Best BBQ Ribs Recipe – Super Tender Fall Off Bone Ribs

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today I’m going to show you how to make
the best ribs in the world. There’s just no competition, this is it
these are the best. Everybody else lost, this is it no jokes. Okay so the only technical piece of equipment
that you’ll need to cook this recipe is a Sous Vide machine, if you don’t have that
you can’t really make it because it’s really essential for this recipe. It makes the ribs so tender it’s crazy. Okay, let’s get cooking – let’s go! Okay so we’re going to start off by making
a spice rub. I’m going to use a food processor just to
mix the ingredients together. Now I’m going to add 25-grams of salt, followed
by 25-grams of sweet paprika powder, and then 5-grams of smoked paprika powder, and 25-grams
of brown sugar and then 8-grams of garlic powder followed by 12-grams of onion powder,
and 4-grams of black pepper, these are corns but you could also just use ground black pepper,
and 2-grams of cayenne pepper. Now I’m just going to blend these ingredients
together so they’re nice and mixed until the peppercorns also break down. Now it’s a good idea also sometimes to shake
your machine like this just to make sure it doesn’t layer up and doesn’t mix evenly. Once it’s done you just want to turn this
off and then you’ve got a delicious spice rub that you can any kinds of meats, and preferably
barbecue them. Now I’m going to get the ribs and add this
stuff to it. So here we go a rack of ribs. I’m going to place it into a container so
I don’t make a big mess and I’m just going to spoon out some of this spice rub and just
lay it over it nice and evenly so that it covers it. Then I’m going to flip it over and apply
it to the other side as well just like this. Now what you can do is just shake it off and
use your rack of ribs or you can go the extra mile and rub it in, hence the name spice rub. Once you’ve rubbed it in nice and evenly
and you’ve got it covered fully then you want to add your ribs into your Sous Vide
bag. This is a Sous Vide bag, it’s a special
bag designed for air to be vacuumed out of it. I’m going to place my rack of ribs inside
and since it’s a bit long I’m going to curl it over at the end so it fits into this
bag. I’m going to add my other rack of ribs and
now I’m going to vacuum seal it, so I’m going to bring it towards my machine, open
it up and place it in to the area you’re supposed to then close the machine and simply
hit the button that makes it vacuum and seal the air. Basically now it’s just sucking all the
air out so there’s no air in there and then it seals it up so you can cook it inside a
Sous Vide cooking machine. There we go it’s ready to be cooked in a
Sous Vide machine. Now to cook the ribs, you want to place them
into a Sous Vide cooking bath like this at 60 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, that’s
two days. At the end of it you’ll have a super tender
rack of ribs like this one and you can keep it in the fridge for a few more days if you
need to. Now to make the barbecue sauce, you want to
start off by taking 140-grams of brown sugar and 20-grams of salt, and heating it up until
it melts. This is it melting. You just want to make sure that you melt all
the sugar and when it starts to bubble just like this then you want to just use a spatula
and mix it around just to get it nice and evenly melted. At this stage you want to leave it to cook
for about 30-seconds to 45-seconds and then you want to add your ketchup. This is Heinz ketchup, 1-kilogram. Don’t use any other brands, just use Heinz
ketchup it’s the best one. Once you’ve added that then you want to
take your spatula again and just mix it in just to make sure the bottom isn’t burning
and just continue cooking it a little bit while you add the rest of the ingredients,
which would be 20-grams of black pepper, 3-grams of cayenne pepper, 6-grams of garlic powder,
6-grams of onion powder, 3-grams of smoked paprika, 20-grams of mustard, and 170-grams
of concentrated tomato paste. Once you’ve got all that in there then you
add 80-grams of vinegar and 80-grams of apple cider vinegar followed by some Jack Daniels
whiskey, 100-grams of Jack Daniels whiskey. At this stage you want to just mix the sauce,
just to incorporate all the ingredients and then you want to put it on a low cooking temperature
