Bearing Our Burdens with Hope

Oh, is it four-wheel
drive all the time? No. I have to lock in
the front hubs first. Hey, did you check the weather? Honey, it’s going to be fine. I didn’t get this
truck for you just so I could sit here and look good. Oh, so it’s my truck now? OK, I want to test it out. Shiloh! Come on! Let’s go, boy! Yeah, you got [INAUDIBLE]
too, don’t you? Come on! It’s going to be fine. We need firewood. I’m going to test out the truck. I’ll be back before sunset. Lucky for you, I
made you a sandwich. Go get your firewood. Thank you. Go on. We’re getting close. [DOG BARKING] Yeah, you remember this? Hey, this is it. [WHEELS SPINNING] [WHEELS SPINNING] Shiloh, what’s happened? [REVS ENGINE] [WHEELS SPINNING] You’ve got to be kidding me. We are not stuck. All right, let’s try this again. [REVS ENGINE] [WHEELS SPINNING] [WHEELS SPINNING] Come on. [REVS ENGINE] [WHEELS SPINNING] [DOG BARKING] Dear Heavenly
Father, I need help. Please send somebody who
can help me get out of here. In Jesus’s name, amen. Let’s go, Shiloh. I need you on the road so
they’ll know we’re here. Come on, let’s go. I’m going to go get the wood. Stay. [REVS CHAINSAW] [REVS CHAINSAW] [REVS CHAINSAW] [REVS CHAINSAW] [REVS CHAINSAW] Good boy. You did great. Did you see any cars? No? Ah, good boy. [COYOTES HOWLING IN THE
DISTANCE] Nobody came. Buddy. [DOG WHIMPERS] Heavenly Father, I’ve done
everything I know to do. I thought You’d send somebody. Please just help us get home. [COYOTES HOWLING IN THE
DISTANCE] Come on, please. [REVS ENGINE] Please, come on. Come on, move! Move! Yeah! Thank You. It was the load of wood that
provided the traction necessary for him to get out of the
snow, to get back on the road, and to move forward. Sometimes we mistakenly
may believe that happiness is the absence of a load. But bearing a load is a
necessary and essential part of the plan of happiness. Each of us also carries a load. Our individual load is comprised
of demands and opportunities. “Is the load I am
carrying producing the spiritual traction that
will enable me to press forward with faith in Christ on
the strait and narrow path? Is the load I am
carrying creating sufficient spiritual traction
so I ultimately can return home to Heavenly Father?” As we are yoked with Him
through sacred covenants and receive the enabling power
of His Atonement in our lives, we will be blessed with
spiritual traction.

100 thoughts on “Bearing Our Burdens with Hope

  1. Kelly McGonigal's TED talk "How to make stress your friend" is also a great insight into the topic of stress, and can be correlated to the gospel.

  2. I was having a rough day and watching this video has uplifted me, I am in tears as I write this message. thank you Mormon Channel for this video!

  3. This story is actually my mission president from the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission, Robert and Estella Wilkes. I'm assuming Elder Bednar knew them because Robert was a teacher at Ricks.

  4. As soon as the truck got stuck I knew by loading his truck with wood would increase his probability of getting out, however spiritual traction can only come from thinking for ourselves in Christ & importantly acting appropriately on those thoughts, apposed to waiting for God to do the thinking for us expecting a miracle, for it is we are the ones who we're waiting for.

  5. 重荷は人を謙遜にさせてくれる神様の贈り物。Burden is a gift from God that makes us humble people.

  6. This is a great message. Thank you so very much for posting. It's helped me to understand a lot more about our burdens in life. Thanks again Mormon Channel.

  7. I think all of us face are own trials in life but god will always answer are prayers may come in different forms, however he will always give us inspiration to fix are trials.

  8. Sorry everyone for that last message. God is there to answer all are prayers In many ways. It might not be immediately or even with direct revaluation, however he will help you in situations.

