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(upbeat music) Being blindfold kind of scares me. We used to play this game
called The Blindfold Game. It was like hide-n-seek but
the person finding people was blindfolded and I used
to be a little bit scared. Y’all better not do anything. Geez, here’s the thing. The Bird Box challenge is just people doing stupid
stuff blindfolded, right? I have not seen the movie so I don’t get any of this right now. This is the stupidest thing
I might have ever done. Just wanted to get that out there. I don’t know why it’s called Bird Box. Are you pretending you’re in a box? And you’re a bird. That would be a birdhouse. So, I guess I’ll start I know- (dramatic music) Ew, y’all are playin’ some
damn tricks on me already. I know there was a dough
out here when I started. Y’all if I fall, I swear. Okay, I’m gonna need some flour. Now I have to get it to a big circle. I’ve made enough pizzas, I
should be able to feel this. What is the point of being
blindfolded in that movie? Is a Bird Box a birdhouse? Good thing I wore black. I feel like my doughs pretty good. Hopefully there are no holes in it. I gotta get my pizza peel which I know is back here y’all, this is not cheating. Some of the things I paid attention to. I feel like I’m nine thousand years old trying to walk. Where am I? Okay, I’m gonna show you all
a trick, even blindfolded. If you heat up your pizza stone, then put some parchment down, this makes transferring
it into the oven easier. Now, y’all better be givin’ me some help puttin’ this in the oven. I feel like I’m doing okay at the moment. I don’t know where like
my toppings and stuff are. I just don’t like things
that I don’t know. I don’t know if you all know that about me but I like being in control. So, when I feel like I’m not in control Aw man, there’s a hole. Big ole hole. I gotta fix that. (dramatic music) I think that’s as good as it’s gonna get. Alright, so I’m going to find the toppings and they were not out here. So I assume they’re in the fridge. Y’all this is why I don’t
like this kinda stuff. I’m making a basic pizza. I don’t know where y’all are, if y’all are here, here, here. I’m making a basic pizza. Okay, I’m not tryin’ to
make elaborate toppings. So, we’ll pretend that I’m
making this for my kids. Eww! I don’t know if I want mushrooms. Oh, those are eggs. Don’t need those. (gasps) Oww! Maybe this is the sauce. This might be sauce. This could be sauce too. Is this onions? Need the cheese. This is cheese. Okay, that’s cheddar, okay that’s more like it. Whatever, I just hope
this is the right kind. Okay, I got sauce and cheese and I’ll do onion and mushroom, maybe. (beep), now I gotta get back. (dramatic music) I have no idea how much
I just put on there. Okay, I need something to spread it with. (dramatic music) I hope that’s enough sauce. I like to do some cheese and then the toppings
and then more cheese. Am I gettin’ close? Where’d my other toppings go? Oh I need a mushroom,
that sounds kinda good. Surely I’m getting close if I
just make the circular motion. Hopefully there’s equal distribution. Now, more cheese. Aw, man. I’m gonna get help for this part. (oven door closes) I’m going to wash my hands now. Am I gonna trip over a
light thing or am I okay? (water running) The speed at which you move
when you’re blindfolded is like a fraction of your normal speed. It’s like I am moving
like a 90 year old woman. No offense to you 90
year old women out there. Okay, I guess I’ll stand here and wait. I don’t know what else I can do. (snaps fingers) (clock ticking) They have reset for me and I think brought me
a cold beer somewhere. There’s nothing in here. So I guess we can bring in the pizza. They do protect me a little bit so I don’t have to go to
the hot oven by myself. I hope this isn’t like something nasty. My gosh, I hope I’m
pouring this in the glass. Tastes like foam. Gotta do this to make the foam go away. I put a lot of foam in there. Alright, so my pizza smells good. Now the next part of this
challenge is to cut it. Y’all it feels pretty good. Feels like I did a nice round pizza. Don’t let me cut myself. Okay, here goes nothing. Alright, I think I can get a cheese pull. (plop) (laughs) I feel like
there’s no sauce on here. I mean, it’s pretty good, it
just tastes like cheesy bread with a little onion. (clapping) (laughs) I mean Overall I think I nailed
it in the shape department. I mean, it’s you know,
an artisan style pizza. I think I was right that I
did not have enough sauce. But I felt like I poured a cup of sauce. My toppings were not
quite evenly scattered It’s kinda like this
is a pizza for my kids. Half cheese, half veggie. Taste-wise, listen, Don’t forget to but whatever you do (upbeat music)

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