and cook it for a long time, about two to three hours. You want to check regularly and just mix it
with a spatula and make sure there’s nothing at the bottom of the pan sticking or burning. Just come back to it every 20-30 minutes and
give it a little turn around, control the heat, make sure it’s going good. And if you need to add some water and mix
that in to make sure that it doesn’t burn. Continue cooking this and this sauce is now
finished, I’m going to let it cool down and I’m going to add 25-grams of freshly
squeezed lemon juice. At this stage you can feel free to add a little
bit more whiskey or a little bit of salt or whatever you want to, to taste, just to finish
the sauce off. There we go my barbecue sauce is done, moving
on. So now to unpack the ribs for barbecuing,
now these ribs have been in the fridge for about a day and I like to do this because
it hardens up the ribs because after the Sous Vide cooking they are super tender and they
fall apart so if you put it into the fridge for at least a few hours then it’s more
manageable and more easier to cook but they will still be super tender later once they
cook. Here I am going to just cut the ribs in half
because as I said they’re super, super tender so half a rack of ribs is less likely to break
apart on the barbecue than a whole rack of ribs. Now that I’ve done that I’m going to head
over to the barbecue. So now to lay your rack of ribs on the barbecue,
you want to put them not on top of the fire but slightly off to the side and then you
want to just cook it, just take your time, give it a few minutes and once it starts to
get done just turn them over. As you can see the rub starts to go from a
matte to a glossy and that’s what you want to start seeing before you apply the barbecue
sauce. At this stage you want to add the barbecue
sauce. So just take a brush and lather that barbecue
sauce on and try to make it cover it as evenly as possible and then just flip it over. I’m going to turn it around and as you can
see now you can start to see the bones, that’s because the meat is so tender it’s starting
to pull away from the bones and fall apart. If you overcook it, it could just break apart
on the barbecue. Now I’m going to add some more barbecue
sauce just like this, just lather it on, be as generous as possible. More barbecue sauce is always better, and
this stuff is delicious so you really want to get a lot on there. Now you just want to flip it over one more
time just to make sure that barbecue sauce gets cooked with the ribs a little bit. I really think it improves the flavor of the
barbecue sauce and the ribs at the same time. So just a little bit more barbecue sauce and
now I’m going to put these on a plate so I can start the eating process. They feel like they are about to fall apart. Okay so now to eat the barbecue ribs. Now you don’t need a knife forget that,
just a spoon is good enough, look at that bone it fell out of there because they’re
so, so tender and that’s because the 48-hours in the Sous Vide machine. What happens in that process is it turns the
tough collagen that’s in the meat to soft, soft gelatin and then it becomes super juicy
and they just fall apart, it’s the best experience you can ever have in ribs. I urge you to give this a try. There we go – delicious! Okay so now you know how to make one of the
best rack of ribs in the world and I don’t say that lightly, I seriously mean it’s
the best. Everybody that has given this rack of ribs,
cooked this way, has just been amazed because it doesn’t compare to any other ribs they’ve
had in their life. It’s like a completely different thing at
a different level, it’s just so tasty and so soft and so tender. It just falls apart, it hits every mark just
right. It is just perfection in ribs, I don’t think
it can get any better. It’s just so crazy, even if you were full
and you just tried a little bit of them then you would just keep eating it because you’re
not eating out of hunger you’re eating out of pure lust. It’s just amazing. Anyway I hope you give this a try at home
and I hope you can taste these for yourself, it’s a really good experience. I guess that’s all. If you haven’t done so already subscribe
to my channel so that you can see future videos when they come out. Thank you for watching, see you guys next
week – goodbye. END

