100 thoughts on “Baking Bad with Jessie and Claud: Mince Pies ~DRAMATIC~ // Vlogmas 2019 Day 7

  1. Dear Jessica, I know you have made a couple of videos about the fodmap diet already, and I greatly enjoyed them, but as I live in the U.S., i can't find that much about it. Also it doesn't help that I don't have any use of transportation( unless they can charge my medical insurance for trips to the doctor, so I rarely leave my house) and I don't have a good grip on technology, or any internet access, unless I use my phone. I would love to ask, if it not too forward, for you to make some more content about it, or if I could speak with you somehow( I only know some ASL, but i can use the entire alphabet) I just love watching you and have only discovered you in the last couple of months or so, but I have seen ( I believe) all of your videos now! And I just love all your content, even if it something I don't usually enjoy, somehow you make it so enjoyable and lovely. I've been diagnosed with several conditions, the hardest one to deal with is the gastric paralysis, followed closely by migraine headaches. I know am on regimen of botox every three months, and a monthly injection of a drug called Ajovy. It has dramatically improved from having migraines that would last several days, to a couple of weeks, to have way fewer and they don't last as long.(maybe only hours to a couple of days) and gone from 18+ migraines to maybe 5 to 8 a month. The biggest thing I have found is that sometimes I still get some of the light sensitivity and sound sensitivity still, but no pain associated with them. It has been a real miracle for me!!! I also have chronic pain and fatigue, and interstitial cystitis. There are a few others, but I wont get into that now. I just find you such a delight, and I can in many ways relate with you. I am on a goverment pension I believe you call it of $771 dollars a month. That barely gets my bills paid, let alone for basic care needs. I can't afford to be a patrion, let alone join your club, and I sorely want to. My health has rapidly declined in the last 2 years.
    I'm so sorry for all this rambling on, but I just live so far away and can't afford to do the live meet and greet things even on the internet. Please consider this message for future content. I have a lot of dietary restrictions now, and need help. My G.I. doctor is of no good use, and I can only see her 3 times a year.

  2. the first 4 minutes of this video is complete chaos and I love it
    edit: 5 minutes I hadn't made it to the scream yet lol

  3. Maybe you could find sugar free crystallized ginger in one of those health food stores. You know the ones that sell supplements and special things for people's smoothies.

  4. What's the difference between coconut sugar and normal sugar when it comes to your body and what you can eat? Are natural sugars ok?

  5. Oh wow when you screamed that was 100% that Catherine Tate character who shrieks at anything. Hilarious (you + her)

  6. I’m American and I have absolutely no clue what mince meat pie is so this will be quite a learning experience for me lol god bless 🇺🇸🦅

  7. I feel like mince pies aren’t a thing in America (at least where I’m from). They look delicious though! Do you have the recipe to share, Jessica?

  8. I prefer to cook as apposed to baking. Cooking has less mess I find, baking has so much more mess to clean up after.

  9. In Australia (where I live) we have mince pies (which are like beef mince and gravy) which are savoury and what you made in this video we call fruit mince pies ( at least that's what I've always heard)

  10. Frequently in US rural areas, especially the south, you would have a “catty-whompus caniption fit” over our measurements of somethings. I was taught to measure teaspoons and tablespoons of dry spice (salt, sugar, cinnamon, pepper, etc.) by pouring it into my cupped hand! I’ve won many a bet by pouring the spice into measuring spoons and not having too little or too much. Another method is adding spices for flavor rather than spicing for flavor. Take a taste, hmm, needs more paprika. Shake, shake, shake the spice in then taste again!

    Regardless, I love all of your videos and especially vlogmas! Thank you!

    Do the neighbors ever complain about your easy to scream response? During a storm it could get entertaining!

  11. As a fellow Swede here, do you celebrate St. Lucia Day? If you do, I think a baking bad making Lucia Katten would be so fun!

  12. Thanks for making a vegan one, too, XD 🙂 ^^' This was fun and ya'll are hilarious while baking especially but always xD ^^'

  13. It’s a very good thing neither of you are fans of "The Simpsons" now that Claud has been forever traumatized by watching a sofa "sexually assault" a television!! 🤣 I cannot get the image of her with a wide eyed look of shock 😳, horror 😱 & a tiny bit of curiosity 😲; while viewing inanimate object "pornograph, pornophro…."? I can clearly imagine that she couldn’t change the channel because she was so caught off guard & confused by it all! This was fantastic, if for no other reason I laughed so hard that my mascara left lovely black streaks down my entire face 😂. Time to order new tubes of Thrive’s tubing mascara if you to keep up these hysterical shenanigans! Sending all of the usual 🤗💜🦋🙏🏻😘🐾🐾!

  14. I live on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. We have a thing called Pork Pies. They're a dessert; date tarts with a maple frosting. No pork. No idea why they are called pork pies. Really confuses people who aren't from the island haha

  15. Evidentially the original recipes did contain meat along with the suet! Mrs. Crocombe from the English Heritage channel has a really good video of a Victorian mince pie recipe
    I think I'd definitely prefer your version though, they look lovely!

  16. Can you do a reverse "Baking Bad" where you cook something? Claudia picking a recipe and cooking and Jessica being the reluctant/less-enthusiastic helper.

