Autism School Day

– Welcome to the struggle bus. I hope you’re doing well. We are doing, we’re doing. Hey, you ready to show off your skills? Okay, chica. Put your shoes on. (humming) Thank you, here you go. Here, Ab. – [Priscilla] Can you say hi? – [Asa] Bye Ab. Dropping the girls off, Priscilla’s gonna go to the PAC meeting, Parent Action Committee meeting. I’m gonna run and get
coffee ’cause we need it. It’s been a little bit
of a challenging morning. We were running late because
we had to do clean up. Maverick got sick this morning in that really long shaggy
carpet that we have. That sucks to clean. Not recommended at all. Don’t buy that carpet. (child crying) – Okay I depleted my camera battery. I filmed so much during Abbie’s… – Oh really?
– Yeah, so much. So we go to go in and see what Abbie was doing, love that. – So that’s a parent
collaboration that we were at. Got to see all the aspects. Well, you know what she does today, what’s on her schedule for today. Every two weeks they do a music class. That was awesome. – Yeah I can’t wait to see that. – Yeah.
– I was helping with PAC. – Well and it wouldn’t
have been good, cause – Right
– it was too much distraction. She wasn’t used to us being in there. That was a little tough but, it worked out good. I got to really see what they do. So the music class thing, I feel like that requires
some explanation. Their music teacher is
big into sensory input, and motion, and how motion
has to do with music, and feeling the music,
not just playing music. I know. I’ll go stand out here, okay? – [Instructor] It’s all right. – [Asa] I’ll go stand out here. (vocal stimming) – [Instructor] One, two, ready go. We’re gonna make a visit to you. (vocal stimming) [Instuctor] It’s okay. – [Asa] Can you show
me what you are doing? – [Instructor] Show daddy
what you’re doing, okay? – [Asa] I’m happy to see you too, but I want to see what
you are doing, okay? (vocal stimming) Listen, listen are you gonna show me? – [Instructor] Let’s go see. – [Asa] Wait a second, hands waiting. Look at me. Are you gonna show me? No we’re not going to
the bathroom right now. You want to show me what you
are doing? Okay, go show me. Yeah let’s go, go show me, yeah, come on. – [Instructor] Come on, let’s
go to the trampoline, girl. Four, five, six…
– [Asa] Good job. – Seven, eight, nine, 10,
all right, let’s stop. Let’s do it again, go! One, two, three, four five six seven eight, nine, 10, stop. Let’s do it again, go. One, two, three… (vocal stimming) Five… Cassie, wake up. Abbie,
where should you be? Seven, eight, nine, 10. Good job, let’s walk. – [Asa] So I was hiding over here, and it wasn’t working
’cause she’s super smart. She’s like come on dad,
I know you’re there. So it was better if I interacted with her. I’m like, show me what you are doing, so. You’re doing great! – [Instructor] Aright, let’s go girl. – [Asa] Keep going, keep going. Show me what you are doing, show me. Oh, she’s silly today, I know. – [Priscilla] She does the same I feel when I come in the classroom.
– [Asa] Yeah. – [Priscilla] She was like grinning at me, looking at me side eye. (indistinct chatter) – [Asa] Yeah when I was
hiding around the corner she would just run over there to see me. (vocal stimming) – [Asa] Good job! Great job! (vocal stimming) Hey, you’re doing really
good, an you go finish? It’s still your turn to walk, yeah. There you go! Feeling the keys. You know, when they’re playing the piano. Things like that, how
their feet feel centered and grounded on the floor when they sit on the stool when they’re
playing the piano. All those working together. Some super hippy dippy stuff, and it’s really cool. I like it a lot. – Actually let me flip this ’cause I think the other side is white. Look, that’s great. – You do it. Good, left hand, right hand, perfect. – All right now watch
what Abbie loves to do. Now she’s done this with me before. We’re gonna go sing open lips. Nice looking, and she does it
with one and three sometimes – Is that okay?
