– Hey guys, today I’m gonna
share with you my recipe for a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake. It’s a really spectacular
dessert idea that is perfect for Halloween that’s coming
up or also for Thanksgiving. It’s pretty simply to do, and
the whole thing can really be made ahead and just refrigerated, and then when it comes time
to serve, all you have to do is slice and dig in. Let me show you how to put it together. So we’re first gonna begin
by creating our crust. So for this, you’re gonna need two cups of chocolate cookie crumbs. So basically, that’s about
nine ounces of either chocolate wafers, or you
could use the chocolate sandwich cookies and just
scrape out the filling. So you’re gonna grind those
either in a food processor or you also could put them in a Ziploc bag and give them a whack
with the rolling pin. Then we’re gonna place the
crumbs in a large bowl, and to that we’re gonna
add five tablespoons of unsalted butter. And we just wanna mix that up
with a fork until everything is nice and combined. If you feel like it’s
still a little bit too dry and the crumb is not coming together, you can just a little
bit more melted butter. Then we’re gonna pour
the crumbs into a greased springform cheesecake pan. And then I just like to
kind of level out the crumbs to make sure that everything
is even and then go with my hand and press down the crumbs and then kind of fist bump it up the side to create a nice crust. And at this point, it really
doesn’t matter if those edges are perfect, because I think
this is what’s gonna make for a really dramatic
cheesecake, to have those little jagged edges. Then you’re gonna place
your pan in a 325-degree Fahrenheit oven for anywhere
from 10 to 12 minutes. Then you can take it
out and allow it to cool while you prep the filling. So in a large bowl, we’re gonna add two eight ounce tubs of whipped cream cheese. I like the whipped variety
because I think it adds to a lighter cheesecake. But if you can’t find the
whipped, you could also use the brick kind. You want it nice and soft
because then we’re going to add our two eggs and our three egg yolks. Then we’re gonna add three quarters cup of just plain white sugar. You can give that a whisk and
make sure that’s all combined. And then here comes the pumpkin. We’re gonna add 115-ounce
can of pure pumpkin puree. And then to that we’re gonna
add a quarter teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. Now I know pumpkin pie spice
can be difficult to find outside of the US. It’s definitely, I
think, an American thing that we tend to bake with
a lot this time of year, but if you wanna know how to make it, I’ll leave you a link in the description that will show you how. It’s a fun thing to have on hand. You can have a little taste of America in your spice cabinet. Then we’re also gonna add a
teaspoon of vanilla extract. So you can combine all of that until it’s nicely incorporated, and then at this point we are going to add a quarter cup of all-purpose flour. And then you can mix that up. I really love to add a little bit of flour in my cheesecakes because
I find that, that really sets the cheesecake a lot better
and it will also alleviate having to create a water bath
when you bake your cheesecake. Then you’re gonna take
your cheesecake filling and you’re gonna pour it
into your cooled crust. And then here comes the fun part. We’re gonna take two ounces of
melted bittersweet chocolate and you are going to
spoon little dollops of it all the way around the cheesecake, just in a large circle,
about an inch or so apart. And at this stage it
doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re gonna swirl
this chocolate anyway. So if it starts to drip
or make little drizzles, that’s okay. Then you’re going to run a long
skewer through your circles, just creating a really
nice swirly twirly pattern. And really, it’s up to
you how swirly and twirly you wanna go. (chuckles) You can just do it
slightly, which I kinda like because I find that the
simpler in some way, the more sophisticated and the better. But if you really wanna load it up, you could swirl and twirl
until that whole cheesecake looks like a big cob web. So really up to you, this
is where your artistry will come in. Then we’re gonna bake our cheesecake in a 325-degree oven for at least one hour. Now here’s the thing:
I typically will set it for 50 minutes and then
check it at that point. If it’s still jiggling
like really loosely, it probably needs another 10 minutes. If it looks like it’s set and
it’s just jiggling slightly, I would take it out because
I find that cheesecakes, it’s better for it to be
a little bit underbaked than overbaked, because if it’s underbaked it will still set up in the
fridge when you refrigerated it. But if it’s overbaked, you’re gonna get cheesecakes with cracks. So if you’ve ever had that happen to you where you’ve had a
cheesecake with cracks in it, chances are it was overbaked. Then once it’s done, you
can take it out of the oven and allow it to cool. You really want to let
it cool down for at least 30 to 40 minutes. And then I don’t cover it because
if you cover it with foil, it will end up having some
condensation on the top which then drips onto the pumpkin and will start to discolor the pumpkin. So you don’t want that to happen. So just put it in just
as is in your fridge for anywhere from four hours
to overnight is even better, and that will really allow your cheesecake to set up beautifully. Then you can place your
cheesecake on a cake stand and bring it to the
table and let everybody be very impressed by it. (chuckles) There’s something so
dramatic about this cake. it’s beautiful, it’s festive and to me, it feels very homey. When you bite into it,
you will see just how delicious it is. You’ve got that crunchy,
chocolatey cookie crumb mixed with that lightly spiced
velvety pumpkin cheesecake. And of course, those little
chocolate swirls on top. I hope you subscribe for
more quick and easy recipes, and I will see you back here
next week for another one. Until then, bye. ♫ You’re A-okay ♫ You’re sweet honey ♫ You’re fine, so fine ♫ You’re mine, you’re all mine ♫ Tick tock, tick tock ♫ I said hot, so hot, hot, hot ♫ Don’t watch, don’t watch,
don’t watch the clock ♫ You’re running out of time ♫ You’re fine, so fine ♫ You’re mine, you’re all mine

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