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HI! This is a great life, dude. Have burgers,
have pizzas, earn money. Ew! Lift this pizza and you’ll find
that it has a really soggy bottom. The base is rotten, bro. OK Google, call Dominos. (Google) Oh! I CANNOT TAP IT. I’M BLINDFOLDED! Basically, we’re here for some Pizza. Basically we’ll get three sorts of Pizzas: One from Dominos, one from Pizza Hut & one from Nirula’s. But you know what? There’s a twist to it. You have to taste it while being blindfolded. This is my first Blindfold test. You did it in the last one, no? In the last Blindfold test, just because of Satyam… Oh, yeah. We lost. He couldn’t recognize lettuce, bro. I’m a hard– hard– hardcore, like,
Non-Vegetarian… and today, I have to take one for the team. Pavitra obviously needed someone to
accompany him. I’ll also try his vegetarian Pizza. Why do people have Veg Pizzas?
Bro I cannot tell apart anything
in the Vegetarian foods… I’m here. It’s all the same, bro. Grass is all the same.And on top of that, you’re here too, Kanishk. Have you ever won anything?
In your whole life? Try to remember what you won last time. You know what you won last time? Dosa.
The Sperm Race.
That’s it. After that, you won nothing. I don’t really remember when I had
Pizza for the first time. I don’t even remember what I had
yesterday. They’re asking about Pizza. You think Pizza in the olden days
is different from right now? From your time, yes.
You were probably there when the Pizza was created.
If I go to Dominos, then I get a Cheese Burst.
If I go to a restaurant, I buy thin-crusts. In those thin-crust Pizzas… …I don’t get that homely feeling. Until there’s no thick-crust Dominos Pizza that you leave the sides of….…what’s the fun in Pizzas? In movies, the guy eats the Pizza and the girl eats the sides. That’s the kinda girl I want. Don’t talk about girls and dating, bro.
Why, bro? Pineapple Pizza is love. It’s amazing. – Pineapple Pizza reminds me of Hawaii.
– Pineapple Pizza is sh*t. I usually have Pepperoni Pizza with lots of
Pineapple and Olives on it. And it makes me feel amazing. No, pal. Pineapple is a no-no. Pavitra just died a 100x times. Pineapple is a fruit. You can’t–
…put fruit in Pizza. They don’t go together– they don’t blend together! In five star hotels, they do it all the time.
BC, they feed you anything. They’d put Vodka in Shahi Panner–
here you go, La Shahi Paneer. That’s what happens, bro. Pizza – INR 10. La Pizza -INR 100.
Will it ruin my hair? Are these slices here? It’s right here. It smells so good. It feels like we’ve come to a Pizzarea. Should I sniff the slices? Yeah. Whatever you picked up in Dominos.
I can smell it. Let’s start from the right. I think the right one– smell it… …smell it and tell me you don’t
smell garlic
bread from Dominos. The first time I smelled it,
it felt like Dominos. But after the eighth time,
I felt like it could be something else. I’m in that exam where out of five chapters,
I have not even read one. I don’t know sh*t. Don’t worry. I’m the topper who’s
studied everything and… …and calls you up at night and
tells you that I haven’t studied anything NO! You’re the kind who’s like “I know everything!”
and it turns out that you scored the least. It’s not exactly thick-crust, but it isn’t
thin-crust for sure. The corners feel like Dominos as well. Can we have this? Yeah. This is very cold, BC.
Pal, this should have had some
oregano or chilli flakes. It’s bland. It tastes so gross. I’ve never had a pizza like this. There’s onion and mushroom–
this is Dominos. – Really?
– Yeah. If you say so. There’s definitely some sort of… ..corn in this. Where’s the chicken? There’s some non-veg also. You didn’t get non-veg? No, dude. There’s no non-veg… OH, I GOT THE CORN HERE. Oh? IT’S IN MY HANDS. This is Dominos. I remember the taste of their
crust very well, Tenzing. I don’t really hate it, but I don’t really like it either. My God. Should we try the middle one? Let’s do the second one. Also, now I’m a little confused between Nirula’s… and Pizza Hut because… …because it smells like Pizza Hut. Look at me just smelling it. It doesn’t feel like Dominos– Yeah, no Dominos. Actually, it’s been a while since
I’ve had Pizza Hut. So I don’t even know if it’s Pizza Hut or not… Very, like…irrelevant. There’s no punch packed in this slice. Oh, bro…wait, wait, I’m feeling
the toppings. This, this, this… It feels like Nirula’s. I’ve never had it in my life.
It’s definitely Nirula’s. Yeah. (what even) 100%. It has some onions too. Bro, it’s great that I didn’t have it ever. It’s very weird. Listen, how are we going to tell if it’s… I think this is Nirula’s because… it’s stuffed with vegetables. It feels very spicy and desi. It feels like… Mom made some curry and there were leftovers… …and she put them in the pizza. …so she just panned them on the bread
and gave it off. Oh, god it’s a pathetic joke
in the name of Pizzas… For some reason, I like it. I’ll eat it, but it isn’t… It’s not offering me anything. I understand that blandness and all that but… What would they offer except for the taste?
They won’t give your their property.
The sauce of this pizza is one
that I have never tried. Most likely, it’s Nirula… I’ve just never had it. Dominos and Pizza Hut…you’ll just know. Do you wanna try the next one? Wait for a second, no? What? There’s some cheese stuck in the middle
of my teeth. I’m removing it. The cheap cheese, right? Right? That gets stuck everywhere. Third one. OH! This is a big one. This is a fat boy. Dude, this… This is a big one. The weight gives it a Dominos feel… This is a big one! This one is weird too. The base is rotten, bro. When the chapaties at home get soggy at the bottom… …that’s what this slice feels like. I think this is Nirula’s. So uneven. What’s this shape? This has no shape. It’s unevenly spread out. Soggy at the bottoms. They were cooking Naans and it was too fat
so they thought let’s go with the Pizza. Oh f**k man now… Why does this happen? This is a solid pizza. I’m confused between which one
out of the two is Dominos. This is a solid pizza. This smells like it has Olive also. It’s probably Pizza Hut. It has Olive, yeah. That’s true. I think I was wrong, dude. Is this Nirula’s? No! This is Pizza Hut. Wait, let’s taste it. We’ll find out after tasting it. It’s so gross. It feels like someone left a soggy tissue-paper. We’re having it. This is a cheese-burst pizza. Yeah. This has cheese in it.
What are you talking about? Yeah, it has cheese in it. So this can’t be Nirula’s for sure. This is Pizza Hut. This can be Dominos’ Five Chilli Pizza. Oh f**k. I’m very confused about these two. I think I’m the slug in the Blindfold Taste Test.
I always get confused between the first and third. It’s that one… F**k I just had this. What did you have? The chillies! It’s better than the rest but it’s like… This pizza is banged out.
I dunno what you guys do with it. It’s not as good as the first one. But this is spicy… …and nice. I don’t like anyone of them.
Yeah, all of these were gross.
<...the pizzas are roasted beyond redemption.>There are very few things which I don’t
like eating. Because I have everything. Dominos… Nirula’s… Pizza Hut. First one is Dominos. Second one is Nirula’s… Third one is Pizza Hut. Right one is Dominos. Middle one is Nirula’s
because we’ve never had it… The right one is… Dude the next one is left. I was just confusing you. Which is the left one?
Pizza Hut. All? SAFE! You’re the man! Well done. Satyam, if you had listened to me,
we would have won the last time. But no… Team Science will win bro.
#TeamScienceYou’re sitting with a God.
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