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Hi everyone and welcome back to my kitchen today, we’re going to talk about my bread storage solution I’ve mentioned before in a couple of videos that I have a specific way that I store bread in my kitchen and Many of you have asked me throughout the years. How do I store my bread so today? We’re going to address that topic let’s go see how this all comes together This is how we store our bread in our kitchen was over there. We keep it in that corner over there and After many years of how do we store our bread? Do we we’ve tried baskets where we had a basket with the bread in it We’ve tried a breadbox, which you know then things get piled on top of the breadbox And you have to move thing the breadbox isn’t big enough and so it took us a long time to figure out What suited our family best? so Because we have an extremely small kitchen This works for us we literally went to Walmart and we got the bread that we usually buy and Thought you know. What are the things that we always have on hand and we put them in the cart And then we walked over to where the plastic containers are and then we had made a measurement of how much Space we had Height wise from the counter to underneath the cabinet, so this is what works for us We got this big bin, and I’m just gonna set this over here, and I’m gonna show you box by box What’s in each of these things so we have this larger box? Because we usually when I don’t make my own bread and honestly. I don’t make my own bread very often because we’re super busy and When it’s going to be summertime I don’t make bread at all we buy it so I usually buy this what they call pan bread It’s usually on sale in my area buy one get one free somewhere whether it’s Publix or Harris Teeter And then if Walmart has it if no one has it on sale Walmart has it the cheapest so this will fit in here Easily and right now. We have a partial. Oh I always have a loaf of rye bread in here and This will fit in there as well a whole loaf will fit in there as well Next to the white bread or the wheat bread depending on what we purchased right now There’s some rice cakes in here because my girls had them And then we almost always have these brioche buns whether I get them from Aldi Or from Walmart, and we love them And they’re great for sandwiches or burgers or what have you and then we have like a random one so at any given time? There’s white bread rye bread rolls there could be Italian bread in here But if you work it like a puzzle. It will all fit properly and thing will get squished now the middle box We keep sometimes like today for example I have a package of hot dog buns a package of hamburger buns And you might think these look like if they were a little smashed, but they’re really not these are not smashed We just put the lid on it and it you know it took the form of the the lid But sometimes we’ll fill this with granola bars or nut bars energy bars snacks that the girls can come and grab You know those yogurt bars and stuff so it depends at any given time. What’s in here right now? We don’t have any snack bars on hand and we’re planning to have Burgers and hotdogs at some point for dinner a couple of nights this week So we thought the a good example would be to show you the hamburger buns And the hotdog buns you can easily store homemade breads in here You just need to make sure that they’re wrapped tightly in plastic and then putting them in the plastic Containers keeps them fresher longer, and it inhibits molding as well now I have this additional bin which Because we probably don’t need three bins for bread But this is what I use it for this is for overflow spice jars I have a jar of taco seasoning in here This is my homemade taco seasoning, and then I have an open partial open bag of pasta shells so if I have open pasta like if I have open macaroni or Something maybe I opened a bag of orzo or a bag of pasta that we cooked for lunch And we only use half it will go in this bin That way when I want to make some then I’ll check this bin first And I’ll see oh I haven’t opened something and I’ll go ahead and I’ll use that first But this you know this is up to you you want that third, bin you go for it. I figure there’s always It’s always a good idea to have extra storage space and if you’re going to have this under your kitchen cabinet anyway Use up the space that you have the linear space is going to be Really a very welcome thing so why not use the space you have measure out find the bins that you like I happen to like I happen to like these bins the best because I like the Configuration I like that the handles snap-on and the lid it’s easy in and out but it’s a Space with these feelings for you exactly maybe You only room for two of these larger bins or maybe only a room for a large bin and a skinny bin? Maybe the skinny bin doesn’t work for you at all We’re working with what we got and that’s what you have to do to so that is how we store our bread? And when I make homemade bread I wrap it in a bread bag And I just slice it up first Because you have to slice the bread first after its cooled otherwise people will come behind you and try and slice it and if they They they will mess up your bread I’m just saying so just wrap it in a plastic bag or in plastic wrap stick it in the bin boom you’re done I don’t know about you, but when I make homemade bread. It doesn’t last very long anyway, so you know that’s just how it goes, but this is how we store our bread in our kitchen and For any of you folks out there who have cats Now you know we do not condone our cats getting on the counter where we always have to chase them off but when you have cats sometimes they have a mind of their own and And if you harden if you’re sleeping the cats will decide what they’re going to do one of the main reasons that we have our bread and containers like this is because cats for some reason find bread bags and bread irresistible And they will chew through a bag of bread and it will upset you and it will make you mad So this alleviates that entire problem as well plus it keeps your bread a little bit fresher But that is our bread storage solution. I hope this gives you an idea I hope it you know these are helpful tips and tricks because this is what works for us They might not work for you It might not be something that fits into your life or into your kitchen or into your space But it works for us, and it doesn’t look bad it keeps things neat and tidy it keeps your bread fresh And I just wanted to pass this along so if you enjoyed it. I hope you give it a try I hope this inspires you to maybe see what you can do and we’re into your life And maybe it’s helpful from that end so I hope you enjoyed today’s video And if you did, please consider giving me a thumbs up, and if you are new to my kitchen I would like to say welcome It’s always fantastic to welcome new people and please make sure and hit that subscribe button And if you are already a tried-and-true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family Please be sure and hit that Bell Notification button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes and home tips and tricks that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope you give my bread storage solution to try and I hope you love it and until next time. I’ll see ya

