Avoid taking these after food – Tamil Health Tips

Avoid taking these after food – Tamil Health Tips Many of us like eating and some of us take some food items after food. They will be keep it as an habit. Eating like this creates many problems. In this video we are going to see how the food items we take after food are going to affect our health. Most of us have the habit of taking tea after food We think it helps in digestion but instead it causes indigestion Some people will drink juice while eating. It hinders the hormones responsible for digesting the protein, Carbohydrates, fat in the food we take. So if you feel like drinking juice do it 15 minutes before food. Some people take fried items with curd. It is the best combination but it is not good for health It will increase the cholesterol level in the body and leads to increase in weight Many of us are fond of taking junk foods like Pizza, Burger and We take aerated drinks with it. By doing this the sugar level and cholesterol level will increase and we will gain weight If we take sweets after food, the cholesterol digestion in the body reduces and it results in weight gain So avoid taking sweets after food Most of us take Non- Vegetarian foods on Sundays. But some of us add Potatoes in the mutton gravy. By adding carbohydrates with animal protein the digestive acids secrets more and it creates acidity Some people take fruits after food But the right way is to take fruits before food. By eating fruits after food delays the digestion problem Most of us drink stomach full of water after taking food. It creates many health problems Drink water half an hour after taking your food It strengthens your digestive system.

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