“Anesthesia Workstation Turnover” by McArthur Kitchen for OPENPediatrics

Anesthesia Workstation Turnover, by McArthur
“Skip” Kitchen. I’m Skip, the Anesthesia Tech Supervisor from
Boston Children’s Hospital. Today we will be going over an anesthesia
turnover, as done by the anesthesia techs at Boston Children’s Hospital. Cleanup and Breakdown. The first thing we do is put on a pair of
clean gloves. And we start by disposing of anything that
is disposable. We start with the anesthesia circuit, and
the suction, and anything else that is truly disposable. The blue towels go into the laundry bin. And now we get some germicidal wipes to start
wiping down anything that is reusable. All cables, wires, are wiped down one at a
time, not as a group, and then hung so that they may dry. And now all other parts of the machine are
wiped down, taking special care as to the areas that may have been touched by the anesthetists. All other items that need to be wiped down
and put away are done so. And then going into the reusable bucket, the
handle and blade are separated, so that the blade is put back into the bucket to be reprocessed
later, and the handle is wiped down and put back in the charger. Once all items are wiped down, the gloves
and wipes are thrown away, and a clean pair of gloves are put on. Once this is accomplished, a new setup is
ready to be set up. Setup. We start with the blue towel. All appropriate new items are placed. ECG cables. Blood pressure cuff. Then the intubation items. Laryngoscope blades, tongue blade, stylette,
and oral airways. Appropriate size endotracheal tubes. Three-by-three sponges, and an eye guard. The appropriate size ventilation mask. Finally, a clean circuit is taken out of a
bag and applied to the machine, and then a leak test is performed on the anesthesia machine. While the leak test is being applied, you
then check your items to make sure that everything is the appropriate size and all items are
out and accounted for. Tape, an eye guard, three by three sponge,
a mask, stylette, endotracheal tubes, oral airways, a tongue blade, and laringoscope
blades. And finally, suction with a suction catheter. Point of clarification– it is ultimately
the responsibility of the anesthesia provider to ensure the room is set up appropriately
and that the equipment is functioning properly. Remember, the anesthesia machine and/or equipment
check must be performed before every case prior to the patient entering the room. Please help us improve the content by providing
us with some feedback.

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  1. The IV pole was not wiped with germicidal wipes and hands were not sanitized before and also between gloving.

  2. Can I what course do u apply for being an anesthesia technician? Can someone suggest some colleges that offer this course abroad?

  3. Hlo sir i am from india i was an anaesthesia technician if there is any job vacancies contact me sir please my contact number 8428265282

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