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  1. great idea thank you , we have put it up in the cabinet and it will go moldy instantly.. if we put it on the fridge same thing, I am going to try this and try finding a cool dark place to put it.

  2. such an amazing idea thank you for sharing . I never know what to do with my bread without it getting crushed .

  3. About long will it stay fresh before it needs to be toss? There is only me and my son and were not big sandwich eaters. But i hate buying then having to throw it away.

  4. Love your channel and all of the goodness that comes from it. This solution is so practical and I've never even thought of using bins for bread storage. Thank you!

  5. I live in a nursing home and I buy my own foods. I use bins too. I keep salad items together, oatmeal stuff together etc…. Great idea

  6. Does Rick have a cold,, he sounded different tonight? If he does I hope he feels better,, thanks for sharing this with us all, it is a great idea!

  7. My cat isn't aloud on the kitchen counters either, but every morning I see the paw prints on my glass top stove. And bread? Haha I am glad I'm not the only one so I feel better now. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this idea! And I feel like I can silhouette a little decal on it. Love seeing your organizational system.

  9. In a house of 6 people and everyone wants a different bread it seems it's impossible for us to go through it fast ., it goes bad so what I do is I get all the different breads that they want and I put about four to five slices of their bread in a good quality baggy and then put all those baggies into one container.Then the rest of the breads I put into freezer bags and stick in the freezer otherwise I would be wasting money on bread spoiling every week ,you know they say they want it you buy it half the time they forget to eat it and you throw it in the garbage along with the money you spent

  10. We use to put our bread in a container ( but our cat sat on it ) we also have one narrow cabinet with three shelves and a loaf of bread fits in that space. Larry

  11. Thanks for the vid. I love using storage containers in my small kitchen. I use shoe box size plastic containers from the dollar store to hold all my smalls in the cabinets. One has spices, so does another one with some bullion cubes… one has extracts and baking supplies… one has icing items… one has cookie cutters ect. It is so easy to find the stuff and it all double and triple stacks in my cupboards. Smalls have a way of being a pain in the butt and I love being able to know I can get at something in the back easily. They really multiply not only the usefulness of the space but the amount I can get in the cabinet. (BTW I just got a bosch mixer and I will be making bread tomorrow.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. We bought a Rubbermaid bin that was filled with other Rubbermaid containers. We have used it for years as our bread box. Fits 6 loaves of sandwich bread.

