Advice for New Kitchen Manager or Restaurant Supervisor

I got an email
last week asking, “what advice can you offer
me as a new kitchen manager or a new
restaurant supervisor?” Three simple tips
coming up right now. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin –
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and And I’m so excited to bring you
another great training video. This one is
specifically for restaurant
supervisors. Even if you’re a restaurant owner
and you’re still acting as a manager, new kitchen manager,
chefs, anyone who’s in a leadership
role in a restaurant. I’ve got three simple tips that
I want to bring to you. And I’m doing this video because
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these on, they’re awesome. So, let’s talk about restaurant supervisors,
let’s talk about chefs, leaders. Whatever role you’re in,
if you’re in a leadership role, here are my three biggest
tips that I would give out to people, and I’ve got them written
down there just so I don’t forget. The first tip
is standards. And when we talk
about standards, of course, it’s important to have
high standards and to maintain those standards,
but I often find that when new leaders or
new managers or whenever we’re in kind of a leadership
role and we’re not feeling 100% confident, in order to make
friends with people, in order to earn their respect,
we lower our standards. If they do something that’s
not right, we say, “well, that’s okay, or don’t worry about it,
or you’ll do better next time.” That is not how
you earn respect. You may think
that is, you may think you’re earning a friend,
but that is not how you earn respect. We respect people
with high standards. So, number 1) keep
your standards high. If anything, raise your standards
from anything before you. Now, what’s important
about standards is that you are strict
without being mean. Let me say
that again. It is important that you are
strict without being mean. If you are mean,
people will not respect you. Tip number 2 is
stay organized. Be organized.
If you are not organized, you cannot manage
and lead a team, especially if you’re in a position where
you are not the owner of the business. If you are the owner, you should be organized,
but especially if you’re not. The owner is putting
you in this position so you can relieve stress from them,
so you can do things for them. If you cannot
stay organized, you are not a value to your organization
or to your owner or to your team. So you must be organized.
Write things down. Don’t rely on
your memory. There’s tons of books and tips
out there on how to get organized, but you know right now
if you’re organized or not. And if you are
not organized and on top of things you are not
fulfilling your role as a leader and a manager. And then my third
tip is completion. Maybe we call it the
ability to complete, completion of projects,
whatever you want to call it, but again, you’re put in this
management and leadership role because someone is expecting you
to be able to see something through from A to B. If you’re
assigned a project to fix a menu or to come up with
some new items within a week, you have to be able to complete
that project properly and on-time. If not, what are
they paying you for? And I know some of
this sounds obvious, but I cannot tell you how
important this is. Sometimes we
think as chefs, “ well, we’re such a good chef that it doesn’t
matter about all this other stuff.” At the end of the day, sure,
being a great chef is important, being friendly
with your customers, being a good manager with customer
service in mind is important, but the end of the day,
you’re getting paid to maintain standards, to maintain organization,
and to complete projects. If you can’t
do those three, you’re not bringing
value to your bosses, you’re not bringing
value to your co-workers, you’re not bringing
value to your organization, and that’s ultimately what we
get paid for – bringing value to the table. I hope you enjoyed
this week’s video. Go check out the
Guardian Drain Lock. There’ll be a link
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19 thoughts on “Advice for New Kitchen Manager or Restaurant Supervisor

  1. I love your videos. I always learn something of value. This one inpaticular really put things in perspective for me.

    Thanks so much Ryan for making these videos. They are very helpful and understandable . I always go to your channel for every restaurant question I have first . I feel confident that your information and teachings that you give FREELY prove to work and your just amazing!! And I'm grateful for all your dedication and hard/love work that you have put into all of these videos. How do you balance or finds the time for all you do? And run restaurants? Your a very smart man Ryan ! THANK YOU!

  2. Hey Ryan. How's everything..??
    Good Topic to have today. And just to add up., to your video that the points you discussed can be supportive and encouraging to all the sections in a Restaurant business to be 100% in guest expectations.

  3. Yet Another great video Ryan! You are a great teacher and Guardian Drain Lock is Happy to have your Endorsement! Keep up the great work!

  4. Really good Video as always Ryan !! I'm working on my leadership skills so this kind of content keeps me motivated … keep it up!

  5. Thank you for this advice. I've been in the restaurant industry for just 3 years and managed to become a Restaurant Supervisor with the opportunity to step up if I do well.
    I am an experienced and knowledgeable waitress yes , but I feel like I need more polishing to be the best supervisor I can be.
    These tips are great to start polishing myself without getting overwhelmed.
    3 steps to get good at.

  6. I am amazed at how there is so much talk about attention to detail, yet there are so many typoes <—-that one is intentional, all over your website! I do enjoy your videos.

  7. I am kitchen manager at a small diner. I am having issue with my cooks doing things their own way, they have been trained, I've made up daily folders for each cook with our recipes and procedures, yet they still continue. I am a female manager and my cooks are all men, and i'm getting so frustrated. I have physically shown them the proper way numerous times. what do I do we live in a small town and finding cooks is not easy. They are good cooks I just need to know how to get them to listen to me and respect me.

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