Ask Japanese / SUSHI CANDY fun food unboxing & review | ワンコインで英語チャレンジ!スシお菓子!

What flavour is this? Today I will use a 500 Yen coin and buy something with it. Let’s go! Let’s do something fun by only spending one coin. My name is Aoi! Hey guys. Today I am Lolita “teacher” Cathy Cat. And because of that… today… I won’t speak Japanese! Let’s try and speak English! English? -Yes! Try your best Aoi-chan! I wonder if I can speak English… Today … we have… Where do we open this? These are plates. Rice base… This is… First! It smells of Ramune. Ramune! Put the rice in until it settles. The water was first! Nevermind. It looks like rice! I did it again! 2 pushes. Still liquid! The seaweed size scale… Seaweed size scale. This looks good It’s like ZUKOU You go “Tontontonton” Finished! I will put in more water! A bit ended up in the egg part, but we won’t mind. Now for the best part. Press rice. That small? Egg? Are we finished?! ? About half! Looks like Coke. Omotenashi=Hospitality Itadakimasu! You mean squishy? What is this? This one was not as good as the first one. Same reaction! Like medicine! Let’s call our guest! What? It’s terrible. This is not love. I don’t need this kind of love. So moving on. This was so delicious! I went over the language wall. Today’s product is… “Let’s make Sushi” Candy Shop. I on my “most embarrassing behaviour” today. Guys thanks for watching Ask Japanese.

49 thoughts on “Ask Japanese / SUSHI CANDY fun food unboxing & review | ワンコインで英語チャレンジ!スシお菓子!

  1. There they are!! My two loves XD
    This was adorable, thank you!! We want more!!!
    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  2. both are lovely 😀
    aoi san its so adorable
    please upload more videos of this team
    greetings from Colombia

  3. Fantastic! 😀 You actually motivated me to make my own since it's been sat on my shelf for a little while. You're all fab at cooking 🙂

  4. So far this looks to have turned out the best of all the crazy candy concoctions that I've seen! Cathy and Aoi are both eye candy too! Double dose of sugar! ^_^

  5. Aoi san said "Ai amu cookingu good to" that is the time when heartbeat shaked the ground. Btw I could eat even sea-papers if she made them why not!

  6. great format! such a smart way to help learn the language and it is funny to watch too! loved this video well done!
    come check out my channel some time if you like to make fun things ;-p

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