Boomers Try Millennial Food Trends

– BLAGH! That’s– oh my god. (laughs)
Whoa, that’s awful! – And people are paying
for this, right? Ugh. They charge you an arm
and a leg? (chuckles) I’ll have to tell you millennials… (whispers) There’s better things
than this. ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) What do you know about what
millennials are eating these days? – What are the millennials eating?
Okay. I hear that the millennials are eating avocado toast.
– The most popular thing is that avocado on toast thing
for like $12. – Unfortunately, a lot of fast food.
– Well, I know they’re at In-N-Out a lot.
– I don’t know. I really don’t. Chips maybe?
– I’ll bet they’re eating Twizzlers. – I think they’re more conscious
about what they’re eating. Some of them even want
to be vegan. Whatever that is.
– They’re very healthy eaters, and they like to eat
locally-generated produce and food. – (FBE) Well, today, you’re gonna
be tasting seven different food trends that many consider to have been
made popular by millennials. – Oh, okay. Fun.
Good. I love to eat! – Okay, good. That sounds fun.
– (FBE) Here is your first item. – Okay. You have a napkin?
– It looks like a burger, and it… smells kinda
like a burger. Is this one of those
plant-based burgers? – I think this is
a plant-based burger. – The ones I’ve had in the past
have been incredibly dry. But I understand
this new generation of meatless burgers
are actually better, so let’s see. The texture is like meat.
– Oh! It’s like a burger-burger.
– It’s not bad. I like it. – I don’t know if that’s
an Impossible Burger or not or a soy burger
or a ground nut burger. – Okay. You’re gonna tell me
that it looks like a burger, smells like a burger,
but it’s not like a real burger, like beef.
– (FBE) So, this is called the Impossible Burger.
The one thing that makes the Impossible Burger impossible
is that it is 100% meatless. In the beginning of 2019,
the Impossible Burger reportedly enjoyed a 529% increase in sales.
– Hmm. I believe that. People are trying
to move away from meat, realizing that our generation
completely screwed them over in the environment.
And now, they’re trying to do something about it
by going meatless. – You can choose to do it for health
or for the benefit of the planet. Millennials, in general,
I think just are more conscious of taking care of all those things.
– People have become so aware of how environmentally
unconscious beef is. Eating plant-based is better
for the body and the environment. And I think that’s why this is
having such a surge of popularity. – (FBE) So, do you approve
of this millennial food trend? – I would approve this, yes.
– Millennials are smart people. I think it’s gold.
– Oh, it’s a drink. It’s not a meal, is it?
– (chuckles) You want me to drink that?
– It’s very dark. – It almost looks like coffee.
– This could be black tea. – No smell. – It has no flavor. It’s like water.
– It’s like some sort of water with coloring.
– And people are paying for this, right? Ugh.
They charge you an arm and a leg? (chuckles)
– It tastes like really weak cold coffee. (laughs)
It’s just what it tastes like. So, what is it for real?
– (FBE) This next item is charcoal water.
– Oh, okay. I haven’t heard of it. I’ve heard of charcoal face masks,
which, you know, is supposed to suck all the debris
out of your face. So, maybe it’s some kind
of a cleansing thing. I hope I don’t have to go
to the bathroom immediately. – That’s good for you.
That’s detoxifying. Good for them.
– (FBE) It reportedly relieves gas and nausea, whitens your teeth,
detoxifies your body, relieving digestive issues,
and lowers your cholesterol. – I’ve never heard of it,
but I would like to benefit from that.
– I have bags of charcoal around the house to absorb odors.
So, are you absorbing odors for me? Well, perhaps.
– My generation, as the hippies, were maybe the first generation
in a long time to relate nutrition and food in the ’60s.
So, this is just taking it a step further.
– (FBE) So, what do you think? Do you approve of this
millennial food trend? – Yeah! I guess as long as they’ve–
you know, ’cause sometimes, you think, like, “Oh,
here’s a healthy thing for you,” and then after people do it
for five, ten years– like, ’cause cigarettes
used to be like, “Oh, they’re good for you.”
So, as long as somebody’s doing– like, if they’ve done research
and they know it really is good. – There’s other ways to purify,
you know, like drinking lots of water, which is probably
cheaper than this too. – (FBE) Next up… – Right! Cement on a cracker.
– Wheat Thins and some sort of a pâté type of thing?
– It looks like tuna, but I don’t think it is tuna.
– Is it vegan cream cheese? – It’s not the most appealing
looking thing, I have to say. – Oh, I know. Maybe it’s…
spreadable tofu? – Hmm. Nice little hors d’oeuvres.
