Avocado: Plant Based Diet Healthy Food or Too Much Fat?

Christopher Walker here back again. I’ve got a video today. I’m gonna be talking about Avocados he’s one of my favorite foods I eat these every single day and I’m gonna tell you the health benefits of why you should be doing the same today You know another way to refer to avocados is a thermo grenade It looks like a little grenade and it’s definitely thermo we’re gonna talk about kind of break down the types of fats in the avocado and The vitamin and mineral content that’s very easily Digestible as well. So stay tuned. This is gonna be a good video For anything like me then you love a good sliced up avocado We like a bit of guacamole Because you know that it can really take your meal to the next level Now when trying to stay away from artificial preservatives and other ingredients that are found in baked goods and ice cream avocados can actually be really beneficial in terms of a good substitute for Certain ingredients now you could use them to bake a sweet potato and avocado cake You could freeze them and toss them into a blender with some chocolate and bananas to make a homemade ice cream There’s a lot of stuff you can do with avocados that will You know as a fruit keep you very very healthy, but keep you thermo And they’re not very expensive compared to other fruits If you go and you get them at a good spot, like, you know Trader Joe’s or that sort of thing They typically have good organic avocados for a very good price Avocados are a fruit. They are not a vegetable it’s it’s a fatty fruit It’s what I would call a savory fruit and that’s because they’re very high in a type of fatty acid called a monounsaturated Fat so avocados are basically one of the best sources of this monounsaturated fat extremely high in it There are 71% monounsaturated fat 16 percent saturated and only 13% being PUFA So it’s a very good ratio for the health in the human body And this has been found in a lot of different research settings So even though there are there is a slight amount of these polyunsaturated fats in it It actually has a ton of vitamin E in it Naturally you get a good quality avocado Which is going to protect you from the oxidation of these polyunsaturated fats Monounsaturated fats have been shown to help reduce inflammation. They’ve been shown to down-regulate a lot of biomarkers of chronic disease and even cancer So the monounsaturated fats are cool the polyunsaturated fats the ones you want to stay away from And you want to make sure you get plenty of vitamin E and your natural food sources So they’re not just really packed full of fat, but there’s also a ton of vitamins and minerals in these things I mean the vitamin profile in standard avocado consists of vitamins A C a host of whole all different B vitamins Vitamin K choline and even a bit of betaine which is interesting There are a couple of things about the micronutrient profile that I want you to know the first is that there’s a Large amount of vitamin K in avocado with 39% of vitamins the makeup of it being from vitamin K This is actually great news because vitamin K is an essential nutrient and it’s very hard to find in good bioavailable forms in the body that the body is able to use So avocado is a very good form or it’s a good source for a good form of vitamin K What’s also unique about avocados is their betaine and their choline content? This is great for anyone who’s trying to stay thermo which means to pursue optimal health Because with our environment being so full of estrogenic chemicals We have a lot of that excess estrogen in our bodies and both choline and betaine have been shown to methylate estrogen Now this means that both choline and betaine are able to help the body Naturally get rid of this excess estrogen and bring it back to the homeostasis that it craves So I know a lot of people are following the thermo diet here at thermo diet For this channel, you know This is good tip for anyone. Who’s a Liver body type of thyroid body type of pituitary body type to use avocado oil as a thermo approved cooking oil So it’s become a little bit difficult like when you are really getting into the thermo lifestyle There’s not there’s a lot of like modern garbage food out there that you don’t want to consume This includes a lot of cooking oils because a lot of them are polyunsaturated fats at one point I was basically certain that you know Only coconut oil and butter were the safest to cook with because they’re a lot more stable than polyunsaturated fatty acids And they don’t oxidize and produce the same amount of free radicals as as polyunsaturated fats But actually as my knowledge gets deeper. I definitely you know overlooked something the B secret has been Basically hiding right in front of my face all along. One of the safest oils to cook with is avocado oil This was a surprise to me because olive oil is known to become rancid at high temperatures If you cook on high heat with olive oil, if you don’t get one, that’s not a good enough quality So I just assumed that avocado oil was the same because they do have a similar fatty acid makeup in terms of the monounsaturated fats But that actually is not the point when you really look at the smoke points of these oils The avocado oil actually has the highest smoke point of all of them which means it’s the safest one for any kind of high heat cooking for you to use and that’s good news because Avocado oil actually has a really nice refreshing taste from the avocado itself and actually tastes great with a nice grass-fed steak Frying up some eggs, or you know cooking some potatoes in it or that sort of thing and I’m gonna taste awesome So that’s a good little tip there for you Hopefully you learned something here one way, you know, you could integrate avocados into your life is make a really healthy guacamole Get some organic avocados so they don’t have any harmful pesticides on them you could go just mash it up with some sea salt sand pepper cayenne paprika and even mix in some sriracha sauce and This will give you a nice like refreshing but kind of spicy kick of a really good Guacamole that you can kind of put on anything you want. I mean who has to be convinced that guacamole is good Everyone loves going. All right. Hopefully you enjoyed the video Learn something good from it If you want to check out more about the thermo diet go over to thermo diet comma made a quiz over there that it’s a tool that’s gonna help you identify most people fall into the camps of three different types of body parts that are Organs that are underperforming and that’s the liver the pituitary and the thyroid gland so this quiz this tool is to use to help you identify which Body type you are which of these that you need help with and then I have a plan that’s you know a good 30 day Jumpstart basically to help you to eat and you know do things that are gonna help you to heal that Specific organ so you can get back on the track to a good health So go over there thermo diet calm and I’ll see you over there

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  1. Also forgot to mention if you can't find ripe avocados at the store go and grab a paper bag and keep them in there on the counter for a day or so and it will make the avocados produce a plant hormone called ethylene, which is the ripening hormone in plants and will allow them to ripen rather quickly.

