Bengali Sponge Rasgulla in Cooker | Sponge Rasgulla Recipe in Pressure Cooker

Welcome to Bengali rasgullas are of two types. One made
with ararot which tend to be less spongy but are very delicious in eating and second
those which are made without using ararot. These are very spongy and today we will make the second type of rasgullas .i.e. without using ararot. For this we have taken Full cream milk – 1 liter Lemon – 2 Sugar – 300 grams (1.5 cup) Firstly boil the milk. Once the milk starts boiling take it off the flame. Make milk cool down to at least 80%. Meanwhile take out lemon juice. We have got round 2 tbsp lemon juice. Now add 2 tbsp water in it. Now add ½ tbsp lemon juice in milk at a time. Mix well. Milk has started to coagulate. Milk has coagulated. Water has separated from the milk. Don’t keep the coagulated milk like this for long. Strain the milk as soon it gets coagulated. Take any sieve and cover it with a muslin cloth.
Now pour the coagulated milk on the cloth. All the water will get drained out and only chena will be left. Pour cold water on top of the chena. This will make the chena cool and washed. Also the savory flavor of lemon juice will get removed as well. Hold the cloth from all sides and squeeze the chena until all water gets drained out. Take out chena in a plate. Now knead the chena until it becomes soft and smooth. Knead the chena like this for about 3-4 minutes. Now we will make balls from it. Meanwhile boil water and sugar. Add sugar in pressure cooker. We have taken 1.5 cup sugar so add 4 cup water. Turn on the gas and let water boil. Divide chena in equal parts. Now roll them with your hands giving a round shape. Like wise prepare all balls. We are making these rasgullas in pressure cooker because it requires large amount of heat for making rasgullas. In markets the shop keepers add ritha
water in the sugar syrup which results in sudden forming of form on the surface
of syrup and rasgullas gets equal heat. We will make rasgullas in cooker because there is equal exposure of the heat and rasgullas get cooked well. Once water starts boiling, add these balls in the water. Cover with lid and cook on high flame until it simmers (whistle) once. The moment it simmers reduce the flame to medium so that the pressure remains in the cooker but it doesn’t simmers again. Cook for 7-8 minutes more. After 8 minutes turn off the gas, rasgullas are ready now. We have taken cold water in a utensil. Place the pressure cooker in water to remove all the pressure quickly. Open the lid. Rasgullas have become puffy and doubled in size. Now take them out in a bowl. Now take them out in a bowl. Try this recipe at your home and share your experience with us. See you again at

100 thoughts on “Bengali Sponge Rasgulla in Cooker | Sponge Rasgulla Recipe in Pressure Cooker

  1. Hi mam,I'm Riya A Patil, your all recipes are always easy and fantastic.I was trying these rasgullas for long period,but today I have done it.Thanks for sharing ur recipes & helping us to make new dishes.

  2. Nisha ji maine aj try kia par rasgulla gol nai bana…gujla hua sa tha jab cooker khola…gol banane k liye kya karna hai

  3. hlo mam. maine jb rasgulle bnaye to thoda sa maida bhi mix kiya tha , kyounki pneer bhut soft tha. bnane ke baad inka clr kuch yellow sa tha..and full spanji ni the…pls btayen kya ye maide ki vjah se hua..

  4. Aap k tarike sey cooker mai banaya par itna loose aur bekaar bana ki Mai bata nhi sakti pehle he achvha babaya tha, is baar cooker mai bana kr bekaar kia😡😡

  5. Hello Ma'am.
    I followed your recipe exactly….but when I opened the cooker I found that rasgullas have increased in size but they are not round in shape but they are flat…….🙄😫😫😫😫

  6. Chinika shira bananake bohot tarika haye keya? Jisme arrowroot daal ke banaya tha usme apne 4 cup chini me 2 cup pani dala tha. Please mujhe samjhaye.

  7. Kya packed ke amul gold dudh ka istemal krke rsgulla bna skte h qki hmare yha gwale se dudh milna muskil h pls replay mam

  8. मैडम जी बनाये थे चपटे बने हैं क्या कारण ह सकता है.

  9. Hi I made it exactly according to the instructions. But the Rasgolla has come out flat. What could be the mistake?

  10. Awesome recipe…. really works. Just make sure that you strain the chhena properly or else it becomes a bit messy. 🤗🤗

  11. Hello mam
    If we want to double the quanlity to make rasgullahs should we double the quantity of sugar and water.plz reply

  12. Yaha bahut badi galti kar di Hai nishamadulika ji ne chena ko kapde mein rakh kar uske upar karib 4 kg ka weight rakhna hai 4 hours ke kiye.Thaki chena ka poora pani nikal jaye.Nahi toh geela chena se rasgulla acche se nahi banega.

  13. 🙏 namaste Nisha ji l made rasgullas today they have come out very nice but only one problem they have not come out white but slightly yellowish i have used cow milk .

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