Braised pork belly with Chinese preserved vegetables in clay pot Chinese cooking recipe 梅乾菜燒肉

Hey guys! Today we just did a 3, no 4 hours bike ride in Karlsruhe & we’re totally exhausted when we’re coming back but we still have to have dinner so I thought I will make a quick video on a quick dish, use pork belly with dry, fermented dry bak choy in Chinese it’s called mei gan cai (梅乾菜) these are… my mum brought this to me from China it came in a bag & says mei gan cai, it’s pretty much dried bak choy or pickled bak choy & it contains lots of salt & sands in this package & you will have to soak this in the water & rinse it a couple of times to remove the sands & salt from these fermented veggies then you can cook this with pork belly or you can also cook this with… here is a list with duck or you can make steamed dumplings or noodle, even hot pot it’s quite common in China to use this kind of fermented pickles to cook with meat so today I will use… my fermented pickle to cook some pork bellies use my new clay pot I bought in Paris This is from a Korean supermarket in Paris & I was looking for this everywhere in Karlsruhe They don’t have this, so I was pretty lucky when I saw it I just picked up one & today will be the first time when I’m using it & my mum told me, I should wash this with the water you used to wash rice so soak this in rice water over night & you cook it, boil it so it’s not gonna break when you cook it on high heat so I did that, I don’t know the reason why, but that’s what my mum told me so let’s do it! so before cooking our pork bellies with our fermented pickles together we need to prepare our pork bellies first so here I have about 400g of pork bellies they are kind frozen but it doesn’t really matter because we just came home about 2 hours ago I don’t have time to defreeze, but here it’s kind just easier to cut them to slices about 2 cm wide so you want to have it a bit thick here if you see some of the bones inside, you can remove them but I like to eat them, most Chinese like to eat them so I’m just keeping them in my pork belly turn our stove on medium low heat pour some cold water into our pot We will need couple slices of ginger 2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine then just put our pork belly in while the water is still cold now just put our lid on & let it cook until our pork belly complete changes it’s colour & you can see the dirts & blood are coming out now our water start boiling we just turn our stove off & take our pork belly out Here is an important step for our braised pork belly We’re going to stir fry some sugar & here I use rock sugar which gives it a nice colour, it’s also not so sweet compare to regular caster sugar Here is about 1 tbsp You can really use more or less, it’s up to you we can turn our stove on to medium low heat we have to be patient at this stage just wait until our sugar is melting now you can see our pot start smoking a little bit & don’t worry about it we just have to keep our heat on low wait until our sugar completely melted & start bubbling we can see there are some tiny bubbles coming out of our sugar already now it’s time to put in our pork bellies to coat all our pork bellies with sugar all we want is the colour as well as the taste once all our pork bellies are coated with sugar we can add in… here is dark soy sauce it’s better to use dark soy sauce for braised pork instead of light soy sauce so we use about 2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine 1, 2 tbsp now we can put in our fermented pickle you can squeeze it a little bit, before you are putting in to squeeze out the water then now put in 2 garlic cloves & a couple slices of ginger now we can turn off our heat we can take our clay pot transfer our pork bellies into our pot put in a bit of warm water, not cold, not hot, just warm & to cover our meat some Chinese rice vinegar (brown vinegar) 0.5 tsp now we can transfer our pork belly onto the stove & cook it on medium high heat, until it starts boiling then turn it to low heat & cook for 30 mins So my braised pork belly with fermented Chinese pickles is done we can have a look so I cooked it for about 30 mins & once the sauce is reduced, turn off the heat & let the rest of the heat to cook our pork so it looks pretty good so let’s give it a try! I actually didn’t put any salt in because of the soy sauce & the pickles are both salty You can also add in a bit of sugar if you like I will try the pork It’s pretty hot still I really like this clay pot because once you bring the heat up & it just cooks by itself You really don’t need the stove to give it more heat any more & the pickles taste really good but you really have to rinse it a couple more times the sands & dirts are all coming out otherwise you will have sand in your mouth when eating it thanks for watching this video, if you like it, please give me a thumb up & leave your comments below if you want to see more videos like this one, please sub to my YouTube channel Thanks for watching, &see you next time

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