Ali’s Baba Ghanoush

[music playing] Babaganoush is an appetizer. Comfort food. It’s made like
hummus, except instead of the ingredient of chickpeas,
it’s made with eggplant. We eat it sometimes
with a fried vegetable, like cauliflower, french fries. And here, our eggplant. Peel them underneath
cold water, or you could wear these thick gloves. [chuckling] Take some garlic. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You can never go wrong
with extra garlic. We’ll puree pieces of eggplant
that didn’t cook fully. We paid for the
entire eggplant, so we have to use the whole eggplant. In a Lebanese menu, we have
something they call meze. It could be up to about 150, 200
different kinds of appetizers. And you just pick and eat. And those parties, they last,
like, four or five hours. And you keep munching
and munching. And you take a break, eat again. Look how beautiful
this eggplant, look. You can mix it with your hand. Mm. Now we’re making
one of the plates. Instead of ketchup,
we use babaganoush. And it tastes really,
really, really good. I eat everything with spice. Since I was a kid, I ate
those long, hot peppers. We ate them like cucumbers. And this oil is the
best oil in the world. We bring it from Lebanon. That’s why we live healthy
and we live longer. This is how people hang
out, and drink, and live, like, the Lebanese experience. And it’s good with a
nice drink, with arak. It’s like an absinthe. It’s made from grapes
and anise seeds. [non-english speech]
is to your health. [non-english speech]
is to the glass. Lebanese style,
you use your hand. It’s the best babaganoush ever. Cheers. And I quit. Ah! Are you gonna tuck me in?

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