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here I’ve come up with another amazing challenge and this time its MOMOS CHALLENGE If you enjoyed the video hit LIKE and the rules to this Momos challenge are 1 mins time is given to eat momos…its up to you how much you can eat.. and the one who eat the most will be the winner and the challenging part in this…Momos will be serve hot and you’ve to eat them so lets get started so first let’s do this challenge with Anantya I am so excited as I love Momos so you’ve to eat momos in 1 mins so she has eaten 6 Momos in one minute now Bharti took this challenge ok will see how many momos you’ll eat and her time starts now

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  2. yaqeen karo khate to ham bhi hein magar allah ka shukar adaa karte hein ke us ne humeinkhane ko diya lekin dikha dikha kar nahin khate because nazar lag jati hai

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