– It does have a cream cheese texture. – Kind of a gritty texture.
It’s almost like that toothpaste that has grit in it. (chuckles)
– Something you’d see at Costco. And boy, does it taste good.
I’m gonna be picking this up. – Well, I can’t tell what that was,
but I don’t want another one. A bit of onion
with a sawdust backing. – Whatever it is, it’s really good,
so it’s healthy I’m assuming. So, what is it?
– (FBE) So, this millennial staple is cashew cream cheese.
– This is cashews?! Oh, no wonder! – (FBE) Plant-based nutrition
has become more common amongst millennials with more
than 50% reportedly incorporating plant-based foods
such as cashew cheese or the Impossible Burger,
for example, into their diets. – I really like that.
Yeah, I would buy that. – I’ll have to tell you millennials,
(whispers) there’s better things than this.
Just have cashew nuts. Don’t grind them up
and make this crap. – We’re trying to cut back
on the use of cattle and cows because of climate change.
They’re doing their part and doing it deliciously.
– It’s not like the old days. We were not even familiar
with all these different kind of plant-based proteins.
I mean, they’ve educated us to think that you have to eat meat.
But I’m so happy to learn about these new plant-based proteins,
so I’m with the millennials on that. – You guys are really
educating me today. I’m serious about
my alternative foods. And I’m lactose intolerant,
so this is awesome. – (FBE) Well, next up, it’s time
to cleanse your palate a little bit. – Oh, a wellness shot!
I’ve never had it. Ginger, lemon, and cayenne.
I’ve been wanting to try this! – All these things are
really good for the body. – Those are three things that
I incorporate in my diet all the time, but I didn’t know it came
in a little drink. – Eww, it smells very ginger-y.
– If it doesn’t have a minimum alcohol by volume rate of 44%,
then it’s not a shot. (chuckles) – Nice. Okay. Ready to go. Ay-yi-yi! WOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!
Well, that kicked my ass. – BLAGH! That’s– oh my god. (laughs)
Whoa, that’s awful! – [Bleep]! [Bleep]! Ahhh! Where’s the ice bucket?
– Woo! I was not expecting that. – So, it looks kind of medicinal.
Oh my god. (chuckles) I just had a teeny little sip of that.
– (FBE) Wellness shots have a variety of purposes that help
with certain areas of health and wellness such as
immune system boosts, liver cleansing, energy, and more.
– I thought it was designed to see how many swear words you know
in five minutes. – It makes sense, because,
you know, from the Asian background, we have a lot of herbs
and things like that, you know, especially like ginseng,
that taste like… oh, god. But this one here, it’s hard
to drink the whole thing at one time. I think
that’s the only thing that I’m against it.
– I had a doctor at the Mayo Clinic tell me just about
vitamin supplements. He’s like, “All you’re
gonna end up with is really expensive urine,”
because you spend all that money on it and then you just
pee it all out. – You can do this at home, kiddies.
Listen to grandma. (laughs) – I see the value in it.
It’s just not a direction I would lean.
– (FBE) All right, next up… – (laughs) Now what?
We got a green, uh… donut now.
It could be spinach. – So green! (laughs)
Oh, is it avocado donut? – This looks like
split pea soup on a donut. It is not the best color green.
– That is a disgusting color. It looks like a donut
with something my dog laid down on top of it.
– Looks like the Grinch, you know… (laughs) I’m not gonna gross you out,
but he did something on that donut. – I’m hoping that’s green tea
on the top of it. It tastes good too.
– Not avocado. Is it matcha tea? – (FBE) You got it. Millennials,
among others, enjoy consuming matcha in many different ways.
You can put it in ice cream, smoothies, lattes. But today,
we have it in donut form. – I’m so happy.
– I’ll drink my green tea, thank you very much.
– I love matcha. I mean, I keep bags of it,
drinking tea all the time. – I got matcha green tea
that I got in Japan. So, yeah, I know
all about the matcha. – Yeah, I don’t have
a problem with it, because, I mean, you know,
green tea is really very good for you. But on a donut? Eh-eh.
– I won’t say it’s my favorite flavor, but I wouldn’t avoid it.
This is elder approved. – Oh, gosh. Another pretty glass.
Okay, well this looks like a… very pretty color.
– It’s a little like a fruit punch. – Some weird berry
I’m not familiar with. And it looks like there’s some
cloudy stuff at the bottom too. Eww, scary. – Is this cider vinegar?
– It’s fermented. It’s something ferme–
is it kombucha? – This looks like kombucha?
