to make it tasty and appealing. No one will buy if they are tasteless and
dull in color. Preservatives are also added to margarine
to increase the product’s shelf life. Nothing in the tub of margarine is natural.
It is still advisable to choose butter as a healthier option, as long as you take it
in moderation. You would probably have heard that white bread
is bad for you so you turn to wheat bread. There are often strong recommendations to
consume wheat bread from the press and even the dietician.
It seems like an ideal replacement and an obviously healthier alternative to white bread.
But do you know that wheat bread is not any better than white bread?
It is high in carbohydrates and causes your blood sugar to spike.
This ultimately leads to obesity, Manufacturers add high fructose corn syrup
instead of natural sweeteners as a cheaper alternative.
The regular consumption of high fructose corn syrup often leads to fatty liver, diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases and probably even certain types of cancer.
Like many other harmful foods, additives and preservatives are also added into wheat bread
to enhance the flavor and to prolong the shelf life.
Unless you are making your own bread at home, you are better off not eating bread at all. Most of us choose fruit juice as a healthy
alternative to other drinks. You can easily buy them from supermarkets
and convenient stores. However, commercial fruit juice is not as
healthy as it seems. It is only packed with some insignificant
amount of vitamins and minerals. Commercial fruit juices come with a high quantity
of fructose and you wouldn’t believe that the sugar content in them could sometimes
be more than some soft drinks. The ill-effects of extra sugar not only make
you obese but will also lead to type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.
Commercial fruit juice is stuffed with preservatives to prolong the shelf life.
Flavorings are also added to make it more palatable.
It is always better to eat the actual fruit than to drink commercial fruit juice.
Remember, it is not worth sacrificing health for convenience. Thank you for watching the video.
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