  17. Thank you so much Jessica! Mince pies are my favourite part of Christmas and I was so devastated that I couldn't have any this year (without consequences) since I'm FODMAP now. I'm definitely going to make these!

  18. Hello Jessica! Hello Claudia! Well I spent most of this video having a very tiny clue what was happening. But, it was so much fun! LOL I snacked on fruit cake while I watched it. Free fruit cake! The finest kind.

  19. It's so bizarre watching Claudia and Jessica interact, it's like watching the two sides of my personality having a conversation. I love it though and I'm totally going to rope in my fiancée into baking all the traditional Swedish Christmas stuff this year. She's American so I have too teach her about Sweden, it's made way more difficult as she's very easily distracted though. XD

  20. You can get vegetable suet, I use that in my mincemeat. Because it's just fat really at the end of the day, and it tastes the same

  21. Was literally looking up minced pies recipes today….then this came out😍 thank u Jessica, I know I can always count on u❤️ I’m absolutely loving these baking videos!

  22. Hi Jessica💕Clauda The Mince Pie Look Delicious
    Amazing for The Holidays Merry Christmas 👼🎄⭐🎀🎁🎁💝 Merry Vlogmas

  23. This makes me want to try baking mince pies! Never actually knew what one was.

    Also my family studded citrus fruits with cloves too!

  24. This is so iconic. The scream. Claud’s attitude. The 2 tablespoons of gin in honor of Jessie’s grandma. The socks. The following morning. And that weird British recipe, which i didnt know it had clementines, or that the Brits made it rhyme with “seventeen” instead of “Palestine”. Thanks for the fun ♥️

  25. It was so adorable when Jessica scolded Walter and then took it back, saying hes perfect the way he is. X) I can imagine how sweet she'll be with their kids. 🙂 <3

  26. Just a note for the future. If something like the lights going out & Jessica screaming happens again, it might be nice to put a trigger warning.

  27. Not just suet; originally the pies actually had meat in them too, along with the sweet stuff we have now. As time went on the amount of meat got less and less as tastes changed.

  28. When she stirred the filling in the pot, my mind immediately went "that's what good pussy sounds like"

    vine has never truly left, it's still with us

  29. Jessica 😱when the lights whent out I was 🤣😂🤣😂 pric less. And Claudia when she has to bake 😒❤❤❤❤❤ love this videos you girls make my day

  30. It's funny- I use that exact eyeliner, and its totally waterproof for me- I can cry my eyes out or walk in the rain and it'll stay on

  31. mince pies did originally have meat or mince in the filling rather than fruit & spices & were often made in an oval shape to represent the manger baby jesus slept in. Later fruit and spices were added along with keeping the meat/mince & during Stuart & Georgian times it was a status symbol, if you had mince pies it meant you had enough money to employ the best pastry chefs & the pies would usually be made into shapes such as stars, hearts, flowers & even jigsaws. Since then the majority of fruit mince pies & recipes have evolved to be made without meat/mince & lard in the pastry but someone people still make fruit mince pies with meat/mince in them. My grandmother always made them with cow mince which is probably why I’ve never ever liked them and still hate them to this day.

  32. Share something you love with someone else
    I share my heart with you both for being supportive and making this channel, I have suggested your channel to some of my friends who have the same afflictions that you deal with, and I hope that counts for sharing! 💖🥰🌈 I think you're both awesome and i LOVE your videos, and your channel is something I love to share!
    I love you reading of the ingredient list and Claudia is chewing when you say a bit less than so many grams) of that ingredient LOL! 😅
    7:25 WALTER!!! hehe! You're still a good puppy 💖
    8:15 question, here in the U.S. we call them sweaters, is there a reason you call them "jumpers" in the U.K.?
    11:50 I LOVE that you put the decorative crust on top! They look so beautiful!
    13:55 SUCCESS!!!!
    Ok… This is a Finnish recipe, have you ever tried making POTICA?


  33. I have just found out I’m probably an IBS sufferer and I heard low fodmap helps both that illness and chronic pain so I’m thinking of switching to it in the new year. So I’m invested in your cooking even more now! Add in Claudia and I know I’m in for a fabulous video xx

  34. Jessica ! me too I also have a strong startle reflex ! at least once a day I jump from someone shouting or slamming their calculator . its such a relatable nightmare!

  35. Quick tip: dip the cutter/mug in flour each time you use it and it won't stick! 😀 Also, please, it's not 'the proof is in the pie', it's 'The proof of the pie is in the eating!' Love your videos! Xxxx

  36. I love this video, so much happened in it, I was just expecting a relaxing and festive baking video instead I got, what happened with the sofa and the tv?

  37. Mincemeat originally contained meat as well as suet, a lot of historic meat recipes were actually very sweet with the sweetness coming from dried fruit.

  38. I also am very easily startled but it doesn’t usually lead to sustained screaming. 😂 I only make that noise when I’m confronted unexpectedly by a GIGANTIC spider.

  39. my dad did a mince pie baking contest with his work and he made turkey mince pies with cranberry sauce in them and he brought them home and they tasted amazing

  40. All your videos feel so cozy…
    I rarely comment but I look forward to your vlogmas series every year.
    Thank you so much for being there and for what you give us ❤️🎄
    I send love to tou and your happy little family ^^

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