Beef chuck roast slow cooker recipe you’ll be glad you tried!

with about 10 minutes of preparation in
the morning you can come home to a nice roast and a family dinner for no time at all for uncomplicated recipes for busy beginners go ahead and subscribe to the channel
and hit the bell to get notified of new videos every Thursday Good morning I just
wanted to show you a quick recipe before I head off to work this morning we’re
going to do a pot roast so I have a chuck roast right here some potatoes
carrots an onion 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup or sometimes I like cream
of celery too if I remember to pick it up I’ve got some onion soup mix and a
little bit of milk so we’re going to take about five minutes and throw this
in the crock-pot before we go and then I’ll come home to a very nice dinner ok
so to start I have already peeled my carrots & I have washed my potatoes so
I’m going to just throw those cut them in quarters and then throw them in the
crock-pot after we have our potatoes in the
crock-pot the next thing we’re going to add is our carrots I like to just peel
regular whole carrots but you can also use a bag of baby carrots that are
already peeled and just throw the whole thing in the crock pot so I’m just gonna
slice off the ends of these and then slice off the tops and I just
cut those in half and throw them in with the carrots I mean with the potatoes okay
after the potatoes and the carrots we’re gonna add just some big chunks of onion
just slice it around peel off the outside skin I’m just gonna give that a few chunk or a
few little rough slices and then throw those chunks in there so now we have our
chuck roast this one is 2.3 pounds I’m going to open this up I’m just gonna
grab this and throw it on top of my veggies okay after you put your meat in
here and then you got to go wash your hands but come back and put some black
pepper across the top doesn’t really matter just kind of cover the top a
little bit and then we’re gonna make our sauce that’s gonna go over the top of it
and it’ll be like simmering and make a gravy basically that it cooks in so I
have already dumped one can of the cream of mushroom soup in here I’m going to
add the second can as well as just a can of milk so going to add that and I have
my packet of the French onion soup mix so the Lipton French onion soup mix and
I’m going to add that and stir it all together and then top my meat and
potatoes with that so I’m going to give this a quick stir once it stirred mostly covered
everything’s good we are going to then dump it right over the top all right so I’m gonna put the lid on
that put that on low and let it cook for eight hours today and whenever I get
home from work we will be in business okay so here’s the deal guys my
crock-pot has actually decided to somewhat bite the dust today so I left
this morning started with our roast carrot potatoes anyway the potatoes the
carrots are done but the meat was not cooked all the way through – so never to
fear all we have to j/k wrong way okay so as you can see I have put this
in the oven I put some foil on top and I put it in there for 45 minutes so no big
deal sometimes things don’t work according to plan just try to think how
can I finish this off like I’m gonna research a new crock-pot maybe something
great will come out of this anyway so I just wanted to let you know yeah
shit happens okay so I have just pulled this crock
out of the oven I had it covered with foil it is now steamy and delicious and
it smells amazing okay now that we’ve pulled this out of the oven – which if
your crock-pot isn’t broken you should not have to do that step! so anyway I
just wanted to let you know what this looks like whenever it’s actually done
you should be able to take two forks and really just kind of peel the meat back
you can see how that is just like ready to come off my daughters are ready for
me to put this in their bowls…was gonna say mouth but that makes them sound like
little baby birds anyway it is ready it’s delicious let’s eat and then we’ll
talk about it you guys I you know Bruce can smell this
and he is going crazy over here but I wanted to let you know how good this is
we have the meat it’s tender it’s been cooking all day it’s at the beef chuck roast and we’ve
got the potatoes I like to mash mine in the bottom of the bowl like mashed
potatoes and then put all of the juices on top like a gravy it is so good if you liked this video go ahead and
share it on social send it to a friend give it a thumbs up let me know that you
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