Salut! Hey, what’s up? It’s Alex. Today we are making onion soup due to popular demand. We’re gonna put myself to the test Oh, no! The perfect classic omelet Let’s just, you know, break down science Those bacteria are, more or less, performing the same action as these Well, you know, fat and water don’t mix get a relationship between the diameter of the pan and the number of eggs OK Ahhhh Welcome to New York Every time I’m in London the weather is sh… Northern Ireland I’m in beautiful Istanbul today I’m gonna show you how to make Fantastic French wine at home Huh I’m French, after all, I need to complain about something Heh, heh This is just for drama purposes I could basically drink that Oh la la mmm Ohh wow I want to do all those improvements while maintaining the integrity of the dish. Otherwise it’s not fun Waah Mm I’m not upset, it’s called the passion

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