A cooking channel! | Youtuber’s Life (Part 1)

Hey guys! So I’m finally uploading a video that’s not related to Roblox So we’re playing (Yea….) Youtubers life I’ll show you my saves. This is my (umm) gaming channel and this my music channel, so I haven’t done a cooking channel yet and I thought, “oh, wow, I haven’t recorded anything but Roblox is so you know, and it’s like the only good game I have” so yeah, let’s get a new game (It’s make a new save…) I’m not gonna skip this cutscene for the people who hasn’t seen Youtuber’s life yet. I Finally made it (I became a youtuber) Im the most popular Utuber Cooking, that’s gonna be me the cooking guy. I manage my own network It’s been a long hard trip (But I finally made it and it’s my story) This is my story. Wow We’re going in the computer guys, oh Okay I’m gonna make it a boy since For the same. Okay. No discrimination here, but Chefs are like, you know the fake dude I just : He should have a beard also here the merciful game. Yeah this kind of beard green beard on look weird Here this also change the hair to a scholar yeah much better Oh my This way too loud my lord Um wait So loud turn it down a bit he don’t need a hat he can use This one’s the most chefs looking yeah Let’s use this one the formal it’s gonna be formal wear since you know is chef Your like this You don’t you don’t need glasses awesome Here like this and then yeah, no losses then next Okay, I’ve done Party animal and I think I have done sociable also, so I’m gonna do a superstar cooking cook the name’s gonna be John Doe Me cook sleep already thought of this game before like the video started ready Youtubers life I Started making my first videos in this room I had just moved in with my mom and I did not have a lot of friends around here Let’s take a look at the first things I learned before before becoming the number one your children Okay, I already know this Wait to be get out. Yeah, okay Those days, I went along with my could cook along cooking cooking. It’s not like gaming anymore I’m using Great in unity. Okay, okay Hmm Meat lovers, I don’t want to be vegan Diploid and black pepper To be honest and I a picky eater don’t judge So I’m just gonna because so I don’t know like that not about food. She’s gonna put like Beef With black pepper. Yeah, I think that’s what they put black pepper Now that I had a recipe on your children, they were great excited make a new video with your recipes also ages All right. Oh This cooking tips since that’s me Mom’s microwave. Yeah, okay, it’s great. Oh Yeah, I already did this The resolution no filter on the directional they’re great. Oh No one okay with what oh Yeah, I know these these are like If you like do this then it multiplies the amount like two times two four If you do this, then let’s do so both of you Circle it before Yeah good at my maths Yay Jamie mixes good saber, um Does a smart idea was me Okay Page a video by driving like that same job and you can try for me Okay so yeah, what you got to do here is like we got a do this and that so We have to do this. I think just because of the quality Okay Okay, wait that’s useless actually don’t do that These are your scores for the bacteria Oh chop toilet rose nice I Saw that at night by the time it takes up to upload a video to the channel But it’s only this watching your video your views subscribers and money and you guys excited nice And it doesn’t oh, yeah, I notice you have to study also so your mother’s and take away your computer Wait, oh it glitched for a second By the way, I’m using bandicam so I can only use them. Yeah, I only have twenty ten minutes. Oh Yeah, and I’ll soon be recording minecraft since cats. What’s trending right now? I could always check if I was ready for my dresser Oh, yeah, you know that Mmm-hmm this will PCT shop. I’m Greek and my busy Making up easy. Oh, it’s different dock tender and easy open source, but new ones are not the same for us know that Once a day by market shelf. Oh These are the ingredients I have enough for any cooking gadgets Start a knife But ones cheaper which ones better I just gotta look some mouth Already over. Oh, yeah Okay, we did it now I have only two minutes left great great great. Okay, so For the last two minutes of this video, I’ll explain What you oh, yeah the mixing bowl. So if you buy stuff on the online PC If you oh, yeah, I’ll just if you already know youtubers life, you can click off this video But if you don’t know and just click on this video right on me, I’m gonna teach you Okay, so if you do like this, um, you can eat so you won’t starve to death or something. I’m kidding you can’t die I think So yeah, if this is like very low like here then you can eat But Some of this doesn’t really apply to the next house And yeah okay, see that that’s how he eats and Also, you can click on the bed If like this is also very low then you can sleep which I’m about to do right now So, yeah also, um, this is the the amount of viewers, I guess that’s pretty obvious by now Yeah, there’s no moderate comment since this like only just needed to tour yellow it finished So if you click sure it’s all it will show you like the amount of money earned I didn’t get money since I just started and yeah Pretty nice, that’s great Yeah. Oh, yeah, you need to target moderator. So Elucidation. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I remember that too. And you also have to study Sawyer Because there’s like a test Upcoming and if you feel the test your mom will ground you for like two days something And yeah So I’m studying right now. Oh, yeah, if you study it will also bring this down Oh my gosh, there’s only 45 seconds left. Okay, I have to add the video ready. Okay guys Yeah, that’s about it So if you enjoyed the video in the tutorial for youtubers life Smash like sorry stoltski stole from peter. Bye Okay Please hit that subscribe button and hit the like button too and I can’t think of an outro delay see And yeah, thanks for us. Thanks so much for watching this video Yeah, goodbye

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