  9. I thought about what this means "bearing our burdens with hope" & I came to realize that having hope is the only way we can get through the hardships we face in life. Carrying the burdens you bear in life while at the same time trying to deal with understanding them can be not just difficult but seemingly impossible at times because there is no logic for some of the horrendous hardships we find ourselves in. Logic defies reason for senseless losses like death of our young or cancer. No matter what your burdens may be they become infinitesimally heavier to bear when when we're angry for having them in the first place. Everyone has burdens or hardships & comparing yours to someone else's is a game no one should attempt because we're all so very different in that some can handle more physical pain just as others have learned to cope better than another would with their emotional pain & so on. I'd never exchange my burdens for someone else's as I know them all too well I would not wish them on my worst enemy. Aside from that I also know that the blessings resulting from these burdens are also mine & mine alone. I feel that my difficulties were designed specifically for me (just as others have their own) to allow me spiritual growth I might not have experienced without them. Having a burden, problem, hardship, deformity, death, or health issues all equate to a loss that causes us pain. The simplicity of thinking "Oh this too shall pass" or "We're never given more than we can bear" it may sound warm & cozy for someone else to say as a gesture of comfort, heck it may even be true but when you're in real pain emotional or physical you don't want to hear that! You may even want to punch the whoever said it but you shouldn't, because what's really being offered is an olive branch of "Hope" not a judgement. They're just words we're taught to say when we want to show support & have no answers. I understand the anger/disappointment of facing the reality of physical impairment due to pain n other problems that place limits on my body 24/7. Anger & disappointment were the first feelings I had, then frustration & sadness came. These are normal feelings to have when you start to grapple with understanding the meaning of the loss/burden that's just been realized. Coming to terms w/our own limitations when you've never had any is daunting. We go through a mourning period like loosing a loved one because you're loosing a sense of yourself, your identity of who you are is gone along w/all the dreams you had for your life even the hope of who you'd become later is gone. It takes awhile to realize what you still have. Eventually you start to take inventory of all your blessings just to stop feeling numb. You find hope while looking for things you "can" do or control moving forward. I've come to understand my physical limitations through the years but I refuse to let them define who I am! It seems that just as I've come to terms with one problem another pops up and I find myself going through some of those same feelings all over again. Prayer helps me deal with my temporary bouts of depression that arise intermittently but it's Hope that keeps me going! Hope heals us and lightens our emotional connection to the burdens that weigh on us daily. So whenever my doctor finds another problem instead of getting bummed out I need to remember the potential embodied w/in the construct of dawning an additional burden. I realize how saccharin that sounds but ironically my pain increases when I'm not positive. I find that my pain is directly related proportionately to any sadness/depression I feel as it adds stress to my nervous system. Trying to stay happy and hopeful is the best medicine I have to help manage my burdens. Prayer, family, friends, exercise, writing and my art contribute as well. I'm grateful that hope is available to all of us; because it allows us to create & find happiness in life when everything else seems awful.

  10. once upon a time, my family went to get firewood. I thought it was going to be a three hour event but it was TWELVE! My poor husband worked so hard, it was like watching him give birth! awful. I couldn't do much to help because I had to take care of our three little kids….I didn't bring enough water. No point to this story, it's just about firewood 😀

  11. Sometimes that you must bear your burdens that you bring them unto christ and in fervent prayer and fasting many times burdens are placed there to test our faith and love to jesus christ.

  12. As we've been taught , no one ever carries heavier burdens than he can bear. The perspective is what matters, being with Jesus or not will make the whole lot of difference.Greetings from Brazil .

  13. i liked this channel before this video

    now i don't cuz why cutting the trees?
    u should save them we need them!

  14. I watched this years ago, and I received a different message from my perspective. Please let me explain, in my life I had done a lot of sinning, but I did not show faith in Jesus Christ. So the weight of those sins were weighed down heavy upon me, I ain't glad that I had sinned and I was not happy because of my guilt but because there was no other way out I turned to God and He helped me.

    The traction I needed was eventually coming to a determination of knowing there was no other way out.

  15. I'm glad we can have these videos, these messages from our lord, to keep our spirits strong, and help us to better understand his plan, and his love for us.

  16. I loved this, reminded me of the lyrics, "Does the load seem heavy you are called to bear? Count your blessings"

  17. My sister Had something like this happen to her. And she prayed and so our father in heaven helped her get throu it all! Just remember he is there for you! Pray He is there Speak He is lisening You are his child and his love now sourounds you!