– You’re good. – My kids like kombucha. – Oh my god! That’s horrible.
– It ain’t sex on the beach. – It’s got some punch too,
like carbonated. And I bet it’s healthy.
You’re gonna tell me. – (FBE) Kombucha is
a fermented tea drink made with tea, sugar,
a colony of bacteria, and yeast. This is another drink known
for its health benefits, such as its high
probiotic count, which is good for
the digestive system. – Well, that’s where
I know the smell from, because it’s the yeast.
It’s the fermented yeast, you know, having been a baker.
It’s not a pretty smell. – The concept of probiotics,
everybody knows that that does help in digestion. It kind of reminds me
of prepping for a colonoscopy. – This is something cheaper
than buying vitamins. Like today, you know, I was
filling up that box thing, you know, Monday to Sunday.
Each compartment is like six vitamins in there, you know?
And maybe some of this will be replacing it.
– (FBE) We have one last item that is frequently known
as a staple for millennials. – Yea– oh.
Is it avocado toast? Oh, that’s my favorite thing!
I love avocado toast! – This has caused
quite a little ruckus. – There’s a lot of vegetable.
– It’s got tomatoes and onions and it looks like cucumbers.
– Oh, you can’t go wrong with veggies and avocado and feta. – Mmm.
– Mmm. That is really good. – (FBE) Last, but certainly
not least, the avocado toast. This open sandwich concept
has soared in popularity in recent years, and so has
the popularity of avocados in general among young people.
Many articles even list avocados as a millennial staple.
– It’s a super food, avocados, just like kale and broccoli.
– I have people in my family who always talk about avocados.
And for that, I’ve started eating more.
– Interesting, ’cause my generation, I know for the people that I know,
we eat a lot of avocados. But maybe also because I came
from the islands. And in the Caribbean, you know,
we eat a lot of avocados. – It’s something quick and easy.
And you don’t need two pieces of bread, or you don’t need
to make it into guacamole and have chips. And it’s just easy,
fast, and good for you. – So, I wholeheartedly approve.
But you can make them at home a lot cheaper, guys.
– (FBE) We’re gonna have to say goodbye to the avocado toast.
But you– – No! No! I’m gonna finish it!
– (FBE) So, now that we’ve gone through seven of the hippest
millennial foods, we have to ask, are you feeling any younger? – No. Give me a taco
and give me a regular burger with cheese on it.
– Yes! I wanna get hip with the millennials.
I’m already on my way. – Yes, I do. But I–
you know, if you eat healthily, I think you will feel younger.
And I like that some of these are really health-oriented.
– (FBE) Some articles state that food trends have become
a more popular concept since the advent of social media,
where people share food trends in larger numbers.
But even before that, food trends would appear
in different mediums such as magazines, newspapers,
or commercials. So, we’re curious to know,
what were some foods that were trending
when you were young? – When I was young,
there was no fast food. You had a cafe maybe.
In the pubs in England, you would have a sandwich.
You could get cheese and meat sandwiches.
– Like, a soft white bread with mayonnaise and a slice
of bologna and a slice of that fake cheese.
I mean, can you believe that anyone would wanna eat that?
– Twinkies and Cap’n Crunch. We were all watching
Saturday morning cartoons. And so, when you’re growing up,
you see what’s being advertised to you and that was like–
those were our influencers, I guess, ’cause we didn’t have Instagram.
– I grew up on a garden. I grew up eating organically.
So, we ate what was on the small farm. People ate at home,
they cooked at home, and they got food
that they grew. – We had ginger beer back home,
and we had different– it’s a plant-based drink.
Didn’t have the yeast in it, but the last one reminded me of it.
It’s called Mauby, and it’s a drink from a plant.
– Ours was the first modern generation to eat flowers, pansies and things.
(laughs) And it was– everybody’s looking at you–
and the hippies did a lot of that stuff.
– (FBE) All right. So finally, what was your favorite
millennial food trend that you tried today?
– I like the burger, obviously. I think that is something
that definitely is a list– you know, not necessarily
my bucket list, but, you know, it’s a checklist
that I would try. – I liked everything! It was just the donut.
I would just stay away from that. – My favorite, by far,
is the avocado toast. Very delicious. And it was made very nicely.
Whoever made it, kudos to them. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Subscribe and hit the bell,
so you don’t miss an episode. – Bye!
– Hey, it’s Sierra, producer here at FBE.
Thanks so much for watching this trendy episode of Elders React.
To check out our other episodes across all generations,
just hit up those links down in the description.
Stay well, guys. (weakly) Cheers.

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