    My mom's cats will fight each other and sometimes her over bread. Sweet docile kitty turns lioness over a bag of bread with 4 slices. Growls and carries it off like an antelope to sit on the washer and eat her "kill" ……silly cats if you just hand them bread they will look at you like you are insulting or poisoning them.

  13. I didn't learn how to make bread or pizza dough until I got me a Kitchenaid…and of course watching your videos! Now my hubby won't really take storebought. I do only make a couple loaves a week. What I like to do is premeasure all my dry ingredients into mason jars for my bread and pizza dough and then all I have to do is dump it and add the water or eggs. Easy Peasy. I do the ssame thing for my cookie dough. But I can understand how busy you must get.

  14. I really like this idea! My kitchen is small too, my breads end up on top of the toaster. They fall off and go stale quickly living down south. Thank you for sharing your solution!

  15. That was a poodle I used to have as a child–only it was at christmas time and he at bread my mom made for presents, never did that before or again. LOL LOL

  16. Thx Noreen! Great bread keeping tip . . . I will surely try this, I know about the cat thing I rescued 3 kittens a few months ago & having loaves of bread & bread bags terreriorized by the kittens LOL XOXO HAPPY COOKING

  17. I didn't even realize my bread space problem until this video! I have a bread box that doesn't hold half of my things. Tortillas are always sitting on top of the box. Things get spilled under it and it's a pain to clean because the bottom is wood. I'm totally going to Wal-Mart today! Thank you Noreen, excellent idea! ๐Ÿ˜โค

  18. Great idea. I have had various bags of bread, rolls, etc. littering my kitchen counters for … well, ever. I am going to implement your idea. Sometimes it's the simplest things that we often do not think of. Thanks, Noreen.

  19. if you want to break your cat from getting up on the counter etc put scotch tape upside down on everything you dont want the cat on it works great only took me 1 to 2 weeks to break my cat from getting up on things.

  20. Such a good idea, I love it! Also, love those white stacked bowls beside your bread boxes, where did you get them? I have been searching forever for bowls just like them. tfs =)

  21. I haven't received notices for you in awhile, is it just me? Or is it YouTube, or haven't you posted in awhile? XOXO Gloria

  22. I like it. Always wanting to keep bread fresh longer without mold & not smashed. Sometimes I don't even make it home from the store without smashing it. God bless. Thank you.

  23. Thanks! I have been having trouble not only with bread storage but also my excess seasonings. I use them all but some are kept right by the stove, the rest are in random spots and it drives me nutty. I am buying bins today!

  24. Iโ€™m in the process of downsizing to a very small home, suitable for a fairly young widow, so I'm panicking about storage. This is a great idea, Noreen, and Iโ€™m going to utilize it for not only bread storage, but the spice box is ingenious. Iโ€™ve been trying to figure out how to do that. Now I know. Any other brilliant ideas for me? Thx Jo

  25. After watching this I had to buy the brioche buns. Cause boy do they sound delicious. Can't wait to try it. I'm just drooling thinking about it.

  26. Hi Noreen, This is such a great idea!! And I have some of these sort of containers already on hand. Thank you for sharing!! Love, Mary <3

  27. Love your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have to ask about the smell of the plastic bins, I keep yarn in some plastic bins, and can smell the plastic a lot. Do you seem to notice any smells? Or because you wash it often is that not an issue? This idea sure does look ideal for my home, but want to check the smell issue ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much for your kind response!

  28. I stored my bread in a metal breadbox, that even had air holes. It molded quickly. Wouldn't storing it in plastic containers cause it to mold too?

  29. Nice!
    Thank you!
    I love the Jer. 29:11 plaque in the background I seen the word Prosper and Lord and it caught my attention thank you Jesus!

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