  18. God is with us no matter the situation, that we may always remember him in all things in all times and in all places .😆 "Rockhill's"

  19. My load , the one I complain about is the one that will allow me to move forward . I never thought about it that way . Gods plan for us really is perfect .

  20. I wish you who are bullied could understand that the people who bully others are the ones who need the help most. Bully's are people who have a VERY low self esteem , some of them may be bullied themselves in their home. Bullies learn this type of behavior mostly thru experience. Bullies are sad people. Pray for them that they may learn how to call upon the powers of heaven to forgive those who hurt them and who they have hurt…. TURN TO THE LORD so that you may hear the promptings and know how to respond…YOU as ALL are Gods children. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  21. Did someone from Atlanta write this story? A "Westerner" would have no problem getting out. I really do like the true message of the story but had to laugh at his not able to get out.

  22. This is my favorite video to watch every winter! Stops me in my tracks, and leaves me in awe, every time. 😀

  23. I think it was very cool how he listened to the spirit and went and got wood so that it would provide traction. I am glad that we can also go to church so we can learn about how we can listen to the promptings of the spirit and also about other good things so we can live with god again.

  24. This helped me start Father's Day off on the right foot. These things that look like burdens and problems, I need to see them in a new light, as the means to my own salvation.

  25. This has given me so much strength as I have to embark on a new journey in life with health issues; practice faith and humility as I watch my aging parents slowly drift away! What a blessing indeed to have the gospel in my life!

  26. I learn that some time in life we feel we stuck in life and sometime we want are should I say I want to carry all my burden on my own. That sometime you forget that heavenly father tells us he will never leave us nor forsake us. That some when we feel like we are all alone and that they no one there to for us or that we are all alone with our load and burden. Be in tear in watching this video I love that the atoning sanctifies that My Savior done for me. That because of him He has already taken that load off my shoulders only if I just keep having faith in him. I learn that I can't have hope without hope in His goodness and love for me.

  27. I have been feeling the heaviness of my load the last couple of days. My load is no worse than any of yours, but it is mine and so it feels heavy. I was wondering if suicide was the only way out from under this load. This video has reminded me the Heavenly Father loves me and understands the load I am carrying.

  28. It reminds me of the time my carburetor dis-assembled one winter morning about 5 miles from civilization and 150 from home. At the time, I knew nothing about why the car had quit running nor how to solve the issue. A guy came by in a Telephone service truck and stopped to help. He had the knowledge, materials and tools to pretty much rebuilt the carb in about 15 minutes and we were on our way. Blessings…you never know how the Lord will answer your prayers. Thank you again dear Father.

  29. If I can handle that? To come up? again…

    So. praise the Lord. our father. and pray. Jesus Christ. About help .. Amen. Hallelujah .. Hallelujah.

    Pray to Jesus,, too for me. That I can come home again. Of for me. I pray for you, so you give and come home to my wife again. Thank you! 😉

  30. We had exactly the same situation at the middle of nowhere and we prayed the same. A women appeared to us after not long and she got help to get us out. It was God! He spoke to us after and he told us sometimes just a short prayer is enough to call on him. He’s is a faithful God.

  31. That's very helpful and informative video.. God bless u the producers actors and all involved in this short film……

  32. My grandpa had one of those truckS and I had dreamt of he teaching me how to drive it. Now I saw this and it makes sense, for he also taught me about faith, and gave me his testimony on the power of prayer to the Lord. The day of his passing was the day I saw an angel and a couple days later I met with that angel and started to know more about Jesus Christ and his Church.

  33. Looks likely pres'of christopher, Christopher, are you kidding
    ,the End of the your world(bible of Jn 8:44), this is the your judgement through book of Rev17:2 and18:3.and chapter 22:18-19for the liars,false teachers,Elders kings,nations. God bless you if you repent.

  34. Something happened to me last week , I didn't know how to get out of this problem, this ditch that I fell into, I felt as if I was losing hope, I wondered why do I need to go through this and felt overwhelmed overcome with negative thoughts and emotions.
    Today I watched this video, I still have not found a total answer to my problem but after this video I feel more hope and things make more sense, teachings from the past are coming back to my mind and I have more hope more patience more trust to submit to the Lord and walk, keep walking. I hope I can make it through..I hope. Thanks very much.

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