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Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Manek Chowk is the most popular spot for night food market in Ahmedabad. If you’ve missed the Manek Chowk episode,… ….you will find the link of that episode in the description of this video. Here I’ve noticed that from 8 pm to 12 am or 1 am…. …you will get to eat street food at different places being sold either on a hand cart or a kiosk. I began this food journey with fries-on stick. There is a huge food court operating in front of the Rajpath Club on the S.G. Highway. Let us go inside and find out what all is available. I can see a number of food joints here. This Balan Dosa is the same that I saw at Manek Chowk. Shiva’s, Girish cold drinks, Jassuben Pizza, Mexican food and…. ….many more stalls. The best part is there is seating space in the middle here. One can sit and enjoy the food comfortably. And the ambience of this place is quite peaceful. Especially when compared to that of Manek Chowk. What is this Golden Spiral? Golden Spiral is actually fries on a stick. In this, we slice a potato into a spiral shape. Then it is marinated and deep fried. After it is fried, we sprinkle it with a spice and herb mixture. After that, we garnish it with one of the 20 choices of sauces. We ask the customer’s choice of spices and sauces and then serve it. Nice! So, give me one Golden Spiral. Sure! I really liked the style quotient of this snack. I asked for two sauces to be poured over it – cheese chilly and mint mayonnaise. I will have to break it like this and eat. Look at its close-up. Look at the cheese! The Peri-Peri masala sprinkled over the fries is hot. And there is chili in the cheese sauce too. Since I love eating chili in my food, I am not feeling it to be too hot but if you…. ….like moderate chili in your food…. …these fries may be too hot for you. Great! These fries are spicy and tasty both! The real magic in these fries is because of the Peri-Peri masala. The marinade on the potatoes is tasty too but the Peri-Peri masala rocks! It is the best! A little hot, a little tangy! And eating the potato on a stick like this! To sum up, the potato fries are delicious to eat! Along with that, the sauces on this potato – in pudina (mint) flavor – is also great in taste. As I hold the potato in my hand, one cannot recognize immediately, unless you tell somebody….. ….what it exactly is! Difficult to pinpoint! The weather right now is pleasant! Enjoying food here is fun as well! Let us go and watch how the Khichcha Papad (poppadum) is being made. The fried papad is topped with butter and garnished with chopped veggies like onion, cabbage, tomatoes,…. ….capsicum, carrot along with lime juice and masala. Khichcha papad is made from rice. People living in Gujarat & Rajasthan like this snack a lot. Especially as a combination with khichdi. I am noticing that as the time passes….. ….people continue to pour in and despite today being a weekday….. ….60-70% of the tables are occupied here. Although, it is tasty to eat…. …..it is crispy, as a papad should be…. …..but I can say that this is a not a standalone dish. I am eating it on its own because I want to experience the taste….. ….but it can be best enjoyed only with khichdi. Piping hot khichdi with Khichcha papad – for an amazing combination!!! Good! All these vegetables to garnish the papad…. …and the green chutney with that is tasting good! While eating this papad, I have a feeling that its taste has been enhanced…. ….because of the masala sprinkled over it. This masala is tangy! Let me taste a bit! Brother! Can I taste a bit of that masala? Yes! Give me a little bit! Thank You! It is proper tangy! But delicious! I mean my whole senses are awakened after tasting this masala. And I enjoyed its taste! While eating the papad, I could only taste a little bit of this masala in each bite…. ….that really provides a great flavor to each bite. Good! The masala is also nice and this Khichcha papad, I’ve already said, is a good snack! Let us go to the next stall to eat a sizzler! I’ve already placed an order for myself. It must be quite strange to see a sizzler among the Ahmedabad street food! By the way, it is after a gap of 8-10 years that I’m eating a sizzler. The last time I had a sizzler was at Kobe Sizzler in Mumbai. It may be even more than 10 years since then. Since then, it is today that I’m eating a sizzler again. Let me tell you all that is in here. One of the bottom layers is that of Mexican rice. Another bottom layer is that of exotic vegetables! The top layer is that of paneer (cottage cheese) cooked in white cheese sauce. Then there is garlic bread, again, with lot of cheese! With that, nachos! So far, I’ve only been trying to understand the Indian rice varieties…. ….which is a huge subject in itself and the Mexican rice, I will have to understand later. For now, let us dig in! I am enjoying the taste of these exotic vegetables! It has green capsicum, as well as red and yellow ones, zucchini, all are tasting