– That’s absolutely okay! – [Instructor] Okay, she was
doing that really well earlier. – Yeah, one and three. Look it, Abbie. Yes, good, let’s see what this hand is doing. Is it tapping? Tap, tap, tap. All right this is the challenge, can I slide and tap tap tap? I think we’re going to
play the black keys. Slide. (piano note playing) – Good eyes looking, Abbie! Sliding. Check our feet out. Are they on the floor? They sure are. There goes our finger, it’s sliding (piano note playing) – Look and listen, try again. Slide, Abbie, slide down. Want you to come all the way down. (piano note playing) Okay, this is my target finger. (piano note playing) Isn’t that great? Yeah, all right, everybody listen to this. – [Instructor] We’re gonna go
when we’re done with music. ♪ Will you go sit down in the circle? ♪ Everybody’s gonna go back to the circle. – [Instructor] Go to the circle, Abbie. (indistinct chatter) – [Asa] Good job! Good job! Okay go sit down in the circle. – So, they, you guys
got to see her working with money, that’s her math class. So, I love that, I think it’s so cool. – [Asa] It’s functional math.
– [Priscilla] It is. It’s amazing for Abigail. – [Instructor] Touch ten dollars. Awesome. One dollar, match. Good job, girl. Five dollars, match. Good listening. All right, bud. You know these numbers, hands out. Eyes looking, control like this. – [Teacher] Penny. Good. Quarter. Dime. Look for it. Dime. Nice job, Abbie. – And then of course, we’re calling it the Maass squad and JSA Cares Project, and I think that helps the
kids with so many things, like the assembly line setup. You know that could help
them with a potential job later on in life, and they’re giving back to the community, which, just warms my heart, you know, being that it’s a private school, and it’s a special needs school, so many people in organizations come and they help our school, so I think for the kids to give back is just a big deal.
– [Asa] It is. – And I love that they reached out to me and then I was just talking with Trina, we’re going to expand
outside of Jacksonville, like, downtown Jacksonville, and even bring it to the beaches because there’s a lot of
homeless people there as well that could use that. So we have so many opportunities to help people in need. Banana! – And we have boxes back here filled that the kids have already done. – Right, I mean
– With little bags. – Yeah, and they want us to restock, so, we’re gonna to go and get some things to restock their inventory. So that’s really cool. – This is a fun project. – It is, it’s very heartwarming. – Yeah, it’s just, we’re
thankful to be a part of it. Really. – Nice Abbie! Look, you did it! Earned all your money! – It’s not your seat. You’ve gotta keep working, look. What are you doing with Sara? – [Sara] She’s just going to do one round, and then she earned her… – [Priscilla] Okay, awesome! – All right, you want pretzels? You’ve gotta pay me, come here. (indistinct chatter) – [Sara] All right, pretzels are a dollar. (velcro ripping) – [Sara] 50 cents, 75, one dollar! Nice job, Abbie. (vocal stimming) – Some pretzels. – [Asa] Some expensive pretzels, Ab. I ain’t gonna lie. Good job, kiddo. – [Sara] So with this, because
she was looking at stuff, I explained to her, music was all done but look, you didn’t earn all your quarters. – [Asa] Right. – [Sara] So we’re going to
go back to the classroom, and you need to earn that last quarter, and then she’ll get the pretzels. – [Asa] So it’s not even so much, like, restricting them, it’s just
delaying them pretty much. – Yeah.