100 thoughts on “Best BBQ Ribs Recipe – Super Tender Fall Off Bone Ribs

  1. looks amazing. definitely going to use the recipe. I don't have a vacuum machine, but a zip lock bag and a straw works just as fine.

  2. I love how you are very precise with your measurements. It looks yummy but I wont be making it because it is too fiddly

  3. put a thin layer of yellow mustard on the ribs before you put the rub on next time. it sounds crazy but its way better. the mustard flavor wont really be there in the finished product but it will help the rub stick better and the vinegar will help make the ribs more tender.

  4. Wow, sorry about all the mean comments. I hope you don't lose motivation to keep producing videos. I really enjoy your techniques and enthusiasm! I look forward to the next ones.

  5. Was feeling it until you put ketchup in it. Add more tomato, vinegar, sugar, spice i.e. ketchup ingredients, but don't actually put a bought sauce in your sauce. It's an easy out.
    I wouldn't truly enjoy the ribs knowing there was ketchup in the sauce.
    I mean, how insulted would you be if you spent hours cooking a meal for someone and they put ketchup on your meal? As a chef, I'd be horrified!

    Also, and sorry if I sound negative but people without sous-vide equipment will be pleased to hear, incredibly succulent ribs (and cheeks, and oxtail etc) can be achieved with a long slow cook. Par-boiling at low temps and braising for several hours not only makes the meat incredibly tender but the final roast has the benefit of caramelising some of the sugars and giving some crispy edges. The variety in texture makes for a much less homogenous mouth-feel.

    One last thing, I was always taught that 5-60º is the bacterial danger-zone. Is that ever addressed in sous-vide cooking I wonder? 2 days in the danger zone sounds like a fast track to botulism as far as I can tell.

    Sorry for all the criticism but I tried to be constructive, and know that I don't bother writing so much to channels I don't enjoy!

  6. Do you have to cook the ribs for so long even in a sous vide? Also, I suppose we are talking port ribs here? If you wanted to do a chicken portion to do with the ribs, how long would you need to cook that sous vide? Could you use the same bath? If so how long would the chicken need?

  7. Of course it will fall apart if you cook it for freakin 2 days!!! and why did you completely burn it on the BBQ?? That burned stuff gives you cancer you know.Cancer!!!!!!! I like your pan cover holder =)

  8. If you want to buy a good machine without investing so much in amazon special pull me personally buy the anova brand of about 250$ in 99$ and using all day recomended this metod gor cooking

  9. Can u make for 400g short ribs with the same recipe as like you?. But without pour it to 60 degree cooked water for 48 hour,because i dont have the machine…

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  12. Can u tell me what is the best substitute for jack daniels whiskey,because i can't use it,and can i use induction stove instead sous vide?

  13. you didn't smoke them! thats not BBQ, those are grilled ribs. the smoking process makes them tender in the same way as the sous-vide but imports the amazing smoke flavor. I'm very distraught by this D:

  14. can't believe you went through all that trouble to make some fall off the bone ribs. Mines fall off the bone more than this and I just use basic home remedies and experience.

  15. Wtf is this? The hipster way of cooking ribs? Dont need any bullshit machine to make tender ribs. Just have to actually know how to smoke.

  16. you can do the same thing using charcoal in 1.5- 2 hours. offset cooking, briquttes on one side of grill, ribs on the other side of grill. first sear ribs on top of charcoal then place rack on other side of charcoal but not over it. vary the distance to control heat, you will get closer as the heat dies down. flip over every few minutes, 15- 30 minutes roughly. if its too close to the heat it will burn. in about 1.5 hours- 2 hours its ready for sauce, put it over charcoal to carmelize sauce. 48 hours on sous vide is super overkill

  17. this video is actually so useless, if somone already has that machine (witch few do) they already know what they are doing

  18. This is a beautiful grill! Very deluxe.>>>   I got both of my sons one for Christmas and there’s been no complaints!

  19. Ketchup in BBQ sauce? Why? That makes such an odd flavor. You can use tomato paste and cider vinegar instead.

  20. Bro I can tell you haven’t cooked long enough. Your rub was lumpy, you didn’t leave alone your ribs for the rub to take hold of the meat. You super low cooked the meat for two days that broke down the texture of the meat way too far. Nice try bcuz I know you didn’t build this recipe on your own.

  21. Legit perfect food every time.>>>    Kinda hard to figure out the first time, but once you've got it down, everything you cook with it is great.

  22. You don't need that machine you can just bake or boil your ribs and it will have the same affect

  23. i love how he said "it's because you're not eating out of hunger

    you're eating out of lust".

    that's funny

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