58 thoughts on “Ash Reshteh Recipe _ Persian Soup _آش رشته‎‎_ Cooking with Toorandokht

  1. Thousand time thanks for this useful video!!
    We all are learning a lot from you!!!!!!!!!!
    your channel & your teachings is one of the best!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Chahar Shanbeh Soory To All Of You!!!!
    It would be enjoyable with Ash reshteh by your recipeeee!!!😊
    _Amelia 💜

  3. توضيحات كامل نبود اولا عدس خيلي زودتر از نخود لوبيا ميپزه دوما اضافه كردن رشته و كشك رو نگفته بوديد

  4. میشه بگیدچراباسبزی خشک درست نمیکنید ماهاکه خارج کشورهستیم چه غلطی بکنیم

  5. سلام حج خانم اه سبذ چى بود خشك كى
    Sallam haj khanum en sabz che bud khusk ki asta

  6. This is for somebody that already knows how fry an egg so stop picking and use you brain . I love it as it tells you just enough without boring one to despair like some others. So keep up my dear Lady your videos are fantastic.

  7. Ingredents
    1 cup kidney beans
    1 cup chick peas
    2 cups lentils
    potage pasta
    2 onions
    dry mint
    green onion
    sour cream (or Kashk (Whey))

    wash all herbs and leave them to dry
    chop herbs finely

    wash beans peas and lentils together
    place them in a pressure cooker
    add one spoon of salt and 2 liters of water
    cook for 5-10 minutes

    sauté the 2 onions
    add 1 spoon turmeric

    in a pot boil water and add chopped herbs
    add in the lentils, beans and peas
    add half the fried onions
    (this is probably where you add the pasta, not explained in the video)
    cook 15 minutes

    for garnish
    fry 2 tablespoons dry mint (with oil)
    add one tablespoon turmeric powder
    fry garlic

    add soup to bowl
    add garlic and fried onion clumps to each soup bowl
    add sour cream to each soup bowl (but if you have access to Kashk (Whey) use that)
    drizzle the garnish sauce into each soup bowl

  8. خیلی عالی دستور پخت میدهید ساده ومختصر من علاقه مند شدم به دلیل اینکه وقتم گرفته نمیشه برخی زیاد طول میدن

  9. سلام به به چه عالی آره والله آره والله آره والله . ممد جون دوست خوب من خیلی دوست داره مرسی .ایرانی okay goodbye .

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