At Toronto’s Chick-fil-A protest, a lot of people didn’t care about homophobia

We shouldn’t be supporting Chick-fil-A because
they spend millions of dollars a year on supporting homophobic organizations and anti-LGBT organizations,
including organizations that do conversion therapy. They’re on the outskirts of the Church
and Wellesley corridor, of the gaybourhood, and they think that they can just open up
a homophobic restaurant on our turf. The 519 is having chicken sandwiches. Go down
there and support the 519. Give them money instead of Chick-fil-A. I’m a big fan of Chick-fil-A back home. Obviously,
I’m not really a big fan of what the founder says, but what the founder says is not exactly
representative of what the company – what individual employees would probably think. You can
probably find many cases of that in the States, too, but I don’t think that them supporting
anti-LGBT rights is really going to stop people from loving who they want to love. The way that I see it, I just think that businesses
capitalize on everything, no matter what it is. Even if you go to the bank, somebody’s
capitalizing on that, you know what I mean? Somebody has a certain belief at that bank
that you might not agree with. Everywhere you go, people have the right to believe in
whatever they want to believe in. Just because I’m eating this piece of chicken doesn’t mean
I agree with the top, top big owner of the company, you know what I mean? They’re assuming
that I’m anti-gay, but that’s not what it is. I don’t appreciate that.

20 thoughts on “At Toronto’s Chick-fil-A protest, a lot of people didn’t care about homophobia

  1. The left's "tolerance" on full display. These fools don't realise that their hatred of everyone who doesn't fall in line with their fascist dictates is what got Trump elected (and will guarantee his re-election). These people were only yelling and screaming names at people today, don't be surprised when vandalism and violence begin. The leftist mob is dangerous and have no problem exacting physical harm on anyone they deem suited (Andy Ngo, a gay asian journalist attacked in the street for example).

  2. I get that not everyone who works there is going to be anti-LGBT and there are probably people from a lot of companies who could also be anti-LGBT that we still support. BUT, if the CEO is known not only to hold those views but also to give money to organizations that harm other people, it makes sense that LGBTQ don't want to support that company. If we spend our money there, we are supporting that CEO, helping that CEO to earn money that that CEO will give to those harmful organizations.

  3. or alot of people are not giving in to "ChristianPhobia" … fixed it for ya! Would the same be said and protested outside an Islamic based own business given their stance on gays ?

  4. Nobody gives a shit about Chick Fillets religion or their policy and nobody gives a shit if you are gay or not. Its gay people like the ones in the video that are the fools. Chill out and just play nice. Many more straight people that have no issue about their lifestyle then these people realize

  5. I'm pretty sure everyone like myself is just sick of someone that looks like predator splashed with rainbow paint complaining every 5 fucking seconds

  6. Pure projection & hypocrisy. Everything that the Far, Religious-Right were accused of being – hateful, fascist, racist, sexist, intolerant, etc., the Far-Left now are! These are not liberals; these are Ultra-Conservatives.

  7. Maybe because most people just want to have lunch and don't really care to let a very vocal minority/special interest group dictate what they can and cannot do? I mean, freedom and liberty go both ways. At the end all these protesters are doing is giving Chick-fil-A more publicity and attention, so really who is the loser here?

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