Baked Cannelloni Recipe : Cooking Pasta for Cannelloni

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert
Village. Today, I’m going to show you a really nice, quick, easy way to make cannelloni.
So, my water is boiling–be careful, watch out for that steam. So I’m just going to go
ahead and take the shells–and you really want to drop them in one at a time, and we’re
going to let these go for about six minutes from the time I get all of them in there.
Which is going to be a second, it would appear–get in there. And if they don’t all submerge right
away, don’t worry. What will happen is, in a second, as they start to soften up, they’ll
start to sink. Just try to get them fairly submerged. So I’m going to set my timer here
for seven minutes. I’m going to throw a lid back on them, because that will also help
get the ones that aren’t completely submerged, it will help steam them on top until they
actually do submerge. So we’re going to go here for seven minutes. In seven minutes we’re
going to come back here and strain these. In the meantime, we are going to finish working
on prepping up for our sauce. Next, we’re going to cut up our–or chop up, I should
say, our whole tomatoes–our peeled tomatoes, but first we want to drain them. So I’m going
to take these to the sink and drain them real quick, and I will be right back. So our pasta’s
done, so I’m just going to bring it over here and carefully dump it in the colander, and
then what I will do is I will start running cold water over it to shock it, or cool it
off quickly. And chances are, we’re probably going to lose a tube or two, just because
of the–sometimes they break, it’s not the end of the world. Something else you can do
to cool them off faster, is you can return them to the pot you were cooking them in,
but just run cold water in the pot, and just kind of soak them in cold water for a second.
You can also pick them up like this and rinse them off one at a time, but be careful, they
will be hot. Then by soaking them in water, they will remain pliable, which is always
not a terrible idea. Because if they harden, they’re going to become really, really hard
to deal with. Actually, they’ll become inordinately difficult to deal with. So let’s go ahead,
get some water in this pan–it’s just cold water. Enough to cover them, and we’ll just set this
off to the side and let them kind of sit in this water–it’s only going to be a few minutes.
I wouldn’t advise doing this if you were doing this a long time in advance, but since we’re
talking about basically five or ten minutes, it won’t hurt anything. So, let’s get back
to dicing up tomatoes.

15 thoughts on “Baked Cannelloni Recipe : Cooking Pasta for Cannelloni

  1. So you actually made a video showing people how to cook dried pasta in water? File this with "How to Put On Your Socks" and "How to Keep Breathing" under "Unnecessary Instructional Videos".

  2. Thanks, Im trying to make beef stuff cannelloni for the first time, & I wast sure how to cook the pasta, (you know in case it was special or something) Thanks again 🙂

  3. Really? 12years as a chef? You don't even know the names of the different pastas. That isn't cannelloni that is manicotti dumb ass… You should go back to school.

  4. Cannelloni is what it is called outside the U.S., Manicotti is what they call it in the U.S. They are pretty much the same thing.
    But this is not what I wanted! I think everyone knows how to cook pasta! I wanted to know how to make the cannelloni shells!!! Pretty much a useless video

  5. + Brandon Sarkis. N'importe quoi !! les Cannellonis ne se cuisent pas, ils sont remplis crus de viande + farce, et ensuite ils doivent aller dans un plat à gratin recouvert de sauce napolitaine et béchamel et finir recouvert de fromage !! à 180 ° (thermostat 6.) une demi heure !!! Marylou.

  6. لو سمحت ياريت يكون فية ترجمة بالعربي لو سمحت شكرا انا محتاجة اعمل وصفاته ارجوا الرد شكرا

  7. In fact, I bought a box of cannelloni without a cooking time, so this was exactly what I wanted. I will cook mine for less time than you did, because those were too soft

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