good in this dish. I have no previous benchmark to compare this taste to. But overall, I will say I am enjoying this dish. This dish is quite rich, so I am not going to eat anything more after this. I’ve been eating slowly for the past 15-20 minutes….. …and I’ve reached here. I will take another 10 or so minutes to finish this dish. I can say I’ve enjoyed it. Since I’m eating it after so many years, I will have to learn what this Mexican food is all about! One thing I’ve noticed is that the rice was cooked in a tomato-based gravy! I liked the rice as well as these vegetables. The taste of the white sauce with paneer was just ok. The other two portions tasted better. The people of Ahmedabad are crazy about night food. If you feel like eating something even at midnight…. ….you will get anything, you just need to know the right place to go to. In the Gujarat University area, I can see 25-30 food trucks and hand carts right now. On its backside, on the H.L. Road, there are 10-15 more hand carts around. It is hard to decide what to eat, because there is maggi, pasta, Mexican, Chinese, and lots more. I feel like eating frankie here! So many frankie options at a kiosk! Anyways, I am ordering one paneer-schezwan frankie for myself. This one! This whole area has lots of stalls selling maggi, pasta and frankie. Frankly, I didn’t come here with very high expectations. But I still like this taste. The masala sprinkled over the filling is good! Second, the filling made with vegetables and mayonnaise….. ….that is quite loose. I mean to say, a lot of mayonnaise has been added to the filling. So, that has a good taste! Schezwan is also nice! Plus this outer layer of roti…. ….is very soft. So, it is tasty to eat too! It should be more hot in taste, but it isn’t. From what I’ve understood about the food culture of Ahmedabad, everyone loves to eat out over weekends. Since today is weekday, this gentleman here is a bit free and there are just two customers here. But if it were Saturday or Sunday, there would have been a long line of customers and a long waiting period too. Anyways, this filling is great! I’m enjoying it very well. The paneer is also tasty! If you will look closely, you’ll see paneer and capsicum. I am satisfied with the taste. For the past few days, I was constantly searching for the old and original shop selling the famous….. …Jasuben Pizza. Now I know, they have two outlets – one each in Law Garden and Ambavadi areas. This is a small and cute pizza with loads of cheese on it. The pizza base is crispy at the ultimate level. And even though, I don’t prefer to eat too much of cheese, but I am enjoying this cheese here because…. ….the tomato curry or gravy spread over the pizza base…. ….is giving a great flavor along with the cheese. This I’ve deduced from my first bite itself. I am going to enjoy this like anything. Super! Let me show you, for once, the crispy base below this pizza. This base is made with a mix of wheat flour and maida (refined flour). They had another option available, wherein they put melted cheese on top of the pizza. But I have to eat something else tonight, otherwise, I would have ordered another pizza for myself. The main qualities of this pizza are homely taste, enjoyable, small in size! It is 12.15 am. We are going to a place on SG Highway in the South Bopal area. By the way, SG Highway is a popular area of Ahmedabad….. ….famous for lot of street food in the night. It seems like we reached here quite late, this whole place is closed now. Maybe next time when I come to Ahmedabad…. When we reached Urban Chowk, the stalls were closed there as well. Right now, we’ve come to this place opposite the Karnavati Club…. …where usually 10-15 food trucks operate at night…. …but almost all are closed now. So, today, the night time food journey is disappointing as far as time management is concerned. Anyways, one thing I want to try more. Let me see what best I can do at this time. It is one in the night. A lot of viewers had sent in their comments, asking us to go to Sumesh Ice Gola kiosk in Judges Colony. It was closed when we reached there. So, someone suggested that we should come here for an ice gola (Ice lolly). So, phalsa flavor! Ice gola! It is ok! I feel I should have tried another flavor but…. …this is also fine! This ice gola reminds me of the Indore Sarafa market. The ice gola that I ate there, it cost me Rs. 200, but it was loaded with ingredients. It took almost five persons to finish that. But this one is also very fine. It is after ages that I am eating phalsa as a flavor in food. And I don’t even remember when I last had phalsa as a fruit. The best part is dip it like this and…. It tastes great! While eating this gola, my whole mouth is frozen inside. Anyways,… ….our food journey ends here. If you have some experiences related to Ahmedabad food, do share with us in your comments. As always, I shall wait for your comments. That is it! Good night! Thanks for your time!

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