– [Asa] She still has the opportunity, yeah. (indistinct chatter) – [Priscilla] Just one. She’s like, I want to give them extra! (laughter) (plastic rustling) Nice. – Awesome, keep it open. – [Instructor] All right,
nice waiting, Abbie. – [Priscilla] Look at Miss Sara. Look at what you’re doing. (plastic rustling) (vocal stimming) Nice job! Way to go, I’m so proud of you! – [Instructor] Good job, I like the way you filled this bag. So we have some in here, we have empty, that’s enough. Give me full. That’s what I’m talking about, girl. Mcguire, give me the empty bag. Awesome, that one is full. Smash it, shake it, I don’t care. There we go. (vocal stimming) We’re waiting, we’re waiting. Full, awesome! Put it back on the table. (giggles) – You’re like you want
the camera to be on you. Okay, look mama, hey, work. It’s time to work. Show daddy you can work. You ready? Ready? Which one is full? Pick it up and see, shake it! Is it full? Is it, pick it up. Full, full. Pick this one up. Empty, empty, empty. Y’all did very very well. – Okay I know we showed a lot, but if you have any
questions about anything that we showed in Abbie’s collaboration feel free to ask down
below in the comments we’ll be hanging out after we post this video, so that we can answer as many as possible, as quickly as possible. Hey, why you so stressed? She’s fine
– Hey, come lay down. Maverick, come on. Come lay down. – [Asa] Not digging this yet. Mav, she’s okay, she’s fine. Maverick, lay down. Hey, lay down, you’re way too tense. Calm down. All the way down, all the way down. (finger snap) Down, down. Stay, she’s not gonna hurt anything. So we have one that requires far more attention than the other. Which is a game that
we’re totally used to. So splitting up that attention
between the two is fine. You know we just make
sure we’re giving him lots of attention because obviously the other one requires a lot of attention. Sound familiar, Priscilla?
– Yup. (laughter) – So, I don’t know, its
really beneficial for you, Maverick, because you’re
receiving even more attention than you were before. That’s pretty great. Life is good right now. You should say thank you to the cat. – [Priscilla] I feel like he
just wants to play with her. – [Asa] Yeah? Is that a play face? He’s not wagging or
anything he’s just, staring. – When he gets up he wags his tail. – [Asa] Are you feeling the play mood? I don’t, I don’t think so. Do a lot of purring. – Hey, stop eating all the things! What are you doing? Hey, you can’t be doing
all that craziness. You can’t do that, you can’t. You can’t do that, you
can’t eat my plants. I’m gonna put you on
the floor with the dog. You’re not going to be loving life. What are you doing? – [Asa] Did she scare you? – Yes! So funny. – [Asa] Priscilla’s sitting
here trying to work, and all of a sudden she pops out of here. There’s our girl. Hi! How was the rest of her day? – She had a good day.
– [Asa] Good. – She had a really good day.
– [Asa] Good. You wanna go home and get a snack? Guess what? Nanny’s coming today. She is, it’s Tuesday. You know what you guys
get to do on Tuesday? What do you wanna do when we get home? Go, that’s right you’re gonna go! Tuesday is your going day. You guys go out, have a good time. I’m digging that harness, kiddo. That’s awesome. If you didn’t see that harness, the new harness that we got, and you’re interested in it,
that’s in yesterday’s vlog make sure you check that out. Today’s snack, can anybody guess what Abbie picked? (bag crinkling) She picked cashews and veggie straws. What do you think of that? Just trying not to give you crumbs. All set? You want a drink? Do you want a drink? Do you? Yes. Such a slight little nod. How you eat veggie straws
is the cutest thing ever. (coughing) – [Asa] Oh, goodness sakes. You okay? Holy cow, slow down. Take a minute, just, relax. You almost died from that Mio water. Yeah that’s the Mio drops that Priscilla and I love so much, and Abbie loves them as well. Are you going to be getting
a little second helping of veggie straws? Okay, okay, you have an outing with Nanny. She’ll be here in a little bit. You guys are gonna go get dinner, probably go do some other stuff, it’ll be fun. You looking forward to it? You wanna go? Go with Nanny? Yeah, you’re gonna go, okay. Do you want to say bye to everybody? Say thanks for watching. Say thank you, thank you. Bye guys! (beep) The cat B-roll opportunities
are just endless. You know that, right.

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  1. When Asa said "She is super smart," having worked with non-verbal autistic kids I can tell you that she is probably smarter than all of us. She is just trapped inside a broken mind. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that because of a disconnect in her brain she can not communicate like those of us who are neuro-typical.

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