Baton Creole Jambalaya on a Stick, H.Cherdon’s Austin Food Truck Adventures 2.21 Trucklandia

We are here at East Side Fillin’ Station for
Truck by Truckwest 2014. This is Baton Creole. These guys have been in business for about
a year and a half and it’s supposed to be delicious! Let’s check it out. Hi! How ya doing? I’m doing good. How about you? Perfect! I’m really, really excited. I’m here
for Truck by Truckwest. Yes! Got to try all the trailers I haven’t tried. Like Baton Creole! Baton Creole! Alright girl! You can actually
sample anything that you want. I’m known for the jambalaya baton. I invented it myself.
It is a whole bowl of jambalaya on a stick. Look at those puppies. Ahh! Aren’t they beautiful?
These are Lynzy’s original creations. They are her Jambalaya Baton. So, one is sausage
and the other is actually tofu. So… let’s give it a shot and see how they are.
Ooo! I can’t wait to eat flowers. It’s very pretty isn’t it? I just can’t get
over the flowers. I almost just don’t want to eat it. It’s like Christmas when you don’t
want to open your presents. It’s just so pretty, everything set out there under the tree. Alright, here we go! Wow! Oh my goodness!
That’s like a, oh my goodness. Mmm. Wow! That is delicious! Mmm. That is really delicious.
The sauce, it’s like a sweet, honey mustard kind of sauce, but it has something a little
bit spicier in it. Not a mustard spicy, some other kind of Cajun spice.
I don’t know, I’m not a cook. Wow! That’s good. And, I don’t know if you
can see in there. See that juicy rice in there? Little piece of sausage. So beautiful. This
presentation is amazing! Really, really like it. Mmm. Ah, got a piece of sausage. That’s good.
That’s really good. This is the Jambalaya Baton with tofu, so if you are a vegan, this
would be your baton of choice. Isn’t that beautiful with the lovely yellow
sauce and the purple flower petals? Gorgeous! Let’s give it a shot. Oh, that’s really good! Crispy crust. The
sauce is delicious. Just the right amount. I like this. It’s a little bit like corn fritters,
but with a little more spice. It’s freakin’ great! What’s the verdict? Baton Creole is magnifique!

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  1. I saw her on the travel channel yesterday and I can't wait to go to Austin to find this truck. I want me a Jambalaya on a stick.

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