100 thoughts on “Big Fish on Active Volcano Catch n Cook

  1. Yo lordsssss! So out of 777 entry's (yes it took me hours!!!) We have the winner of the box of lures that was given away on the now viral video "most unbelievable fish captures"!!! Winner of the Box is NandaKodai – Comment to claim your lures mate! Will be lots of giveaways coming, these are also personal giveaways none of which are sponsored or endorsed. Enjoy the video, cheers Cavy

  2. Hi great job!!! These tips are extremely helpful I post few helpful tips how to cook fish on my channel ur welcome don't forget to subscribe for more videos

  3. Much love but dripping a fish fro that height, you pretty much can assure they are dead from the force of the impact.

  4. Braddah Cavy! Careful on taking home the Lava rock aye. Hawaiians are on a different level when it comes to the spirits and gods. I’ve heard that the volcano observatory gets rocks returned throughout the year because tourist tried to sneak home lava rocks. Odd paranormal things started to plague them and once they returned the rocks it all stopped. Shoots den!🤙🏽

  5. Epic video man! Glad you caught a bucket list fish in Hawaii! Now I’m hunting for my first ulua even harder after you inspired me seeing you here! 🤙🤙

  6. Sick Skitzy Cliff ….where Big Island.? Cool black trigger n that Orange saltwater catfish was crazy….Island Style 🌴🤙

  7. bait fishing done right, catch your bait, use them and the ones you dont use then eat (or save for next time so you dont need to catch more)

  8. Cav doggg lava rocks aren’t something to take with you as a souvenir… thats bad luck m8 . Beautiful fish tho, frothinnnn yeewwwww🤙🏽

  9. Wow man I'm working in the northeast during a snowstorm and this just brought me to warm place, that hand line was sick!!! Also your friend is really coming along as a Fisher, she got this down!! Thanks Cav Dogg🐟🎣🙏

  10. Glad you had fun on the islands we all call home yyyyeeeeeeewwwwwww fucking legends everyone all aloha 💯🤙🏽💪🏽🎣

  11. Nice video to get all excited about fishing again,. Just got home from Steelhead fishing all day trying to chill.. ha. Caught the second biggest fish in a steelhead fishing tournament today in Oregon. Going to Molokia Hawaii in 6 weeks to catch some amazing fish.. and swim with the whales n turtles. So blessed to be able to enjoy the islands, and make new friends and memories.

  12. Hey guys! We LOVE fishing too, head to our Channel to see us hooking into some BIG pelagic fish including 15kg+ kingfish and 25kg Cobia land based!!!!!

  13. Wow your fishing trips getting so extreme now . Looked like some amazing people to go with too. Keep up the epic vids .

  14. Incredible video with a lot catch’s, wowwww I had ever seen this fish ballesta, the black with blue and yellow marks, how do you call it there??

  15. Sensational fishing, this place has good fish congratulations the video was beautiful.
    Hug! 👍🎣

  16. Nice video!! I miss the big island, I use to live there on the Kona side. For 9 years Kona was home. You do any surfing? Bayans use to be a good spot on Kona side or A-bay…. I seen in the video that you were taking a small lava rock. Careful, I don't know if anyone told you but, it is said that people have bad luck if they take the rocks. Every year hundreds of lava rocks get sent to the Hawaiian post office with notes asking for them to put the lava rocks back… Well good video man. Hopefully you go back and maybe become part of the 100+ club!

  17. Escutei uma brasileira bem carioca aí kkkkk caraca maluco . Show mesmo já acompanho os vídeos a tempos parabéns

  18. That lava intro was nuts. Another one off the bucket list ah Cavy, nice. Holy smokes how huge was that barracuda 😳. I thought I was a shark that took the tail!! #Epiccliffhangar

  19. When I was in the U S Military stationed in Hawaii I made so many friends with the "Locals" just by fishing. The local culture is so friendly and caring. I always would offer my catch of the day to my new found friends and was always invited to their homes or camp sites for a meal with their entire family and neighbors. Enjoy you stay in Hawaii, Aloha Niue!

  20. Wow just wow Cavy👏🏼💜🤗 I'm always in such awe of your breathtaking footage in your videos. That volcano😳🤓😎OMG amazing plus the fishing. Your content never disappoints n I get so excited when I get a notification that u uploaded. Pamela is so darn cute fishing now!! Safe travels my friend 🙌🏼👏🏼💪🏼🐟✌🏼️🌈

  21. Melhor canal de pesca ao mar, melho ainda com tradução pra quem é do Brasil que nem eu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Pretty sure everyone that watches your videos will agree that we are all winners . NandaKodai just won that little extra. Hawaii looks insane for fish . Good luck mate .

  23. my favorite YouTuber. 😍😎😎
    always adventure beautiful places when fishing. good catch.
    good team work.
    Hi, Cavy, I will tell you some fish names that your team got. which is usually called in my country.
    especially from my area.
    1. Tuna fish
    2. Fanggo fish
    3. Beard fish / parrot
    4. Tuna.
    5. Nandotoro fish.
    I hope to be like you. 🤣
    Cavy is waiting for the next video.
    keep the spirit of pursuing content for your loyal channel audience.💪💪

  24. Nice one Cavanator, that third fish looked a little like a goat fish on steroids.
    For a second I thought you was about to chuck some lures into that red stuff at the start 😁

  25. Hello Cavy , where is this island where you fished ? And thank s to eat amberjack fish in sashimi , my wife is Japanese and she like to see you eating sashimi ….!! Good job bro….

  26. Nice vid bro. Good action. I used to fish those same cliffs a lot before I got my boat. Night time down there is crazy for Ulua and menpachi. I got a vid of some small kine menpachi and aweoweo action down there if you want to check it out. https://youtu.be/5TME73YYgLE
    Tight lines bro, aloha

  27. Fishing off that volcanic ledge, incredible!! In real place. Just amazing. Looks like some good people ur with. Blessings!


  29. my dad said he saw a bigger kahala at Ali’i Beach Park, Haleiwa yewwwww where your girlfriend took that bob marley picture

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