  2. "But if you don't want to bother with that hard to get seed or the fact that when you crack one of these open it stinks up your house, then here at ThermoDiet we have made easily digestible dehydrated avocado capsules that won't stink up your house."

  3. Animalism is anti-humanism

    Hitler was Vegan. A dog in Nazi germany had more rights than most humans.

    Im plantbased coz i cannot stand the taste and smell of the carrion they sell in market but i make sure to avoid Avocados.

    Grown by the cartels, hydroponic shit with a skewered fatty acid profile. Nasty garbage.

  4. great info !!!!! its a good source of mono fats. i remember tim berzins opinion on mono fats. by the way, is it true that animal intestines in the diet can cure leaky gut syndrome. They say eating animal liver is good for own liver providing a good source of micronutrirnts and cholestrol , and that animal lungs contian 16 chain palmatic acid, which helps in respiratory problems, animal genitals for healthy sex life. could you shed some light on this topic… please. Is this all true ?

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  6. Awesome Info on 1 of my favorite fruits. I thought that Coconut Oil was the best to cook with, now I know Better, thanks. Peace & Love to everyone.

  7. I don’t get it a while ago you Said in a video DONT go crazy with the avocados so naturally i stoppad eating them everyday now you say eat everyday ???????

  8. The amazing thing about avacados is they turbo charge the other greens you eat with them. I think it's the digestable K that does it. So I start off with avacado half and peel and salt than eat my salad 🥗. Than some broccoli. Next I want to sprout the Broccoli sprout. That seems like more turbo charging going on. I do Omad one meal a day so it needs to be potent to be in the meal.

  9. There is no need to purchase organic avocados as they are one of the safest conventional grown fruit when it comes to pesticide load. The rugged shell prevents the pesticide from penetrating through. I believe I read an article years ago, on Mercola, where he had his team lab-test pesticide load on both conventional and organic avocados. The findings came back showing no difference between the two. I couldn't find the exact article with the lab testing, but this excerpt is from a different article: "Avocados are one of the safest fruits you can buy conventionally-grown, and most experts do not believe you need to purchase organic ones. Their thick skin protects the inner fruit from pesticides. Additionally, it has been rated as one of the safest commercial crops in terms of pesticide exposure, so there's no real need to spend extra money on organic avocados, unless you can afford it." I wanted to share this because I know organic avocados are not affordable for everyone, in fact where I live in Northern New England, the prices for conventional avocados fluctuate quite a lot through out the year. They can go from $1 to $2 within a week, and that is for one single conventional fruit. Buying them in bulk while they are still hard is another way to save. Simply put them in the fridge hard and take out only one or two at a time to ripping as needed. The will also ripen in the fridge at much slower pace. I have had good look with keeping the price down doing this method. Also if the price is too high, say 2 bucks a fruit, I am going for wholly guac which is awesome stuff and can sometimes be more affordable than purchasing the avocado itself. Either way, I agree with this video, avocados are a super fruit and should be consumed regularly if able. They are just way to good for you to not incorporate in your diet!

  10. Chris, Chris, Chris, there's no such thing as TOO MUCH FAT!
    PLEASE grow up, & stop believing 'consensus science', there's too much propaganda already!
    Fat does NOT cause heart disease; a simple comparison between the fat consumption & heart disease 40-50 years ago & the fat consumption & heart disease most recent numbers should show a decline in heart disease based on a decline in fat consumption but heart disease is higher while fat consumption per capita is down. The real cause of heart disease is inflammation, caused primarily by carbohydrate poisoning.
    Remember, we know the USDA deliberately doubled the "Recommended" carbs part of the "Your Plate" propaganda to appease business interests.
    With the attendant increase in consumption of carbs comes the increase in heart disease. The focus on cholesterol is very unfortunate because cholesterol acts as a ''band-aid' on the weak & damaged areas in the circulatory system, which are caused by inflammation which is the result of carb poisoning.
    A number of doctors are now promoting this concept rather than the misconceived cholesterol theory, which is a huge money-maker for the drug companies.
    [BTW, a 1999 study showed that statins actually help less than 1% of coronary victims.]
    So, remember, fat, & saturated fat are vital nutrients; there are no 'vital carbs'.

  11. They are also a very bad source of oxalates, which you may know by the name of Kidney Stones, which is just the tip of the iceberg. These babies crystalize and form stalactites in your stomach, leading to leaky gut. How about some thyroid problems? How about hard oxalates in your heart tissue and brain? Spinach is worse than avocadoes for oxalates, but not by much. If you must have avocadoes, don't make it a habit.

  12. Unless you grow it yourself or know for a fact that the farmer uses no pesticides, so-called “organic” avocados will have pesticides. Then again, you said “harmful pesticides”. Explain that.

    Organic no longer means “no pesticides”.

    Also, I understand the avocado seed is edible, but requires significant processing.

  13. I eat 3 – 4 every day definitely my favorite Berry. Quick question for you, do you know if avocado oil raises testosterone, DHT levels I was consuming 2 to 4 tablespoons of avocado oil per day and noticed my hair became quite thin once the bottle was gone about a week after it seemed to thicken back up again¿. Thanks
    : )Tyler
    Also please let me know if my other comment is visible to you Thank you

  14. I make homemade avocado dressing that's my favorite. I'm going to try the oil now in my next recipe in place of Olive oil. I bet it would also be good to rub a little bit on the skin.

  15. Question Chris I know this video has nothing to do with ginseng but I heard you can't take ginseng for too long do you know why this is ?

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