Best 5 newest and coolest kitchen utensils// kitchen gadgets 2017, Make our cooking  easier & safer.

my name is George and I am Youhanis and yes we are friends and we love cooking we had lots of ideas as many prototypes we finally found something that brings it all together and we are so proud to show to u today So Its basically a regular chopping board but it brings a professional workflow to your home. it has its breakrs to take up containers Now this take its kitchen role to our home alone racing and the other one chocolate since the shooting off the board in the first three about what this on get dressed it’s nice to get 3 your favorite ingredients profession you’re all come on the whole system is state-of-the-art on container which is below press down containers and presentation coming towards us as we designed the venous system we spend a lot of musical disposal invested a lot of planning on the 2012 now we are ready to launch and we your help we have been Rihanna problem to get the production style and to set of our confidence so if you’re not cooking and if you like the idea just a straight you should buy one you get the story about chopping growth and the help of good thoughts and if you don’t like looking at all and usually know someone who does starters I’m Tendo and steamer with my partner to your home 11 is made of industrial quality stainless steel thanks to its shape it keeps the heat in and it reduces the time is cookie therefore you know you’ll have more time to enjoy with your family put two years to work creating to face grills most always high real estate for chops mobile kinds of meat in your best of all the listed and legend it was long as your night /a friend he relaxed and you don’t want a dog I pnt machine whirring profession will not be about your cooking with water vapor which team will be ready time integral 0 to we were maybe conservative side and with making it portable big enough to fit a small chicken but small enough to you know to be able to put any regular still not ready to start production of the first 500 we didn’t think throwing away food matter until we learned families throw away on average over 400 pounds of food to the landfill every year the news be rescued recycler from w lab automatically recycled ninety-five percent of households food waste into ready to use homemade fertilizer start with a0 additive pack then continue to add food daily until fall with the help of a plant-based additive 0 device reduces your food waste by over two-thirds of its original volume the spirit device breaks down the food so the zero system can quickly recycle it over 24 hours and you’re ready to use homemade fertilizer turning food scraps today and to fertilizer tomorrow making it easy and convenient in your home to see the left to the landfill and more to your land the new 0 food recyclers turning waste into wonderful i’m excited to introduce you to vacation state it fun and easy way to control temptation the kitchen faces haha container that puts you in control let me show you how much first place an item in the container next rotation at the time and finally press the dial to activate the alarm what’s the container is locked cannot be open until the timer reaches zero it’s daddy’s i came up with the idea of the kitchen state will see my graduate studies i was looking for something fun and easy to use and how food craving lose a little weight and the healthier lifestyle all still being able to enjoy the occasional snap design of products that leaves us the highest standards i work with ryan stay an engineer and classic I met studying at like the kids say is a time-lock container to put you in charge you put an item in the container and set the time was the timer set the buttons press the container lost and cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero it is a simple concept that produces powerful results the goal and design in the kitchen staples create a high-quality product that works well looks good and it’s fun to use the product has a large clear display a smooth style 30 lakhs and clean looks compared to the highest quality containers available for the design process took over here we investigated many options and with each prototypes we refine the design so we ended with a great working product the container face is made from four millimeter thick acrylic for durability and a clean look the LCD display was custom-developed to incorporate large high-contrast characters for easy doing the dialogue specifically selected for schools action time to be set for shortest one minute or longer 10 days electronic locking mechanisms which decides sure a strong feel we have tested the kitchen safe and we’re confident that it is a great product there you have it the kitchen state you worked hard to develop a great product lines of factors of production and this is where we need your help by order to kitchen stays and spreading the word to your friends you can help us start with just an idea into a product of thousands of people enjoy from all of the kitchen States we send you take starter my name is actually best I’m ranchers and we are the creators of nerve react in every act is the world’s first intelligence to fakie device that attaches directly to your existing knobs and recognized his potential threats turn yourself off before it’s too late tamil of you have ever left food cooking on the show for too long and ended out the smoke everywhere or even a fire or left your house and just wondered whether you left the stove on if you never left yourself on before you may wonder whether this is even a problem that needs a solution the kitchen is the center of our homes it’s worth so much of life happens spending time with loved ones preparing food and sharing meals with so much happening it’s easy to forget something as simple as turning off the stove if we’re not careful something terrible can happen I know because it happened to me in the United States alone there are over 357,000 house fires each year that’s one house fire every 85 seconds these house fires caused almost 13,000 injuries per year and seven deaths every day and cooking equipment is the most common cause how many of these can be prevented with a nerve react the nerve react use a combination of sensors and electronics within the easiness to turn your stove off when a hazardous situations detected over 41 even arises attach your existing knocks to the device or use imagine you know and please defense unit on the ceiling above this unit is the brains of the device and houses a gas sensor and smoke detector which when activated signal the knob unit to turn off the person this unit also contains a motion sensor that’s linked to the timer in the nauseant you select a time interval you want using the touch sensor or you can use the default settings if no motion is detected in the vicinity of your stove during that time interval the novel activate and turn your stove off in every action novel design allows you to work on any gas or electric so it has two knobs of all shapes and sizes and if you’re away from home the smartphone app allows you to check whether your stove is on and turn it off if needed you can even adjust the temperature stove to ensure your food doesn’t overcook so please back us and help us reach millions of people like you who want to feed their home and loved ones face we hope in their react will provide you with a piece of mind you deserve together we can help to prevent the devastating effects caused by house fires thank you

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  1. Best 5 newest and coolest kitchen utensils// kitchen gadgets 2017 , what make our cooking easier and very safer also making us good chef.

  2. OMG thank god men cook, now all the cool inventions will keep coming. That chopping board is a kitchen must. What a great wedding present

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  4. I am not here on my organization journey – but when I get there… Ill be back. Thanks for making such a thoughtful item. Good Luck!

  5. I find it humorous that the kitchen safe commercial showed throwing a set of car keys into the safe. The only problem is they used a proximity key fob which will still start the car just by having it inside the car lol.

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